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Of or pertaining to alms or charity

I've done been interviewed. Check it out, yo.

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Will go read the interview and comment further later. But first, what did you and Chris do/watch last night? Both of you used a faux urban-ism (in fact, both ended with "yo") today!

re: sewer inspector... there is a worse job (albeit in a related area)... email me if you actually want to know

Great Interview. I loved the answer to #10- brilliant!

Interesting! I dug your answer about religion. Amen to that, sistah!

how did you get picked? Great interview! loved the answers.

Damn! You look smokin' in those pictures. And in the second one, you look spot-on like Samantha Bee! You're like, famous and shit.

Great interview, Beth!

Good Interview... :) you handled all questions very well, just the right abount of humor, seriousness and modesty...

yea!! good interview. interesting questions and gorgeous answers.

Good answers.

The religion issue tends to drive me nuts on both sides.

1. As a scientist, most of my colleagues are atheists. I am not, and I constantly have to defend that.

2. As a Southerner (at least by residence), most of my neighbors are religious. I am spiritual, but NOT religious (I don't adhere to a "faith", and don't find it necessary), and I constantly have to defend that.

All in all, the subject is always lose-lose for me.

I enjoyed that!

Great interview. You looked great!

Cool interview, and really great pics!

Good interview, m'dear. Very articulate.

You look fabulous, girl! Great interview!

Do you know, I looked up your favorite word and - huh - it means of or pertaining to alms or charity. Who knew it? Great word.

Awesome interview. Congrats!

Amy :)

Do you know, I looked up your favorite word and - huh - it means of or pertaining to alms or charity. Who knew it? Great word.

Awesome interview. Congrats!

Amy :)

And your smokin ass was only mentioned TWICE!

Aaaand, you're beautiful to boot! Hot damn!

I love baby belly laughs too!

Great favorite word - and here I thought I was fairly well edumacated but I've never heard that one before. Excellent answer on the religion question as well.

Great interview! Thanks for sharing it!

I also loved your answer for #10, (and religion in general)! I hope you will be leaving the kfed popozao yenglish behind, yo cause it makes you look like you stink, yo (just a joke :)...I need that sarcasm font you were going to invent)

Great interview! I feel like I know a lot about you (not in a creepy stalker way but in a I read your blog a lot way) and it's interesting to hear you be interviewed by someone else. Nice job.

I am going to jump on the "I love the way you answered the religion question" train. I am a Christian with both feet deeply rooted in my faith, but it is not something I expect others to follow, just as I would be offended if you told me I had to give it up if I wanted to be considered intelligent, kind, loveable, etc. I was surprised though, you did not mention you wanting Mia to pick up your sarcasm, that is the first thing I want my children to get from me, otherwise how will we communicate?

"Would you ask me that question if my opinions were similar to your own? "

That was my favorite part of the interview-- it took me by surprise and I admired you for asking it. What was that you said about Mia speaking her mind?

Love the pictures!

Woo! Go Beth.

I must have read the questions for the interview at least a hundred times before sending them to Beth. And to get those questions you have to read almost every post she ever made. I don't remember one bad post in the lot. I was a little shocked at the religion question answer, but I LOVED Beth's answer. She's a real winner. I was just glad she didn't jump on my couch during the interview.

~Jef ( Thunderfish )

Forget the religion question...I loved your slip-hottie-doctor-the-tongue answer!

And I agree; great pictures.

Nice interview.

Oh and you are totally stunning in those pictures.

I agree with everyone who sang your praises. You are an amazing woman.

Now, where the blazes is Mia Monday? I was so excited...

you were totally fab and as hilarious and colourful as ever. :)

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