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Mia Monday #47: Mia Shows off her Words and Gets a Little Tickle Edition

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I love it - brightened my day!

That's cute!


That just made my day! She is so adorable!

She's so cute!

YOur voice is so soothing Beth!

She's so stinkin' cute! I love it! I found myself just sitting here with a huge smile!

You can't see me, but I'm signing the sign for "more mia" right now.

So cute. These videos of mia always make me want to run home and start trying to make one of my own...

all in good time...

That made my day. What a sweet girl.

So SWEET! I want to eat her up (in a nice way of course)! The cuteness!

Wait. I heard she said football over the weekend. Dude, I so want to see that! Actually, I'll send cookies if she says "Cowboys rock!" Clapping optional.

Oh okay. Fine.

As always, the epitome of cuteness.

Best thing I've seen all day. She is *so* precious.

So.damn.cute. :-)

I am a bad parent. I made my husband tape our boy this weekend, just so I could ask him 'Who's your favorite?' cause I've coached him to say 'Mama!'

hee hee

Her giggle at the end is completely contagious! That child is totally adorable!!!

Totally non-related (and I don't know why I thought of this), since you lost your kitties this year, do you plan on getting others?

Teehee! Oh, I adore your kid. Which is so weird, what with the whole stranger factor, but I kinda don't care. Love!

Giggles are the best!
Also? Dying to know which outfit won.

part where i died: the whole thing
part where i died uncontrollably:
"say umbrella" "AHLALALALALALALA"

so cute, and Michael always goes crazy over videos of Mia. I love that she will just sit in her highchair, Michael demands food when he is in his highchair.

When do we find out what you wore?

wow, that was so happy and cheerfull :) thanks for making us smile :) she looks so much older now, i think its her hair, its so pretty and frames her face :)

seriously...could that smile be any bigger??! she's too cute!

awwww!! :) she's too adorable. :D

Does Mia take requests?

I would seriously spend my days gnawing on that child. She is deliciously adorable.

That is so cute. It perked out my day which was way too full of WORK! I need a vacation!

Love it when she says "Mamamamamaa"
Love it when she says "Lalalalala" (Umbrella)
Love her almost-a-grunt when she tries to say Mia.
Love her cheeks and her giggle. She really is a big girl now. Very very sharp one at that. BTW were you tickling her when she had that crazy fit of laughter?

the part where she signed just amazed me. i wish i had done the signing with my kids!

what a CUTIE.

Ok, it's official. My 19 month old son has a major crush on Mia. He is walking around the room saying "baby Mia" and doing the sign for "more please". This is AFTER trying to climb on me and pulling on my laptop, saying "more please". Now how to explain to hubby who Baby Mia is! Thanks for sharing the sweet video.


I'm not sure how, but she got even cuter...So cute, it makes me want to have another *really* bad.

I always look forward to Mia Mondays! The toddler cuteness always makes Mondays better...

and she signs?!

Good job, Mia! (I love that -- "good job"!) ;) I smiled ear to ear watching this video. Thanks for the happiness! :)

I just died and went to cuteness heaven.

I am so jealous that you get to wake up and play with her every day.

I love how you kept saying..."Good job!" Such a supportive Mommy you are!!! :) And really, your voice is so calm and sweet! And tons of people said it before me, but I'm sure you can stand to read it again...Mia, SO CUTE!

Ok, I'm ready for the outfit now ;-)

My husband watched this clip last night, stood up from the computer and looked from me to the video. Finally, he said, "Yeah, we can have one of those" with a great big smile. Silly boys...

Mia is such a doll. She has a sweet voice. So do you, in fact. Why don't you sound horrible on tape? Dang girls.

oh, she's so cute!!!!!!
Umbrella is still my favourite.

Daya's favourite word is still...Daya.

Bye Bye Mia!



But I heard there's a new one...something about football?

Mia = adorable.

My three year old bouncing up and down, making silly faces at the computer because she believes she is making Mia laugh = the funniest thing I have seen all week!

"Umbrella" -- that's just about the cutest thing I've ever heard.

She could make the meanest person happy.

Bless you dear Beth and Mia. That was just what I needed to hear today.

She's so clear and that wonderful laugh!!

LOVE the video, how cute is she? Priceless!

I love to hear her talk! What a doll! And your voice is so soothing, Beth. I want you to tell me, "good job!"

She's so adorable, I want to eat her up with a spoon!

Sweet Lord! My eggs aren't even viable any more, but that video made me want to get myself knocked up in the worst way. If only to have a little one with whom to "speak" sign language and watch her learn new words. I'm off to drink away my sadness now.

oh that was SO SO SO SO SO cute!!!!! I love her laugh too, reminds me so much of when my babies were little. Thanks for sharing.

Wow, so many words!

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