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Twenty-nine. Yes, again.

I have a friend who always gets himself a present on his birthday. I mean a nice present. One year it was a flat-screen tv, the next year it was a new stereo with 142 speakers. (Or something like that, I generally stop listening whenever anyone combines the words "sound" and "system.") I decided to take up that tradition myself this year and got myself a little something. A cold. Although technically, Mia got it for me, so maybe I can still pick up a new pair of shoes.

So, what did you get me?

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Me first!!

my present to you is an internet-Hug!!!

do you feel the love?


Happy Birthday!!!! Here is a fabulous 4 pack of chap stick and a new purse. You are not too old to pretend, right?

Happy Birthday Beth.

May you be able to enjoy Mia's attempts to say "Happy Birthday" (through your clogged sinuses) all day.

Happy Birthday Beth! :) wish for you, that you finally get rid of all of those nasty colds you seem to keep catching.

Assvice to follow, stop reading now if you choose: have you tried airborne, I swear the stuff works for me, could be placebo, but it is worth a try in my opinion, for next time that is (I tried to sell Chris the same piece of ocean front property once before, so maybe you have heard my pitch)

For your birthday, I am sending:

- 1 hottie fireman, just to look at
- 1 hottie doctor, who can de-clog your stuffy nose and make you better again
- 1 yucky looking maid, so that the house can be clean but that you don't have to watch someone in a short skirt and fishnets look hot doing it (really - where's the fun in that).

They should all be arriving in a bus any second now. Be sure to let them all in. :o)

Happy birthday, here's a hot toddy - and don't give me the cold for my real 29th birthday on Thursday!

My wife and I have birthday week. Each day (5 days) we give each other something small or something we've asked for over the last year. Note taking is suggested. It all builds up to the actual day where you finish off with a couple nice gifts and maybe a dinner.

Takes a little pre-planning but it's fun getting gifts up to your actual birthday.

ahem, Chris... hint hint

Happy Birthday Beth

I'm getting Hubby to give me a Sony DCR-DVD205 1MP DVD Handycam Camcorder with 12x Optical Zoom! He just doesn't know it yet!!!

Oh and while we're shopping I'm getting you a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes! Sexy 4 inch stilletto's, Black?
Happy Birthday to You!!!!

Wishng you happiness today and ALL days!!

Since it's a virtual gift, a fabulous evening with Clive has been arranged.

You're welcome!

I got you peace on Earth and goodwill to men! Only problem is, it's not exactly here yet. (God, this is embarrassing)

I thought about getting you some cute socks until your actual gift arrives, but I didn't know your size.

Anyway. Any day now. Peace on Earth. Goodwill to men. Keep checking for the UPS guy.

(Happy birthday!)

I got a cold for your birthday too. You're welcome. I'm going back to bed now.

I hope you have a great birthday though.

Happy day!

I got you a great big fat HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


you keep turning 29 too?? I thought that was only me!

Have a happy birthday - and a happy year to follow.


Happy birthday!

Ah you got that cold now as well?

I'm sorry, next year I'll get you a better present.. something like Jip and Janneke lipbalm.

Happy birthday Beth!

happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Happy Birthday fellow Scorpio!
I'm still 29 as well.
No, really!


happy birthday, beth! with Mia around, i'm sure it will be fabulous!

Happy birthday to the coolest Beth of the blogosphere! (Gosh, I've got to write down your birthday on my calendar.) So, for you today I have plenty of yummy things to heal your cold and I will watch Mia while you take a nap, for as long as you want. How does that sound?

Happy B-day!!!!Go give yourself a treat, like a pedicure! And make Chris take you somewhere nice.

Happy Birthday!

So, what did you get????

happy birthday! may the next 29 years bring you lots more joy, sticky hugs and kisses and laughter. okay, the sticky factor will end at some point but you can count on the rest.

Chris sent me. Happy Birthday! (Happy Bethday?)

Hope it's a good one. :)

Happy Birthday!!

shoot. i'd gotten you a cold, but you have one already...
happy birthday!

I was hoping to get you a duck for your bathtub, but they've all flown south for the winter.

Happy Birthday!!

You know, I had a cold for my birthday this year, too. If you'd asked, I really wouldn't have recommended it, but I know how you are about advice.

Happy birthday, Beth!

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday, Mia's Mommy....
(or Beth, whichever you prefer)
Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day! I bought you all kinds of stuff but it got lost in the mail.

Happy Birthday TO YOU!
Happy Birthday to YOU.
I got you some ringalos
But I ate them before I could mail them.

hmm that didn't rhyme nearly as well as I thought it would

Happy Birthday, Beth!

