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Lightning Round

Voting is now closed, and we have a winner. By one vote. Thanks for playing, and tune in, um, later sometime, for photograph evidence of the winning ensemble.

I'm a little horrified I am about to do this, as we all know I am having body image issues right now, but I said I would so I guess I am stuck. Mia and I spent much of the morning sifting through your votes trying to come up with the winningest combinations, and the results are below for your continued voting pleasure. I tried to find some sort of actual voting application so I didn't have to count all of these myself, but three solid minutes of searching yielded no results and naptime is a very limited resource, so we will have to do it the old-fashioned way, in comments. If you want to vote anonymously, you aren't required to enter anything other than my anti-spam passphrase and your comment.

Here we go.

Outfit 1

click to embiggen

The pants fit, can I get a hallelujah? In addition, although what is going on underneath that mercifully loose-fitting top is not a pretty sight, nosirreebob, after a minute or two the pants aren't as uncomfortable as I thought they were going to be and I might even be able to sit down in them. Only caveat is that this is a bit fancy for an early dinner (seriously, like 5:00) and movie, so I would be overdressed, but also totally hot so who cares.

Note to boots voters - I tried them, but they were too heavy with the floaty shirt/pants combo.

Outfit 2

Does that skirt/boots combo look familiar to anyone? Do you think it would look better with the stripey socks? Why the hell am I so enamored with posting pictures of myself this week? Don't I have anything better to do?

Outfit 3a

Outfit 3b

Outfit 3c

So, in 3c I swapped the sparkly top for a non-sparkly top cause it just went better. Also, why do I own 14 sleeveless black sweaters? If you vote for Outfit #3a, 3b, or 3c you can also vote to swap boots for heels or vice versa. Other than that there are no substitutions.

That's it, get to voting. I'll take a final tally right before I get dressed tomorrow and will have Chris take a picture of me in public to prove I wore whatever you select, and then I am not posting another single picture of myself for at least a month, maybe two.

Oh, if you want to vote on my sexy date underwear, it's after the jump.

Yeah, right, you perv.

Comments (115)

I vote number 2. And the "no underwear" option works for me, too.

Outfit 3a..with the boots.

3b Beth! Have a groovy night!

Outfit 3c. Its hip. Its trendy. It looks great on you and is perfect for an early dinner and a movie. And keep the boots... much more fun.

3B with boots. I really like 3a but for dinner and a movie that might be too much. But if you're feelin' smokin' in that then screw it. My husband likes to wear suits all the time cuz it makes him feel good regardless of where he goes so I give you permission to throw caution to the wind! Buuuut, if you don't want to then go with 3B.

ix-nay on the black nylons!!!!!!!
they are a fashion NO-NO.

outfit 3a.
with the boots.

trust me, Beth.

3c. definitely. although 2 is pretty hot too.

For dinner and possibly a movie with Chris, I vote for 3a. I love outfit 1, but it's more of a "Hi, I'm Beth and I'm about to give a million dollars to a worthy cause at this charity event" kind of outfit.

I love 1 and 3c - probably 1 more, but I am a pants-not-skirt-ugly-knees kinda person.

I am with Sandy- depends on what you were doing but less formal I would say 3a...more formal 1.

#1 is totally the hotness, but #3c is probably more appropriate for your plans. Either way, you'll look good.

I like 3b. With the boots, definitely. Have fun!!

3b! have a great date!

Firstly- gorgeous in all of them. Absolutely.

Secondly- 2 or 3B. But which one would Chris like best?

I vote for 3b or 3c.

i like outfit 2 and 3b the best. good luck!

3a as it is!!!!!! I love it!

3b! You hottie!

I vote 3c. Enjoy your night out!


3B with boots, underwear optional!

Outfit 2 then if I get a second choice it's 3b. Told you that you would look hot, did I say hot? Maybe I said you rock. Can't remember.

Chris will be happy with both.


OK i am a first time poster but i felt i just had to "Rock the Vote" or something like that. i know cheesey trust me it sounded better in my head when i thought of it.
But to get on with it for a casual early dinner and movie i like 3b with boots. But honestly they all look nice, which ever you feel more comfortable and confident in will look the best!
Have a great time.

Outfit 2 because I like denim and casual.

I vote for 3a but with the boots. Have fun!

I like outfit 2 for early dinner and a movie. Outfit 1, while pretty, seems more appropriate for a wedding or 8 o'clock reservations. If you do go with any of the last 3, definitely wear the boots, not the heels. Heels to a movie - that's just wrong.

2 or 3(c)
Looks fabu!

Gotta go with outfit one or 3b or 3c.

Considering it's an early dinner and movie, I vote outfit 2, but outfit 1 is very nice!

Since I'm not a fan of the blouse under the sweater anymore, although you pull it off...I vote outfit 2. 3a was a close second cause you have awesome legs and I'm totally jealous.

I hope you and Chris have a great time!

3c--classy but can work for the movie (without looking too over-dressed) and nice dinner.

