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Observation upon hugging my husband

"You know, I'm pretty sure our stomachs didn't used to be the first thing to touch."

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OMG that is hilarious!

And? Waaaay too true around here.

Heh heh. Um. Yeah.

oh wow.
i'll email you those low-cal veggie recipes AFTER thanksgiving.


You get used to it. ;)

Why can't those Buddha bellies be as cute on adults as they are on toddlers?!? It's just not fair.

Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis? You both look skinny to me!

Belly sticks out further than your b**bies? NO WAY! You must have been pushing it out on purpose! :-)

Shit, I know exactly wheat you mean!

More of both of you to love....stop worrying!

nah I don't believe it. Not an ounce of fat on nun of ya. (misspelling intentional) :)

I am curious, what used to be the first body parts to touch?

see...even if it's not's hilarious. :)

with the husband and i? it's out boobs that hit first...i kid. i kid. neither one of us has boobs!!

We have started having that problem too!

I have no idea what you're talking about.

I always think you guys look really thin.

In other news, I always think our belly hugs are cozy.

Hey, I'm aaaaalllll belly right now. The pg belly.


Oh honey. I so don't believe you, but MAN that is funny! My belly *would* totally be the first thing to hit *anyone* I was hugging, except my boobs are huge. Go fig.

I hear you
much clearer than I really want to

Now I have warned Chris that I like him too much and that he shouldn't put himself in harms way like that! Hihi!!!
Have a great Thanksgiving, Beth!!

You two (and your stomachs) are not alone!

As long as you can still get your arms around each other...its all good!

Amazing that you can make me laugh (ant think) with one sentence. Ha! Adorable. And, I know what you mean.

Look, my comment's longer than your post!

At least you have an excuse :)

That's so cute! Though I'm sure you're exaggerating, like a million times.

Ooh, kick him! (laugh)
Tell him the next time he makes a comment like that, your stomach will be the ONLY thing he touches! (laugh)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

I know the feeling but I'm sure you're kidding, right?

Just wait until you take a shower together and you get stuck.

Sadly, due to my extreme flat-chestedness, my and my husband's stomachs have always been the first thing to touch!

Us too! And neither one of us has had a baby, so we have no cute reasons to fall back on. Oh, and he quit smoking TWO YEARS AGO so he can't use that as an excuse anymore either. Me? I like cookies.

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