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Mia Monday #45: Come Back Next Week Edition

This morning, I was trying to figure out what I could do for Mia Monday to top Chris's post, and as it turned out I think I would have topped him except that they wouldn't let me keep the x-rays. She's fine, really fine, nothing broken other than my spirit, but I'm not ready to tell you about the stupid, horrible thing I did to my innocent, defenseless child because I think I need to cry about it for several more hours before I'm ready to talk about it. Or never. More likely never.

Anyway, go here for your dose of cuteness and maybe remind Chris that he promised he wouldn't go get Mia a new mommy even though I'm too dumb to do it.

Fucking hell people, there can't be much in life that's worse than hurting your kid.

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wow, now you have me really curious! I am super glad everything seems to be okay. Take care!

oh honey! ((hug))!

hang in there.


Darn...well, I'm glad everything is ok and that Mia didn't break...I'm sure that whatever happened has happened to at least 11 of your readers already, and at least 23 had something happen that was similar enough to say it was the same, and the other 78 are just glad she's ok and there will be a Mia Monday next week.

Sending some serious hugs your way!

Please be gentle with yourself, Beth. I am sure that it's nothing that any other good mother hasn't done before, and all that really matters is that Mia is okay. The thought of you crying makes ME want to cry!

The video was precious and it's good to hear Chris' voice!

It happens to everyone at some point. The important thing is that she's ok.

What a rough way to start off your week. Go easy on yourself, accidents do happen, even to the best of mommies. I'm glad to hear Mia is ok, hopefully mommy will be too before too long.

Accidents totally happen. Try not to be too hard on yourself. Everyone has pretty much already said it: the only thing that matters is that Mia is OK.

My husband has this scar near his hairline (ok, it used to be near his hairline before it started receeding, he says the scar is moving...yea, sure)...anyway, it happened when he was 3 or so...he was outside with his mother during winter and she accidentally hit him in the head with the shovel....

What is even funnier is that we made friends with another couple here in our tiny city...about 3 years ago and I noticed one night during dinner that the girl had a similar scar to my husband' about the same place. She started to laugh and told us how many many years ago...her mother accidentally hit her with a shovel...

true story, swear to god....see...mother's have been accidentally injuring their kids for decades....they still all turn out OK and they get funny stories to tell one another over dinner.

On a more serious note, I am glad she's ok and I am sending you a blogging hug.

Argh! I'm cringing with empathy even at the thought of what it might be. Glad to hear she's fine, whatever it is. I just about vom every time I bump E's head, or let her wander into a cactus...or...

Oh Beth, accidents really do happen. To everyone. You know that. Accident and emergency trips are, alas, part of everyone's parenting repetoire (is that how you spell that? It looks wrong somehow). At least you know what happened..unlike the working mother who arrived at the creche to be told "did she have a broken tooth this morning? No, well then, she must have broken it today, but she's fine." And she was and, clearly, Mia is too. And I bet she's still got all her beautiful little teeth.

Oh my ... count me as another member of the "happy t hat Mia's okay - and sending consoling thoughts your way, club."

And to keep the films - try saying you need a copy sent to ... at least our local hospital asks if you want them mailed, or if you want to take them yourself ...

Oh, honey, I know you don't believe it (because I wouldn't either probably), but it really is okay. Stuff happens. You are the perfect mother for Mia and she loves you.

I'm so sorry something happened to Mia and that you are blaming yourself. It does really suck when you do/don't do something and your child ends up injured. It seems that as mother's we should see everything coming and avoid all potential dangers, but we simply can't. I'm glad she's okay. Don't be too hard on yourself. You are a wonderful mother.

The first rule is "don't break the baby". The second rule is, "don't break the baby"...
But NOW we MUST know!

Also... Hiya! :-)

Lots of hugs!!

Miss M's mommy knocked her backwards down the stairs this weekend AND also has no idea how she managed to scrape all the skin off her little nose. Must have been a rough weekend in mommyland. Glad your Miss M's not broken...and, you too shall mend.

Don't beat yourself up over this Beth. It happens to all mommies. Mia won't even remember it and you will never forget it but don't carry around guilt over it. She is fine. Big Hugs to you sweetie.

Been there... Emergency room b/c our children have a dumbass mommy and an equally dumbass daddy. My son has a scar on his finger from his daddy being careless and slamming it in the hinge part of a table when he was 8 months old. So sad when the ER doc says sons fingers are too small to stitch. There are other incidents as well... It's horrible to be in the ER and explain what you did to your kid. HORRIBLE. Hugs sent your way and to Mia. I'm glad she's ok...looking forward to Mia Monday next week and the video was just too cute. You're not a bad mommy. It's ok. :)

I think we've all accidentally contributed to our little ones' injuries from time to time. It happens. And it probably bothers us a whole more more and for a whole lot longer than it does them.

