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Date Night, Postscript

I forgot to mention how Outfit 3b fared throughout Date Night, and since you were all so intimately involved in this process, I feel you deserve to know. It was a little chilly, but comfortable through dinner. The top and skirt were ok in the movie, but I had this itch on my ankle that kept requiring me to unzip my boot to scratch it and the zippers make rather loud, noticeable, zippery noises, so I am sure the people around me thought I was performing some sort of movie theater strip tease.

As all good dates should, mine ended with Outfit 3b crumpled on the floor next to my bed. That is where I left it when I took a break from the 2 hours of trying to get Mia back to sleep because I could not wear those fucking boots or that god-damned skirt another second, even it if meant my precious child had to scream while I changed into my good old yoga pants and favorite shirt with 18 holes (which I do not wear out of the house, at least not without a coat). After that 2 hours, Chris finally took over and got her to sleep in her crib in under 10 minutes.

Final verdict: good choice for dinner, good choice for movie baring intractable ankle itches, piss-poor choice for 2 solid hours of baby rocking. Keep that in mind for next time, would you?

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yay for daddy!!!!!

Yes, I've noticed that Lady has an acute lack of appreciation for well planned and fashionable outfits. I just don't understand.

I just wanted to say thank you! That was fun and you looked fabulous, what with your smokin' hot ass and all.

Aww Mia kinda brought a realistic end to date night, huh? And here I was hoping you'd get some action. Poor thing.

Everything sucks when the kid won't sleep all night. Clothes, hair, whatever you're trying to do INSTEAD of rocking the kid to sleep over, and over and over...

After reading this "As all good dates should, mine ended with Outfit 3b crumpled on the floor next to my bed." and thought WOW, how bold, and then I read this "That is where I left it when I took a break from the 2 hours of trying to get Mia back to sleep", I thought WOW, what a good mommy

What, you don't always get dressed up for nighttime rocking encounters? Standard togs around here are at least a shirt and tie or blouse and skirt, and fancy shoes are a must.

I didn't even vote in the outfit thingy because my children were demanding lunch and puzzles or some damn thing, BUT! my mind control MUST be powerful because you ended up wearing what I WOULD HAVE voted for.


Gotta go put on Sesame Street. I am SO needed.

Maybe I shouldnt say...why didn't you think to have Chris put her to sleep at the beginning of the 2 hours?

Then you might have had time and energy for other things...;)

Kids do have a way to bring you back to reality in a hurry. Lets hope your fellow moviegoers knew it was your boot that you were unzipping.

duck duck duck duck duck
WHY IS IT THAT DADDIES HAVE THAT MAGICAL POWER! It can make you feel SO useless. It's like they deserve a punch in the groin or something.
duck duck duck duck duck.

Intractable ankle itches are the worst. I get them while driving sometimes, and dealing with them then can be quite a maneuver.

I love yoga pants. They are the best for being at home.

Outfit 3b..., piss-poor choice for 2 solid hours of baby rocking. Keep that in mind...

Ahhhhhh the yoga pants. There's nothing like slipping those on after a long date night -- they're like home to me. I wear them ALL THE TIME.

I've gotta say--if I heard a zipper unzipping in a darkened movie theater--a boot would be the last thing I'd think of! Hee.

HA! Lizgwiz and I think a lot alike! I seriously doubt anyone thought you were performing a

I guess I have to sit in the naughty chair for thinking like lizgwiz. If heard *zip* and then saw you bending over repeatedly in the movie, I too would think it was something other than a striptease you were preforming.

*duck* - which is, strangely enough, my super secret anti-spam word.

OK, it sounded like a fun date night except for the inconsolable child at the end of it.

Why, those were good points. Chilly but comfortable is not as comfortable as one would like. Neither are ankles itches. It is good to know how it worked out as comfort is definitely the priority for me these days.

Yay! 3b was my favorite, even though I didn't vote. I'm actually just commenting to tell you that I'm at work and my coworker just pointed out a large rip in the hem of my shirt. You are not alone in this.

You looked gorgeous!! I hope you had a great night out even if you did have to rock baby to sleep for two hours after.

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