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He just doesn't appreciate my humor

While playing with Mia tonight...

Me: She likes to take the balls from the ball popper and put them in her teacups.
Chris: I can see that.
Me: And then serve it to you. We drink a lot of ball tea around here.
Chris: Lucky you.
Me: Kind of adds a whole new dimension to the concept of teabagging.
Chris: (Blank stare, attempted jokes about T-ball, Mr. T.)

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Teabagging was way better than a Mr. T joke. You obviously won.


Why does he not think this is funny?

I think this is funny.

Huh. Teabagging. Learn something new every day, I guess.


Hahahahahahahha, that was great!

I'm with Elaine... never woulda known what that menat. See, this is why I read. For education's sake. Seriously! You, my friend, are the great wise teacher, and I, thy humble student.

LOL! That was kinda gross but funny as well. Very Borat-ish!

I'm with Dee, gross but kinda funny too!

Such an educational blog you have here ;-) Sadly, the sweet innocent girl that I am, I totally already knew what that way.

Is it really that bad that I just had to ask my husband what teabagging means? And now my ears are burning.

hmmm ... and who was calling whom a perv a few weeks back?

Man, Chris needs to give you credit when credit is due!

Oh, it's never funny when it involves their little girls, is it?

I'm sure if it was YOUR ball tea it would be hilarious.

You just made me giggle...first time all day (it's 9:30 pm), THANKS! Ya know, sometimes men just don't like it when you're funnier than they are....

You done good. Very clever. Chris was just caught off guard, or sacked, by a swift kick in the comedic nuts.

He he!

Your card arrived yesterday, thank you very much, Mia is such a cutie!

Like I said, sometimes that boy has no sense.

I appreciate it, and in fact was going to suggest the line had you not already brilliantly placed it ;)

Merry Christmas to the Fish-Cactus household, in case I get lost at the mall today :)

I pitty the foo who don't like teabaggin'!


Pfft, men....if HE had said it he would have thought it was HILARIOUS! Happens every time. I thought it was very clever.....

Recently in a college course I took the professor advised us not to utilize "wikipedia" as it was not a reliable source. You just proved that professor WRONG! :-)

Hillarious! I'm glad I swallowed my mouthfull of coffee before I started reading. Thanks for the laugh this morning; I really needed it.

1. It's agood thing I already knew what teabagging meant and didn't have to click that link. My boss just walked by when I was reading this. He doesn't care too much about the blog, but the wikipedia page might have disturbed him a bit I imagine.

2. My aunt just sent me a link to that very same toy. She got it for Anya for Christmas. I think she'll love it. (and this is very weird, because I just commented at your other place that my relatives send me links to the toys they buy us)

oh yeah, and 3. very funny. You know he would have laughed for days if he had come up with it

Sooo funny. Will be even funnier when Mia starts throwing "teabagging" out there. ;)

I didnt need to know any of this, warning me next time! Hee Hee just kidding, but I did learn something today.

i told you that was the best toy ever! :)

oh, dude. yours was much better.

An excellently timed teabagging joke is always a winner!

Ha! Obviously this round goes to you.

I have such an embarassing story about this that I really considered posting anonymously.

I was a corporate classroom trainer and as part of the course I had to divide the class into 2 teams. Each team chose a name. One team chose to be The Teabags, and I was so focused on the course and getting through it that I didn't catch the meaning of the name.

One of the managers actually came up to me afterwards and mentioned it, I was so embarassed.

I sure thought the joke was funny


Rylan's getting on of those from Santa. I can't wait to play with it. I mean, watch him play with it. Whatever.

just have him watch john water's "Pecker" he'll appreciate your humor from here on out.

I think its freakin hilarious. Gross but hilarious.

First Teabagging reference I read in a blog. Props to you. I don't know why.

First Teabagging reference I read in a blog. Props to you. I don't know why.

Wow. I had no idea there was even a term "tea bagging" let alone know what it meant.

Does this mean that there is more to the character's name T-Bag on Prison Break?
Oh... he's so much worse in my mind now than he was before. Ew.

Thanks, Beth. Thanks for that.

Your Teabagging joke... was PERFECTLY BRILLIANT.
I want to be you when I grow up :)

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