3c, all the way. Looks great on you and the boot/skirt combo is a classic that you can't beat.

Glad to see that my fav outfit made the cut without my even voting in the 1 is my fav, but not for the outing you have planned. 3C it is! Have fun!

either 3B or 3C

Definitely 3c - it looks awesome on you and it works for your plans! Have an awesome night!


I vote 3C, assuming I remember the deets (dinner and movie, yes?) 3C captures the dressiness of "wow, we are having dinner someplace that does not present crayons as we are seated" with the comfort and casualness of a movie.

You look good in all of them, which makes me want to hate you. Because I would not be able to come up with 5 outfits that look good enough for me to be willing to put them on my blog. But I can't hate you because you are too damned likable.

I love otfit 1, but if dinner is at 5 I'd go w/ outfit 2

3c Without a doubt!

Have a great night out with Chris. What movie will you see?

Numero dos!

3c - hip, slimming and fun yet classy.

first time to comment after the spambot de-eviler. umm, you know what i mean. DUCK!

throwing in my vote for 3c.

have a lovely time.

3c - very cute! and keep the boots!

For dinner and a movie? I say #2. Although I really like outfit 3a... Ok, my final answer is outfit 3a with the boots! :)

#1 is my favorite, but if the dinner is casual, I vote for 3b.

Early 5 pm dinner -- I vote #2. Go casual just so you don't look like a SAHM dying to get out of the house without your daughter in tow....

3b - looks great with that skirt, but how would it look with the denim skirt instead? Maybe make it a little more casual? Or perhaps too casual. Just remember the comfort factor - or choose a short movie.

I can't believe I'm putting this much thought into someone else's outfit choice. This is what procrastination looks like!

Anyway, I hope you have a fantastic time - whatever you decide to wear!

Definitely 2 or 3b. Have fun on your date!!

They all look great on you but I prefer 3c (with the boots). It just seems to work better for your early dinner and movie. Have fun!

I vote for 3a. I like 3b but it looks like you just got off of work and 3a looks a wee bit more dressy without being overdressed. You look very pretty in the dress 1 but it would be for a more dressed up evening. Early dinner and movie would be best in 3a.
:) You look so pretty little girl.

2 is my fav and 3b is my second. By the way, I don't know what you weighed before but you look very slim in all options! I don't believe it's 11 pounds, it was probably what you ate that day.

Whatever Ali said. She's my style goddess.... ;)

I think #2 is better for early dinner and movie, but I also like #3b. with boots.

And also, i totally get that body image issues are completely unique to the individual having them, and i'm not trying to diminish your feelings in anyway, but I would kill to have a body like yours. Just saying...

3c with the boots, definitely.

3C or 2 - the other ones look great too, but a more casual outfit seems appropriate for your date this time.

I'm partial to the denim and black combo, so I'll say 2. Have fun!

OMG I am loving outfit 2, but I am equally loving 3c too...I can't choose!!! You are totally rocking all of them though!

But about the underwear, please don't go all Britney on us. You know, just incase the paparazzi is out hunting you tomorrow night.

Have an awesome night!!

3b with the boots! And good lord I think you're awesome, but pleasetakeoffthosenylonsimmediately!!!!

I lovelovelove that black/white skirt, so I could vote for 3a (the sweaters/white shirt aren't speaking to me with that skirt, although they are cute....maybe white shirt alone? I don't know). But for the glam of it, and because you can get it buttoned (hallelujah!) I vote for #1...who cares what you are doing on the date, you can still be glam :)

3C definitely! The sleeveless black over the white is very slimming (but you look uber tiny in all the outfits anyway.)

I like 2, 3B and 3 C all w boots.

I vote for # 1,as you look so slim and glamorous! Very nice! Very, very nice! You'd really have to watch the Hottie Pediatrician in that outfit!

After suggesting 3c, I'm pleased as punch to see that it looks so purdy! So I vote 3c, though I still say go with the heels vs. boots.

Outfit 3a is SUPER sexy in a sophisticated way. I vote 3a. Just the way it is, pointy heels included.
3c would be my next choice.

The boots rock!

I like outfit 2 the best, although it has to be said you look great in all of them.

It might be too late but I like 3c. I really love them all, actually. And the first one (my pick from before) is awesome, but like you said, perhaps too dressy.

Scarily, I think we live in the same closet (when I'm not pg). I own outfit numbers 2, 3a, 3c, and at least 25 different black tops.

Oh MAN, this is hard. HARD. You look hot in all of them.

I definitely veto 1, because although you look seriously stunning, I agree with the "Hi, I'm Beth! And I'm putting on a charity event!" assessment. It's very serious, but damn, those pants are fine.

I like Option 2, for honestly, you look so young, and very hot, but at the end of the day, I've got to go with 3B. Final answer: 3B. And it was a tough call.

I love Outfit #1. It's super elegant and very pretty.

I think outfit 3b is very "cute". Cute is the perfect adjective.

