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Birthday Boy

Go wish him well.

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I just did.

He looks like Slim Jim Phantom (from The Stray Cats) in that photo.


Happy Birthday, Chris! And many, many more!!!

OMG he DOES look like the stray cats dude.

Ya'll have a happy birthday day in the house of the fish, cactus, and the bean :)

You couldn't have picked a better picture to use. LOL.

Was this his Dancing with the Stars audition?

Beth, you guys are too freakin adorable. :-)

That's a whole lot of hair.


LOVE the hair!



I hope you give Mia cake.

ROL! Great pic...did it!

Best picture. LOVE IT.

maybe I missed it but what outfit was the winner for date night?

Still patiently...err, maybe not so patiently...waiting to see what outfit you wore on date night. Don't leave us hanging!

Now that's a picture that shows a lot of personality. I hope your "Hotty" has a wonderful 34th birthday, Beth.

I did! I did! And I heard all about the pancakes! :)

That giant lego spitting practice is gonna come in handy for the bonfire on his
I suppose I should't tease since I've got ten years on the boy.
Give him a pinch to grow an inch for me!

I'll get back over to his blog (life has been nuts lately) but meantime best wishes to Chris.

How sweet of you to post such a beautiful picture of him! ;) This pic is HILARIOUS!

That was the one I liked the best even though it didn't win.

Kewl (to quote Chris).

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