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Date Night, the Final Chapter

Calm down, calm down, I wouldn't leave you hanging on the outfit thing after making you nice people vote on it twice. However, since this is me we are talking about, it turned into a whole saga. Let's start with the basics. The final tally was Outfit 1 - 8 votes, Outfit 2 - 30 votes, Outfit 3a - 20 votes, Outfit 3b - 37 votes and Outfit 3c - the winner (barely) with 38 votes. Also, Boots kicked Heels butt.

So, it was decided, I would wear Outfit 3c, and I was actually very happy with that. It was something I wouldn't have put together on my own and I was feeling all daring and cool for going out on this big fashion limb. I started getting ready, and then the babysitters (my in-laws) showed up early and I got a little flustered because I felt like I was running late. I jumped into my clothes and was putting on my makeup when I realized that something wasn't quite right. I was wearing Outfit 3c, all should have been well, but then I figured out I had chosen the incorrect black tank sweater from my vast collection of similar garments. The one I was wearing was too long and doing unfortunate things to my hips.

Luckily, this was easy to fix. I would go back to the drawer and retrieve the correct shirt, change, and go merrily along my way. Except the correct shirt wasn't there. It had been right on top, waiting to be selected, and now, although there were six very similar shirts in a pile, the shirt I wanted was not there. None of the other shirts would quite work, so I started digging. The shirt was not in the drawer. It was not in any of the other drawers. It was not in the closet, not in the laundry, not in with the dry cleaning. The chosen shirt was gone baby gone.

See, Mia likes to go through my drawers and take things out and rearrange them a bit for me. I can only assume that is what happened here. The odd thing is that the shirt has not turned up. I have looked and looked and there is no trace. I am starting to think Mia has a secret hiding place and someday I will find my shirt there with her comb, half of her socks, and everything else that has gone missing around here for the last 6 months.

Anyway, due to circumstances beyond my control, I went with Outfit 3b. At this point, I really was running late and the restaurant Chris had chosen is one of those that doesn't take reservations and if you get there later than 5:15 or so you have to wait three hours for a table. I was ready, I really was, except that I needed a camera so I could get proof for you lovely people that I had worn the outfit you very nearly voted for. I found the camera, no problem, and then I found 8 dead batteries. Most of the dead batteries were conveniently housed in their unplugged chargers. And that is why all you get is this crappy camera phone picture of me, Outfit 3b, a revolving door that clearly is not in my house, and a total stranger who I left in the shot just to prove I looked much better than she did.

And finally, at dinner, the woman at the next table was wearing Shirt 4. So thank you all for saving me from that embarrassment.

Comments (38)

You did it! You wore the outfit and took a picture in public! That's so neat!

YAY! That is the outfit I suggested in the first place, but then I voted for 3c, but you looked totally awesome!! I have to ask though...What happened to the tights?

You're precious! Hip & trendy!

Love the outfit

looks great.
skirt, bare legs and boots....i told you you'd look hot if you lost the black nylons :)

this was such a great idea!
can we dress Beth again for your next date?

You look great! Hope you had a wonderful time.

Haha, Beth, you rule. How was dinner?

Any of the outfits would have looked great--I really like this one and voted for it. Hope you were comfortable and enjoyed your evening!

You look gorgeous, dahling! LOVE IT! And, what's with that?: the monkey loves throwing my clothes around, too! Flings them. Laughing while flinging! Cheaty little monkey!

You look mahhhvelous! Hope you guys had a lovely evening!

I love it! The audience participation, the suspense growing as the plot thickens and the perfect "proof positive" photo. I kinda like that it's a camera phone. It somehow adds something to it.

You looked adorable.

Hott! Great choice, I think you looked terrific. And hopefully you later found no stray holes that you had been walking around for hours with!! ;)

Was fun to vote, you're cute. ^_^

That's the outfit I totally would have voted for, if pesky work hadn't distracted me from leaving my comment. You look purty. Hope you and Chris had a fabulous date night!

Also, this is on the wrong post, but I love baby videos, ESPECIALLY baby videos with baby giggles and baby talk. Totally made my day!

You look great! Isn't it nice to go out in public with your husband like a real live grown up that has dinner at restaurants and has lovely alcoholic drinks and has a carefree lovely night?

Very nice. But the first outfit is a classic that you should save for a dressier night.

Michael does that too. It's gotten to the point that I have stopped folding laundry. I just throw things in drawers b/c I know he is going to unfold everything.

You look great!

You look awesome! Glad it all turned out ok. Having the internet dress you could have turned out really scary!

Indeed, you look much better than the chick next to you. (What the hell is wrong with her face?!)
Cracked myself up.

I can't believe you had no batteries charged and no available camera! Doesn't Chris keep those ever at the ready?

Very nice choice...hope the dinner was as perfect as the outfit!

What a nice time and you looked lovely!


you looked great! brave soul letting everyone dress you.

didn't you know that socks magically disappear into thin air? there's a 3rd dimension somewhere filled with nothing but lost socks. if you find it, please let me know.

I love how you look like you're about to start your model swagger down the cat walk.
And walk, and sway and flip and turn!

You look so lovely dear! But then I knew you would. Yes the picture quality is terrible. Stock up on batteries by all means. This the outfit I voted for anyway. Glad you had to wear it. Hope it was a fun date. It must've been since you were out with such a hotty :)

And did you have a good time.

The outfit was great!

Yay for Beth ... great shot ... glad you guys had a good time. MsMiss takes laundry items (clean or dirty, she doesn't care) and sort them HER way. We haven't figured out exactly what the rules are, but she does seem to be very particular about what goes where.

Thanks for ending the agony of suspense. :)

You look fantastic! I hope you had a good time!

3b was just as nice as 3 c if not better. I also think you are totally awesome for taking a picture and showing us all what you wore!

Am I the only one that looked at that picture and thought " is that a brown purse with black boots?" :P
Other than that (and the fact that *I* voted for 3c) you look great!

send that camera phone pic to the hotty pediatrician....he'll melt!

Not the outfit I picked but you look good in it. Glad you had a good time.

Hate those itchy ankles. I'll bet the other movie-goers though you two were having a WAY better time than they were, though. :-P You looked awesome, my dear, but more importantly, what did Chris think?

What movie did you see?

Did you see Casino Royale? Stranger Than Fiction? Borat?

Casino Royale=best Bond movie ever.

You look very nice in that outfit. I am pleased, because I voted for it. I think.

You looked hot. Majorly so! This whole exercise was so much fun, treating you as a puppet :P Let's do it more often :D

YIPEE! Disaster averted!

Sorry I missed the voting! You look great. I'm envious of the date night, it sounds like fun.

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