I'm torn between those - cute or elegant, cute or elegant.

Final vote: Outfit #1


I LOVVVVVVVVVVE Outfit 1, but it does seem dressy for an early dinner, so then I vote for either Outfit 2 or Outfit 3a.

Outfits 3b and 3c are totally cute, but more like "sassy hot young city magazine editor" cute, not "out on a hot date with my husband" cute.

Hey, I just read the comments, and what's with the one about black stockings being a fashion don't? That seems like crazy talk.

3b, baby.

3c, with boots.

I vote for outfit 2. Have a great evening out. :)


outfit 1...b/c thats what I originally said and you are a liar b/c you said they wouldn't fit!

3b all the way!
Really, you look great in all of them, though!

Hi there - sorry I was away for so long! Looks like you've been having a bit of a rough time since I last visited, but it also looks like you had a lovely Thanksgiving.

Can I just say that you (or, at least, you from the neck down) look hott in these pictures! As much as I like the first outfit it seems more appropriate maybe for a holiday party (keep that in mind if you have one coming up). As for dinner and a possible movie, I'd have to vote for outfit 3c. Have fun!

2 or 3c, though I like 3b a lot too. 1 is a great outfit but probably not for a dinner/movie date night.

The first outfit. Definitely. You're going out. What does it matter how early it is??? And you could go somewhere fancy, like Big Golf Resort on 6 Lane Divided Highway near you.

I know my initial vote was for 3b, but 3c is also pretty smokin.

3c... definitely.

3c - trendy, casual and fun!

Great outfits. There are two votes in this household for 3B and 1 for 3C! Have fun.

3A with the boots, no nylons.

3a. With boots.

I like 3a, and I'd choose the boots, but I think you have great legs and should show them off. But if it's cold and snowy, well, go for the boots, and then Chris can just look at your legs when you get home. Or feel you up under the table/at the theatre. Whatever floats your metaphorical boat ;-)

i love #2, i'd totally wear that on a hot (early) date! 3b would be 2nd choice. i think you look awesome in all of them, honestly...quit your bitchin! :-) have a great time.

I vote 3b. It's adorable and super flattering. Definitely go 3b!!!

I vote outfit number two.

Have fun on an erly night on the town hot mama!

And happy birthday to Chris of course.

Outfit #1. By the time you start eating it will be 6 and then you won't be overdressed. And that outfit is lovely. For some reason I felt the 3 series gave off mixed messages. And 2 wasn't memorable. Totally #1.

I like 3a but with the boots instead of the shoes. I'm sure you'll find something appropriate to wear underneath even if we dont get to vote on it. LoL

I'm voting that you wear whatever makes you and chris look the most like this.

Take your pick as to who is who.

3B. Definitely smokin' hot, and perfect for an early dinner and a movie.

I like outfit number 2. I will say that you look pretty in all the outfits.

I think 3b, although I like them all I think 3b is best for early dinner and movie.

Have fun!

3c for sure. Have a great night!

I think 3b is where it's at for sure. Do people still say "where it's at?" Oh well. (the bee's knees?)

Outfit 3b

Outfit 3c, but I'm not getting into your underwear...


Def. no. 2. The other's would be uncomfortable in the movies. Of course, I'm one of those uncouth people who totally like to slouch around in the theater during the movie. If I try to sit properly, I wiggle the entire time. Have fun!

ooh! i like 3b and 3c.

Initially, I liked 3a, but for a more casual night, 2 might be better. Of course, I HATE wearing skirts, so I would wear pants...but you look GREAT!

I pick outfit 2. Very Cute! I am going to have to go and buy some tall boots now. Have a great time tonight!

3a - as is. The shoes make the outfit in my opinion. Looks lovely.

3B, 3B!!!

You are too cute!

They're all cute and look great on, so I say any outfit but #1. A man needs to see some leg.

Love all the outfits, cannot possibly see why you are having "body issues" look awesome! I think outfit 1 is my favorite...but you're probably right...might be a little too dressy for an early dinner...I think, I personally...would be inclined to go with outfit...3a...but're going to look great in anything!

3C all the way baby, I have a sick sick sick obsession with collared shirts and sleeveless vest thingy's I can't wait to get my unpregnant body back and start wearing them again! Right now the shamoo look doesn't jive with em....

Sorry-- I blurked in late today, so late input for the Lightning Round! I'd go for 2 (denim short skirts are my hubby's kryptonite), 3a (the black sweater is kickin), or 3c (nothin' like a schoolgirlish button-down-under-sweater thing, seriously, it rocks), all with boots (because boots are HOTT).

duck duck duck duck duck

3b BUT with the boots AND the denim skirt. and also with the flowy pants...on your head.

duck duck duck duck duck duck


3b! 3b3b3b! So super cute! If you don't wear 3b on your date, maybe just wear it on Monday to the grocery store or something.

No matter what you wear, you will be smokin', and Chris will be the luckiest man at your early-bird special dinner.

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