A comment! Do you like it?

Happy Birthday.

I cluttered up your mailbox with a really stupid card. Does that count?

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday!

I got you a birthday greeting! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Beth!!! You share your birthday with many other of my friends and relatives including my mother in law. I'll have an extra piece of birthday cake tonight for you (yeah, that'll be my excuse...)

I got you...hey, wait! You'll just have to wait until tonight to unwrap your presents.

Oh shucks, I was going to give you a duck for the bathtub, but Jen beat me to it (good job Jen!).
I'll give you a story: Iris turned 3 on Sunday and many folks at church were wishing her happy birthday, and each time she said "happy birthday to you too!"

Happy Birthday to you, and I don't need it back! :-)

Aeralyn and I got the cold for your birthday too. Thanks alot!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you feel better soon. Hugs and tissues coming your way!

Happy birthday!

I didn't realize you and my wife were so close in age. She just turned 29 again a week ago.

Happy B-day. I'm getting you a comment for your bithday. Viola!

happy birthday. enjoy your day!

(i'm totally digging that buy yourself a gift deal...i better start birthday's in may.)

You have everything! :-)
Take some extra time for you, maybe a head to toe pamper at the day spa, with something mentholly to clear you up!

Happy Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday!

I am giving you a loyal blog reader for years to come. Happy b-day! Feliz CumpleaƱos!

Happy Birthday!!!

I am giving you....

are you ready?

drum roll please....

Are you still ready?

Once really long, spaced out comment!

Happy 29!


Have a fantastic


Filled with a pleasant child

and an attentive husband

and lot and lots

'o love!

I got you a song (imagine Michael Jackson singing to Lisa Simpson):
Beth-y it's your birthday!
Happy birthday Beth-y
Beth-y it's your birthday!
Happy birthday Beth-Y

My boyfriend does the same thing with the "anniversary" of his birth. For his 30th birthday, I even wrote happy 1st anniversary instead of happy birthday on his cake.

For your birthday, I will use the nasal aspirator on you!

Feel better and happy birthday! I did not realize you were a fellow scorpio.

Happy Birthday, Beth!

I got you two of what you got me for my thirty-eleventh last month. Happy Birthday, Beth!

Happy birthday. I got you big boobs. Specifically mine. They're really heavy. Can you hold them for awhile? My rib cage thanks you.

Since I said happy birthday to you over at your other site, I thought I'd come over here and do the freakishly stalker thing by wishing you a happy birthday again! Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day in spite of the cold.

I would give you some home made chicken soup. And I'd make you a cake! And fresh carrot juice from the new juicer that we bought yesterday!
Ohhhh... I guess I could just give you the juicer... My bad for buying myself something right before your birthday.

Happy Birthday! My 3rd 29th was Sunday. Luckily, no one got me a cold. Hope you feel better soon.

Oh, this is what I'm getting myself (in black).

Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day with your very own little gift!

Happy Birthday to you! Tell Chris you need birthday cupcakes!

Happy Birthday! Here, have a cookie.

And good luck with that cold.

Happy Birthday Beth! I got you internet wishes for a lovely, family filled day!

well, i'm sharing your cold, does that count? happy birthday!

Chris said I had to come by and say Happy Birthday. So...Happy Birthday! And I must say you don't look a day over 28.

happy birthday!!! i will drink in your honor! is that a good present?

Happy Birthday!

You should buy your self something that will be packaged in a pretty Tiffany-blue bag!

That's always a nice gift, especially for yourself...

Have a great birthday!

May your birthday be fantastic, despite the cold. And full of joy and laughter and the ones you love.

(I hit 30 next week - big sigh)

Happy Birthday!
I got you some Chapstick, but um... I don't know where to send it, so I'll just keep it safe for you. ;)
I also subscribe to the Buy Myself a Birthday Present tradition. A lot of the things I like/want, I don't expect anyone else to get for me, so... I get them for me. :D

Hope you have a fabulous birthday, even with the cold. That just means you should get some extra special pampering, right?

Happy Birthday, Beth! I can think of nothing witty to say because I am sleepy. But, I hope you have a fabulous day!!

Happy Birthday, Beth! I think Mia has given you plenty of gift (of cold) for the day. :)

But if you want, I have a killer chicken soup with tortellini recipe that's so easy and so delicious it'll kill any germy badness. :)

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday! I hope you do get yourself something really nice, or even better that Chris does. Have some cake and ice cream for me

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Only my very best wishes, so far. My Father in Law's birthday is today too. I don't have a gift for him yet either. Hope you have a very happy birthday, cold and all.