Hang in there.

My son had a horrible accident that resulted in stitches and he being held down in a mummy like state while he got them. And this all happened when he was about Mia's age. So I, a healthnut at the time, gave my son his first McD french fries (which he hated), and soon thereafter a $100 tent like toy that he loved! I still think the guilt present was worth it.

So...don't feel so bad. Accidents happen to all of us...

One of my more vivid memories from my brother's babyhood is when my mom set his carseat on the trunk of our very boxy 70's BMW, believing it to be a flat surface. It was not so much. The whole carseat slid down, down, then freefell to the ground, doing a little flip along the way so it landed baby side down. Luckily, he was buckled in, so there was no more damage than scraped knuckles. My mom still shudders when that comes up, understandably.

(((HUGS))) Echoing everyone else, don't beat yourself up about it, accidents happen to everyone. It can't be much worse than flipping your 5 month old out of her carseat onto her head in the health department in front of everyone.

Wait did I miss something? I'm sorry Mia got hurt and that you are sad....but to make you feel better, my dad once left me at Universal Studios. Yup, literally left me there for half an hour until he figured it out (my brother asked where I was) and he came back. I was 8. I didn't go out and find a new daddy, so I know Mia does not need a new mommy. The one she has is just great. :)

I once hit my dad in the head with the claw end of a hammer.
I know no matter what happened with Miss Mia, that you are a wonderful mommy. *hug*

Biggest of big hugs. Seriously, we've all accidentally hurt our little ones. Or done something stupid that allowed them to hurt themselves. More hugs.

big hugs. i'm glad she's okay. i hope you'll be okay soon.

I have to know, because I'm sure this will come in handy at some point, how did they get a toddler to sit still for ex-rays?

Oy Beth. Just oy. I feel for you. It happens to everyone, apparently, and will happen to me. Mine's only 6 months and I've already scratched him multiple times, bonked him on a door and (ack) lifted him by his head many times when learning to nurse. She won't even remember it happening - I promise!

Oh shit. It's okay Beth. If it's any consolation, I caught the monkey in mid-air as she dove head first off the bed. When I caught her, she hit her eye on the bed base. She still has a red spot on her eye. It could have been so much worse had I not caught her. Oh, and, by the way, I was sitting on the bed, right in front of her at the time. Mistakes happen. We're not perfect. We're fabulous, but not perfect. Please forgive yourself. :)

poor mia, and poor mommy!

Whatever it was, I know it was an accident! You're a good mom and we all know it! And the video...I've already watched it and I declare it perfect!

you're already a bigger person than me, in that you admitted to something to the internet.

I haven't told my terrible thing to anyone! Not even in real life! it will stay between me and the hubby forever!! I'll just say the paramedics came. And even though they left chuckling and everything was fine, I still hang my head to think of it, and to think it was my fault and something really COULD have happened to my baby girl... yeah, you go ahead and cry all you want! Here, blow your nose on my sleeve.

we don't need to know, don't tell us. some folks on the internet are evil and they REALLY don't need to know.

Oh dont worry. As long as you are all fine, it's okay I'm sure. We all live and learn. And you dont have to tell us if you dont wish to :)

Ummm....yeah, imagine a 6 weeks old at the beach in her carseat near the water as her vain Mama sat chatting it up with her sister. Big BIG wave comes, the Mama grabs carseat away from water only problem is the baby is not in carseat because the now stupid Mama didn't strap her in and now the baby lays face down in the sand covered in water and seaweed.

Now, could it have been worse than that?

The only thing that got me through was hearing the stories from my sister of the things she's done to her kids by accident. We ALL have done it. So that is my contribution to you!

Beth, I'm sorry to hear that Mia got hurt. I can imagine the heartache you are going through - I felt it each time I accidently banged my son's head on the doorway going into the kitchen when he was a baby. Eeek! And now? I'm telling him to follow strangers to get a free cookie. Parenthood - it's not for the faint of heart.

Ouchie for both of you :-(

This is Tuesday and I just told Chris you'd get a zillion comments saying it's happened to them too.

I was right about the comments. I've done it and the kids have done it to themselves as well.

Sweetie. I am sending you hugs. Somehow it's harder to stand when it is our children. It's be so much easier to stand if we'd just hurt ourselves.
I wrote on Chris's blog that Amanda climbed a gate, fell and needed stitches on her knee. I died! I cried, I sobbed, I shook. She was fine. She will be 30 in a month and and I have only just gotten over that.
Hang in there.

Hey man, shit happens. I know that guilty feeling, though, and it bites. Hang in there...

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