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Mia Monday #46: The Spaghetti Incident

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I can't believe I'm first!!

She is adorable...gotta love pasta!

That's it? She's the cleanest toddler eating spaghetti I've ever seen!

does it really matter how dirty she gets??

she's sitting in her high chair! yay Mia!

She certainly does look like the cleanest toddler I've seen eatin' spaghetti. What a doll, she has the brightest eyes which i'm sure are quite expressive. I've moved my site, hence the new link. Too much worry being able to google myself and be found easily :(

Do you know that ducks eat fish? (a little joke about your authentication for Fish! LOL)
Love the Mia Monday! I was thinking how Mia would look with spaghetti just the other day. I figured it was nearly time for this momentous event!
SHe looks Mah-vel-ous!

lol that so reminds me of photos taken of me when I was a kid. My dad LOVED taking pics of me all gooped up with food. The messiest photo had to have been when I was eating spaghetti. The sauce was all over my face, hands, shirt. He would call them "evidence" photos.

But she seems to be eating it, so you are making progress. YAY spagetti.

YAY! She's eating!!! So, adorable. :)

yeah Mia!!! Sitting in a highchair, eating spagetti!
Glad she'll keep a bib on, Michael won't and all of his clothes are stained with tomato sauce.

Oh...And, we have the same sippy cup! Isn't that EXCITING ;).

Seriously, someone needs to teach that child how messy pasta can be. There should be far less skin tone, far more red!

Ok, that's a very neat spaghetti eater you have there. Spaghette is MF's absolute favorite meal (in fact, we had it last night as well!), and the boy actually turns orange.

"When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore..."

I don't know why that song popped in my head when I saw the spaghetti, but maybe it's from Lady and the Tramp? Mia is too yummy in these pictures, her hair is getting so long! All the better to smear food in, of course!

Love her blue period LOL :) She is adorable and that must be good sgetti....!!!!

I've got some pretty funny pics of two little boys (mine) eating spaghetti with nothing on except for a couple of "Superman capes". Of course...discretion won't allow me to show them here or anywhere else. Mia looks pretty clean to me in comparison.

That's a great new way of eating spaghetti. Gotta try it sometime. She is adorable as always. Surely will eat those cheeks up one day! :)

She is adorable!!!

Your kid still submits to a bib?! Lucky girl. So glad to see she is sitting and eating simultaneously.

She eats spaghetti?! I'm so jealous.

Mine would have had it in their hair in the first two minutes. Their bibs had pockets filled with spaghetti.

I've never seen one make that little of a mess.

No spaghetti noodles in the hair? Has Mia been taking etiquette classes?

Does she have capers there, or chocolate chips?

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