Happy Birthday, fellow Scorpio. That explains a lot. LOL.


Just for you - I have got...

partial thickness second degree burns on my leg! (Oh, and a prescription for pain meds).

Okay - that totally wasn't about you - but since I'm a jackass who spilled a hot beverage on my leg this a.m., if I pretend that I did it in your honor, mayabe it won't hurt so bad.

(Nope. Still hurts).


Some kind of hot Chinese soup that is vegetarian in nature that will make your cold all better. Like chicken soup...only without the chicken. Happy Birthday!

Cumpleanos feliz!
I hope it was a GREAT DAY for you (besides being sick)!!

Happy birthday! If you had ads, I'd do a little clickity-click dance all over them.

Since you don't here's a big internet smoocheroo: Mmmm-wha! Enjoy the year :^)

happy birthday!

Happy Birthday :)

Happy Birthday cutie! You don't look a day over 25 (how's that for a gift?)

Happy Birthday Beth!

Happy Birthday fellow Scorpio! I baked you a cake...would you like me to eat it for you too? You know they don't mail well....

I got you a song:

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
You look like a monkey!
And you act like one too!

I kid! I kid! But happy birthday! Here's to another year of love and laughter!

Happy birthday!! I got you a handy-dandy InvisiVacation!

Okay, I suck at making up presents. But seriously, happy birthday to you! You're beautiful, intelligent, and the ass kicker of just about everyone on the planet.

Live from the San Diego Monkey enclosure:

All the monkey's in the zoo
send their best regards to you
Happy Birthday to you!

or as Mark likes to sling:

All the monkey's in the zoo
send their best regards to you
Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas!

Thank you! We'll be here all night!

Er, Mark likes to "sing" not "sling".

I'm the slinger in the family.

I almost hate to send you a "Happy Birthday" because you already have NINETY comments today, but I do love your blogs and you are so good to your blog fans with the pictures of the World's Most Beautiful Child, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a glass of champagne from me!

Happy Birthday to you!!


Filled with chapstick and, uh, apprarently, Kleenex.

Here's to a year filled with health, happiness and success!

Sorry. That was me. Dork.

A very Happy Birthday to you my blogger friend! Chris and Mia are very blessed to have you in their lives as are you having them also. I wish you all the best that life has to offer you this day. Hope to hear what hubby has gotten you for your 29th. :?)

Happy Birthday! Feel better soon. I couldn't get you anything that would top hugs and kisses from Mia, so I'm not even going to try. :-)

Happiest of birthdays to you Beth! For the cold, I recommend gobs of zinc tablets for the next few days. Helps considerably.

I got you a nickel. Did you spend it all in one place? I told you not to do that.

Man, I hope you have a Happy Birthday and that you feel better.

My friend Gerald used to always tell me he got the same thing every year for his birthday. Dinner, a movie and sex. Hope you get "the big 3" on your birthday as well.


Happy Birthday! Wow - there is a whole DECADE between us (and incidentally, between me and my best friend, so much for the generation gap...)

Happy Birthday, Beth! You were born one day before me. I am 29 (again) tomorrow!!

For your bithday, I am getting you a pet duck for your bathtub and a date with Clive Owen. Let me know when to send them over!

Happy Birthday Beth!

Let's see.. my virtual birthday gift to you is some Chapstick (because you can never have too much!), some new jeans that make your smokin' hot ass look sooo hott, and a house visit from Mia's hottie doc (who cares that he's a pediatrician, he can still take care of a cold!!).

Have a wonderful day despite the cooties.

Happy birthday, Beth!

Happy Birthday, girl!!

I have a cold too, so I suppose in my own way, I'm at the party too!


NO WAY! I got you a cold!! I guess since you have one already I'll keep this one for myself. I wasn't really sure how I would ship it, anyway.

Happy Birthday!


how about 106 comments?

My gift to you? I extend your birthday by three hours, as I celebrate on the West Coast!

Happy Birthday! And Get Well Soon!

Happy Birthday Beth!

I got you a whole container of chocolate frosting. But then I ate it. Stupid PMS.

Happy Birthday.

An invisible car! Good luck finding it though. I lost it as soon as I bought it.

*Shrug* Happy Birthday anyway!

Holy crap woman, people sure do love you. 110 peeps. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I bought you a fireman, but I need to try him out first to make sure he works, so um....I'll send him to you for Christmas, OK?

Feliz Cumpleanos! And Happy Birthday!

I had a plane fly over your house with a banner wishing you a happy 29th! Did you see it?

oops, that was me.

Happy birthday, indeed.

Here's to 29 forever.

