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Hi, I'm random. How are you?

Hey, Sarah and I need to know, what kind of wine do you serve with donuts?


The Kind of Thing that Makes Him Want to Hit Me

Chris: (Holding up a toy ball that is clear and has a little plastic dog inside.) Look! He's pointing North!
Me: (Blank stare.)
Chris: It's a ball bearing! Get it?
Me: But that's South.


Me: Hey, can I blog about your pit rash?
Chris: In what context?
Me: I dunno.
Chris: Um, sure. Just don't tell them that I bought the girliest deodorant I could find.
Me: Ok, but can I at least say you bought the one for "sensitive skin?" Because that's funny.
Chris: Hey, it's one-quarter moisturizing lotion.




Thanks for all your help with the Mutter Mushroom recipes. I made one on Sunday. Then we ordered a pizza because it was inedible. I'm sure it wasn't your fault. Thanks also for the lovely Christmas cards that you have sent us. I love getting mail for some reason I cannot explain and have been having a wonderful time checking our box and seeing all your cards and notes and pictures. The guys at the box place think I am a loser because I always go skipping out of there giggling over my holiday cards. Also, skipping while carrying a squirmy, 24 pound toddler is no easy task believe you me.


Do you like my fishies? Or are the just sort of annoying as all get out? I did it myself, so even it they are annoying you should be proud of me.

Comments (43)

re: donut wine - I'd recommend Hernder Estates Cherry wine or possibly the Spiced Apple Wine (although the latter is far better over the holidays with shortbread).

re: girly deodorant - we need a brand name, like, now, yo. ;)

I love the fishies. For some reason they are festive to me.

the christmas card that I sent to you at the return address on my card came back to me yesterday :-(

send me the address again, please

okay...i'm 100% serious.
the husband and i have had that. exact. pit. conversation. even down to the one quarter moisturizing cream!

(he's still using it, 5 months later. and i'm still laughing at him...)

I think the fish should dance.

I like the fish very much.

Also - I was thinking mimosas, you know, since it WILL be 10:00 am. The Squad and I will be in charge.

was the deodorant baby powder fresh?

Any wine is good with donuts..yum.
I love the fishies! I'm going to guess it was Dove?

The fish are charming! As is the thought of you skipping with Mia - I'm sure she enjoys the ride. Also, please let Chris know that the rash can't be as bad as my reaction to some deodorants where there were painful LUMPS - and I don't mean LADY LUMPS - in my armpits. Now I use Dove and don't have that problem.

I love that our news is OMG status! :)

champagne, obviously.

Okay, back to the fondue, right?
Mulled spiced wine is good with donuts. Trust me. Of course I don't drink. At least, not any more.

I like the fish. I vote for um, what're they called? Mimosas? Champagne and orange juice? The orange juice totally makes the donuts/champagne healthy, because everyone knows oranges cancel out donuts. ... And alcohol. Plus it's breakfasty.

I definitely think the fish should be animated in some way. The are just not quite annoying enough at this point.

i like the little fishies. Go you!

The fishies are adorable, and have compelled me to make fishy faces at my screen. I got a weird look from my boss for that.

i like the fish.

and I'm still hitting myself over missing the card exchange and wondering exactly how that happened?

I'd guess Boone's Farm wine would go nicely. Yes, I'm certain of it.

BTW, in the category of sharing, at the age of 28 or so I started getting a rash under the arms. I switched to the clear gel (not stick. I need the clear kind that comes up through the holes.) deodorant and it went away. To this day if I put on one applicant of a stick deodorant, I get itchy.

Did you get the deodorant without aluminum? Its supposed to be better for us. :-)

I don't drink (anymore) either but mulled cider sounds really good.

I like the fishies but I need to change my bifocals because at first I thought they were tiny ears of corn.

Or I need to wake up a little more.

Tell Chris not to worry, we won't tell anyone about the pit rash.

But the deorderant...dude.

Doesn't a nice aged whiskey go better with doughnuts? I'm just saying...

Loved the Christmas card! Mia is beautiful.

Mine to you is a bit late as it went out in the mail...and then came back. Somethings like properly addressing an envelope escape me. It's on it's way again.

