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Hi. Vomit.

I hate throwing up. Hate. But over the last two days I have discovered that it is infinitely worse to watch your child throw up. Fifteen times or so. I had the opportunity to closely compare the two experiences Thursday night (me) and very early Friday morning (Mia). And then again Friday night and this morning (Mia again). We are plying her with Gatorade and me with wine and hoping we will all be well enough to host Christmas Eve tomorrow, although we have made the rule that all guests must wear jeans or sweatpants or risk being sent home to change. Mia and I will likely be wearing pajamas, because if I have to do one more load of laundry this week I'll, well. I'll vomit.

Speaking of laundry, beloved Monkey, who is Mia's constant bedtime companion, is currently enduring his first spin cycle to remove the odor of baby puke permeating his person. I sent Chris back to the store today to secure a duplicate Monkey, just in case, and there were none to be had. Pray for him. And for me. Mostly for me.

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Awwwww, boo hoo :( I hope everyone stops the upchucking before the guest arrive tomorrow & the big guy arrives Christmas morning :) Best wishes to yourself, Chris & beautifull Mia. ((HUGS))

Oh I hope you all feel better real soon. Sending ((hugs))!

oh no! i hope this stomach bug gets the heck out of your house before christmas!

I hate to toss my cookies too! And you are right. I think it is worse to watch your baby vomiting with illness.
I am sending get well wishes to you and to my sweetie Mia. Both you girls get well in time for tomorrows meal. Even if it is just Gatorade.

Oh! So sorry that you aren't feeling well. I had three friends that all had that on Tuesday. They actually tried to blame me for it even though I only have a cold. But it really was only a 24-hour deal and they were fine so I hope it's the same for y'all. And that Chris doesn't get it in the middle of dinner prep. I shouldn't have typed that out loud probably...

aw. poor baby! i hope she feels better soon.

when my sister was younger (obviously) she actually used to throw up to get her way. she started that young too, she wasn't even a year old when it started. it lasted way past the time when anyone felt sorry for her and ended when, around three, she threatened to throw up, we told her to go ahead but that if she did, she'd have to clean it up herself. well, that didn't go over quite like she'd planned and the tantrum ended and so did the voluntary puking. kids man. you gotta love 'em.

I am so sorry to hear what you're going through. Hopefully it is a 24hr type bug and will be clear of the house in time for Christmas. I feel your pain, though, as our daughter has had many bouts of vomiting, on both of us. And is it just me, or does toddler puke have a distinct smell, different from adult puke?

Oh Beth, I'm so sorry. I hope everyone's tummy settles down soon. Another thing that is good to try to keep Mia hydrated is popsicles (in case she grows weary of the Gatorade)! They come highly recommended by my mom as a trick to keep a toddler hydrated.

I hope you have a Merry (vomit-free) Christmas.

Oh no!! This is NO way to spend Christmas! Feel better, both of you.

And I speak from a knowing place when I share your hope that Monkey makes it through the spin cycle. I'm sure he will, but smart to secure an extra Monkey just incase. Also probably smart to have an extra one on hand anyway, my Mom will vouch for that after spending 3 months trying to locate a duplicate (discontinued) Doggy for me when I was a kid and my Doggy was lost forever.

But seriously, feel better!!!

Oh wow, I am so sorry!! Stomach bugs are the WORST! I hope you all feel better soon. ((((HUGS))))

and Merry Christmas!

sucketh greatly.

i would send chicken soup but ... ummm ... y'all are vegetarians so you probably wouldn't like it.

Camille has not attached herself to any of her loveys but just incase, we've bought two of everything!

Sorry everyone's feeling poorly, I wish you all a speedy recovery.

On the monkey front (heehee I said "Monkey Front") might I suggest checking the tag for a manufacturer and seeing if more monkeys may be had online?

We didn't even come over and breathe on you. How did this happen?

Sounds awful! I hope you all feel better soon.

I'm sorry you guys are pukey. I hope all is better for Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas!

Oh no! I hope you are both feeling better soon.

That is terrible. I'm dreading Samantha's first stomach bug experience, babies throwing up is just so sad... and gross. My fingers are crossed for you guys that it is over. Happy Holidays.

UG. We've been here, just last month. Not pretty. Nor fun. Overall, it sucks... scratch that, it blows. Hope you are all well very very soon!

Oh Wow, that does not sound good at all. I truly hope you and Mia feel better soon. It's almost like we all have been ill at the same time. Myself and a lot of my regular-read bloggers! Love and Seasons greetings to you all!

Oh, Beth. I'm so sorry that both you and Mia are not well. I hope you get well quicker than quick.

I can't handle the children's puke. My son threw up one time and I made my husband deal with the mess while I curled up in the fetal position in the corner. It was awful.

Aw, Beth! That sucks. Both the being sick and the having to watch the little one be sick. Oh, and not being able to find a duplicate Monkey sucks too. Here's hoping your weekend/Holiday starts to suck a lot less really damn soon.

Merry and Happy. And hugs.

:(. I have a major vomit phobia. I'm great in a crisis until somebody throws up. Then, you might as well straitjacket me. I hope everybody gets better for Christmas!

Oh - poor girls! We have it over here too. : ( Boo friggin' hoo! Hope you are all feeling better soon - Merry Merry Christmas to you all.

I hate throwing up as well, in fact, I hate it so much, I went for years and years with doing so. I was one strong willed girl against the vomit! I'm so sorry you and Mia are sick, what a rotten time for it to happen. Sending plenty of prayers for recovery and also for Monkey to smell like sweet laundry detergent.

ugh we're sick here too.
Daya's on the pink amoxicilan stuff, and my throat is swollen.

I hope your dinner goes well, and I'm sure it will.

oh, and good luck to the Monkey- you did put him in a pillowcase, right?


Happy holidays, Beth! I'm so sorry about the pukefest. Ugh ugh ugh, no, there is nothing worse on every single level. Damn this virus that's everywhere! *shakes fist at sky*

Oh, I'm sorry that sucks, we have been there. And sorry it may ruin x-mas.

Oy! I'm so sorry you guys have been so sick. I've been sick with that bug, too. Only vomited once, though. Totally thought I was pregnant. Luckily the monkey didn't get it. I can't imagine watching her so sick like that. Brutal. But, at least you got this adorably funny post out of it.... Happy holidays!! :)

When MsMiss was sick ... she distinctly decided to only puke on Mummy ... never on me ... for this, I'm grateful, though I do feel someone guilty ...

Positive Thought Generator is set to 11, and aimed your way.

check e-bay for a backup monkey. i found a duplicate of my son's precious blankie there, and it has more than once saved my butt.

Vomit. Be Gone!! Yuck. I hope the nastiness has run its course and Christmas Eve is still on. Although, the thought of Indian food kinda makes me queasy as it is...maybe a nice potato soup instead? lol
I'm sitting home alone, having been abandoned by the healthy family members (which is just as well, can't imagine anyone wanting to be anywhere near me right now).
Anyway, I wish you and yours the brightest of Christmases. I hope little Miss Mia feels better so she can enjoy the full impact of PRESENTS!

oh man.
good luck
happy yuletide digestion

Wow. I could totally have written that entry. Every word of it. Except I wasn't sick too. But we have discovered that Button and soy milk do NOT MIX. Our poor beloved monkey is in the washer too (along with what seems to be every other surface in the house, washable or not) and I also have looked for a replacement monkey. Evidently this monkey has been discontinued. Best of wishes for a puke-free Christmas.

Ick. Hope all of you are better soon. As in already. I think Indian food would hurt coming back up.

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