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Next I'm going to teach her to flip the bird

Mia is obsessed with shoes and socks, so I taught her the signs for both so she would have an outlet for expressing her love for various forms of footwear. To make the sign for socks, you stick out just the index finger of each hand and then rub the sides of those fingers and the sides of your fists together. To make the sign for shoes, you make a tight fist with both hands and then knock the sides of your clenched fists together a few times.

Mia tends to take the signs we teach her and adapt them into her own, simpler or easier to perform versions. With shoes and socks, she seems to have decided that knowing two signs for these closely-related items is a waste of time, so she has combined the two signs into a single sign that she uses for both items.

When Mia wants to refer to either shoes of socks, she sticks out the index finger on one hand, makes a fist with the other, and jabs the fist with her finger a few times, more often than not making a rather juvenile but still incredibly rude gesture. (Don't get it? Try it yourself... one finger, one fist, now poke a few times.... ah, there, now you see.)

I've been a bit worried that Mia was going to learn to say "fuck" and run around town offending little old ladies - turns out, she doesn't even need to learn to speak to do that.

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Ha! Ah, precious, precious Mia.

Don't worry, the little old ladies will die from the cuteness that radiates from her before they even notice that she is making a rude gesture. Really, there should be an ordinance passed in your area that states that you cannot leave your house with that child. It really is dangerous for the rest of us.

Please take a picture. That's the greatest!

Hee, no matter what you try to teach them, they will always find the one embarrassing thing they can do with it! As Heather said, though, people will die of the cuteness, first, so I don't think you need to worry very much.

she's only starting with your household... that child will rule the world someday!

Very cute...and hillarious. Think maybe she's being a smart alec? I could see that happening with you and Chris as parents. And I think that's great (speaking as a life-long smart alec, myself).

Thanks for a great laugh. Being as she's so small, no one will get offended they will giggle at you turning beet red everytime she does it around others. Besides, just looking at that smile will take all the offensiveness away...she's too cute to be bad.

Oh, that totally rocks! And like everyone else said, no one could be offended by someone so small and so damn cute.

that was a good giggle...and of course I tried the gesture myself!

That was some funny shit right there! LOL Let's just hope she doesn't see a deaf person signing to someone and run up to them showing her new sign off.

HAHAHA thats awesome. Toddler-hood....I wonder what I'm in for......

BTW, Daya loves my umbrella, and walks around the apartment with it. I'm trying to teach her the word, and it reminds me of Mia.

Make two fists and bang the sides together to sign "shoes"? At first I was picturing the gesture from "Friends" that Ross used instead of flipping the bird, but then I figured out which sides of the hands you use for shoes when you got to Mia's sign.

ROFLOL! The mental picture of that is making me laugh so hard. Oh, Mia, Mia!!

And they keep saying it is GOOD for us to teach our children sign language.

Now you're just going to get in trouble with the other Moms in kindergarten.

I remember when I was little, a pre-teen girl in our neighborhood showed me how to fold my fingers down "just so" and told me to show my mother the new way I had learned how to wave. Of course, I was merely flipping her off without knowing. I think my mother is still having heart palpitations.

Okay, now my cow-orkers are looking at me funny for making weird hand gestures alone in my office. I blame Mia.

I'm chuckling. Becuase the kids CD's with the church songs offend you. But this???? LOL!

Wasn't it Meet the Parents 2 that Ben Stiller taught the kid to sign poop or something like that and ended up in Mia's situation or something?


laughing very hard.

and here i was going to go buy a book on Baby Sign, since the only hand signs i know are obscene...but it seems we all come back to those one way or the other. :)

Mia is a very entertaining little person.

My God. That made me laugh out loud tonight.

My kids TOTALLY can't get away with that anymore. (Not at 12 & 17!) They're great kids, but their cute-factor has seriously depreciated in recent years.

The brilliance of that... too much. Can't stop laughing. And doing the sign. And now my kids are looking at me quizzically... must shut up and behave.

I actually peed my pants a little! Ha ha ha ha ha, haaaaaaaa! ha ha ha!

That is hilarious!

That's hilarious! You know what they say, "Out of the hands of babes..."

Ha! That's adorable! The monkey says "betch," so I can relate....

HA! That's funny stuff!

Now here's the next step: You know that hole in the fist that she's poking? Tell her to run her index finger in a circle around that hole a couple times, and she will have the correct and proper sign, in american sign language, for the word asshole.

Maybe this will come in handy for potty training?! ;)


This child is wise beyond her years. I love it!

The hard part with this is learning to not laugh, at least in front of them.

The Girl has been watching the Mike Myers' version of The Cat In The Hat; so, of course, her new phrase is "dirty ho(e)", which cracks up The Boy to no end.

Too funny!

Mia is the best child ever.

BAHAHAHA! That's awesome! :P

Dang that girl is cute -- and teaching her the bird could come in handy one day :-)

This makes me long for those days... our daughter has pretty much abandonned the ASL we taught her now that she's talking so much more. The only one that remains is the steady wiping of her rigth hand across her chest when she REALLY wants something (it's her version of please).

Someone else already said it. The hardest thing is not cracking up. I have such problems keeping a straight face sometimes.

I haven't taught MF to sign. Anything. Bad mommy, bad mommy!

On the other hand, he appears to have a love for footwear. Can't go by the children't shoestore without him running in and scrambling up on one of the couches so he can get his feet measured. He'll even 'steal' the foot measuring devices and try to measure his own feet if they're slow about it. This happened again this afternoon; he got little shoes that have red flashing lights out of the trip. Imelda lives!

That is hysterical. The only sign my son deigns to use is "more". But he says "shoes". I'm already worried about him picking up swear words; not as much from me as from his sailor/pilot Daddy.

thats fantastic.

and also, just a toddler and already into footwear? she is such a girl ;)


When sign-language goes wrong.

Can't say we've had any issues like that. Funny, though.

um, video please! i'm laughing my ass off and that's hard to do seeing that it's the size of texas.

Now that's a really proud moment...LOL!

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