Mulled wine, of course.

We got our Christmas card yesterday!

I am typing this with one inch of my pinky, which is the only part of my body I can still move, so stunned I am by the cuteness.

Your card is coming, and it has no cuteness, but it has much affection.

I just bought one of those little dog things for Anya, I think. Is it a Roll-Around? She loves it. Not that that has anything to do with your conversation, I'm just excited that a present I bought is actually loved by the kids. it helps make the holidays bearable.

oh, and I love getting amil too. Even bills. Just seeing something in the mailbox makes me happy. My mom always said it reminded her of The Jerk, where Navin was so happy to see his name in the phone book...

Shit the recipe.....I swear I'll send it to you tonight.

The sensitive skin kind....I use that, but it is kinda funny about Chris.

I like the fishies, they're very cute.

How about mimosas and donuts?

I got your card yesterday too! And oddly enough, mine was adorned with "The World's Most Beautiful Child" (TM). Very cute!

Oh I like the fishes. Very cute. I've always loved the color of your fish and with 5 of them there's just that much more color!

Also, your Christmas card went in the mailbox this morning! :)

LOVE the fishies, but the size of them does distract my eyes from the text! Proud of you for doing that though, they are COOL!
We've had to order pizza a few times due to my cooking disasters--at least you tried it ahead of time!

I vote mimosas... and also, any preference to types of donuts???

wine-depends on the doughnut. A chocolate doughnut-a heavy red, like a zinfandel or cab.

Glazed-a light white, like sav blanc or a pinot grigio.

Oh wait, you were kidding

THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE CUTEST CARD :) she is one beautifull girl, and the picture turned out just right, mia in her finest digs, looking all sassy and sweet :) thank you thank you thank you :)

I love the fishies!

Depends on the donut. With something lighter such as Krispy Kreme I'd recommend Champagne. With a heavier, standard donut I'd go with a Chardonnay. If you want to go with something crazy like a bear claw or something cinnamon-y, clearly the only choice is a Cabernet.

I love the fishes 'cause they're so delicious!

Fishies? Annoying! More so after you pointed them out. Thankfully they were not animated. Sorrreeee....Love everything else abt ur site though.

Any wine with donuts will do! Enjoy and send some my way.

First off ~ Adorable rejected Christmas Card photos! :) Eventhough they aren't "card" worthy they are cute as all get out!

Next, I'm at a loss about the wine. I miss wine...I'm really going to miss it over Christmas. I think I may sneak a glass at my in-laws (after all my preggo sister-in-law will!)

Finally, I could probably use the name of that deoderant - my husband is having serious issues in that department and I'm sure he'd be willing to give anything a try.

Ha! I totally glanced over them thinking, why does Beth have bananas all over her page? Perhaps I should pay more attention to the details :)

I too vote for mimosas with donuts, or you could go slightly fancier and mix champagne with peach nectar to make a drink that's close to a bellini. They're so yummy!

Kir royale would be nice with donuts, i bet- a tiny bit of creme de cassis liqueur with champagne- would be even better for breakfast if made with muscato. Yum.

Just checking in with you...I've been busy and haven't been here or over to Chris' in a while. Seems like all is well. I liked the visual of you skipping out of the box place. :) Made me giggle. And you know the fish? They don't bother me at all. Kay well I'm off to do yet more shopping...please pray for me!

Beacause this is the random post i will tell you what has been on my mind. here in Michigan we have a city named Southfield. everytime I see the sign dor the city on the expressway i think of "so the fish said". Do you see it?

I suppose it depends on the type of doughnut, but I only drink red wine, so I'm gonna have to go with... red wine. Maybe a nice California Merlot or an Oregon Pinot Noir. Or oooh... how about some Joe Phelps? Or a nice Australian or South African red?

OK, I'll stop. I swear I don't drink that much. Really.

And I like the fish. Nice work!

Hi Beth,
I love the fish, they add a little special something and the jokes were funnier because of them. I totally laughed at your joke, but really don't understand Chris's.

*I* thought the fishes were flowers. And I thought to myself "Why flowers? And why now?" But! (smacks head) now it has been brought to my attention that they are indeed FISH and THAT is brilliant!

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