In your honor for your birthday, I think I might take a day off of work tomorrow. Happy Birthday! Thanks!

I got you a virtual cake, so there would be fewer calories.

Happy birthday!

Ahhh how thoughtful of Mia! Well hapy birthday anyway!!! and I LOVED THAT INTERVIEW!!!! Well the more I thought about what to get you, the more confused I got! So in light of my confused brain, I have elected to give you one nite of pure unadulterated, hip grinding, lip smacking, breathless, Full on Frontal CLIVE LOVE!!! LMAO!!!! Had ya going there for a minute huh? LMAO Hes due back by 12 tomorrow! LOL

Getting to know you is YOUR present to ME...and it isn't even my birthday until May.

Seriously, Happy Birthday. Hope you enjoyed some pampering!

Wow that's a lot of comments. Wish I had time to read them all!
For your birthday, I give you:
-a reminder that you have the world's most beauatiful child, and are so blessed to get to spend time with her.
-a cute husband who adores you.
-did I mention a beautiful child?
And for those things you don't already have (enough of, anyway)
- hot firemen
- health :-D
- a self-cleaning house
- more shoes, purses, altoids and chapstick than you could ever figure out what to do with
- a pet duck. And a spare bathtub.

Happy birthday, luv. All the best!

29? Too bad your archives suggest otherwise :)

For your birthday, how about a democratic house and senate?

Happy Birthday!! Hope your feeling better soon.

Love! I send you love. And maybe a big kiss.

I got you this bright, shiny new comment. Enjoy. And happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to my favorite blogger. You are an amazing blogger(and hence I assume, person too) and a stupendous mother. Hope you had a great day!

29 is such a lovely year...especially the second - or fourth, whatever - time around. :)

i got you this lovely warning for Scorpios approaching thirty: apparently you need to beware of bladder disorders, cystitis, genito-urinary diseases, piles, prostate trouble, and PMT. i particularly hope your prostate doesn't act up this year.

i also got you this pesky request - i figured out what's wrong with the cribchronicles link on the blogroll and, um...was hoping you might fix it? (smiles hopeful, pest-like smile. when you so kindly added me, the sothefishsaid default in the URL field didn't get erased, so is linked as a page of your blog and thus is coming up as a blank error.

i will understand if you need to wait until the cake coma passes.

happy bday.

Now is a good time to tell you what I was too lazy to comment on a couple of posts back, namely that from your pix posted in that "done been interviewed" you look 26, 27 tops.

Happy Birthday!

Do we really share a birthday? How cool!

Hope you had a great one!

happy birthday!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BETH!!! I hope you're not too sick to enjoy the new cat I got you. Her name's Tigger, and she's 11, and we could do with one less cat in our house so thanks. Enjoy! xo :)

Happy B-day ... I vote that you get to celebrate on another day of your choosing once the cold is gone ...

Sorry, I've got nothing for you but good wishes. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday Beth! I hope it was magical!

Happy, Happy Birthday! I'm 29 too! :)

I'm a little late in the game but...Happy Birthday and all the best!

Oh wow... so you're just a year older than me... again!

Happy Birthday, Beth!

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday Dear Beth...
Happy birthday to you

I did sing for you and left a note at my blog.

It makes me smile big that your birthday is the day before mine. Happy Birthday, Scorpio.

Happy 29th again! Sorry I'm late!

um, yeah, I'm late too. As always. Happy Birthday

It's a cake - a non fat, sugar-free, zero calorie cake that tastes delicious! (Hey, as long as it's imaginary, it can be zero calorie, right?)

Happy Birthday!! You definitely deserve a new pair of shoes. (Or two!)

Happy Birthday!

Happy (Belated) Birthday Fellow Scorpion.

Happy birthday! I love the idea of a birthday week, and have to admit, I usually buy myself something I really want on mine. Easy justification. Hope you have a great day.

i didn't know! all i got you was this stupid blog comment. :(

do you want one of my dogs?

Happy Birthday! Now, take a load off!

I got you a smiley face!


I got you a membership to clive's fan club & 1 tube of orange chapstick. I'll ship the doritos and wine shortly.
Also, sweet children should receive presents on their mom's b-day, so I got her a cutie pair of bobux shoes since we love ours.

Happy anniversary.

Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry I missed it. The Girl turned six yesterday and we had a gigantic party on Saturday. My husband said we invited most of the western hemisphere and damn if the house didn't look like we had.

Happy Birthday Beth!!!

All I got you was this belated wish for a Happy Birthday. Mostly because I suck.

Hope it was a good birthday...cold and all.

Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day.

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