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Mia Monday #48: I Can Explain the Outfit Edition

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The hair is so freaking cute! Paired with the smile as she runs towards you? Priceless.

love, Love, LOVE the hair. In our house we call them boop-boops (something my sister in law used to call them when she was a toddler; something to do with them going boop boop when she jumped).

I just noticed how red Mia's lips are! How beautiful! She will never need lipstick..just a bit of gloss after the drooling phase ends!

Jeans are so cute on the little ones.

I have heard you put the lights on that tree.

We buy fake because fire is one of the few things I'm paranoid about. This year we bought a small (little over 4 ft) pre-lit.

Odd because my uncle had a tree farm in New York. Maybe it's because we cut our own back then.

I was becoming weary of hearing my husband rant every year and he's even worse when someone else does it.

And he will never, ever dispose of a string of lights. Come to think of it, he will never, ever dispose of anything.

Hee, those pigtails make her look like little CindyLou Who.

The outfit seems perfectly reasonable to me. I don't think Queen B ever wore a shirt at that age that didn't have a little stain or two on the tummy.

I do have to complement you on a darn fine tree you have there ... After having 4 trees fall on me in 3 years (at our house and helping my parents) I have officially given up on real trees for a while ... the lovely pine scent can come from a wreath ... and the stable, easily (even if tediously) assembled and easily moved (even when decorated) artificial tree will do just fine for me, thank you very much.

But I do have to ask ... why do you think this outfit needs explaining? Shirt/jeans seem normal ... is it the shiny shoes? I see nothing wrong with show'n off the party shoes (as my wife calls them). They add flare! (Or am I missing something obvious like a hideous muumuu?)

Love the hair! Love the jeans!!

what's the problem with the outfit? She's adorable. I love the jeans. Kids are messy. It's all good :)

She is a B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.L. darling girl. with georgeous hair, sweet red lips & a cute outfit (whats the explanation for?) great pics :)

As everyone else has commented, and the outfit needs explaining why? She is absolutely adorable in that outfit.

And the shoes! OMG, cute patent leather with the jeans! So cute!

oh, the rosy cheeks... so cute!

Um, that is actually Goldie's uniform.....modeled after my own. Stained sweatshirt, jeans (she still doesn't have the hair for the tails yet though, so thats all mama) That's how we roll

Beautiful little girl. Xmas will get better, more funner, every year. Striking resemblance to her mom,too , except of course...shorter.

Nice tree!! We finally got ours this weekend...I won. It's big. Huzzah!

pretty tree pretty daughter

Love the outfit and the hair. I have the theme song to "Pretty in Pink" in my head!!!

too damn cute!!!

gah! she's soooo cute.

I can't decide which I love more, the tummy, the pigtails or the cheeks. But wait, I don't have to choose do I? Cool beans.

I love the little shoes and the pixie do. But that tummy...I could imagine that tummy is fun to tickle.

Cuteness! You guys always have such fun weekends! :)

You know, you really should have let the trees branches fall overnight before installing the lights, you know to spare Chris ;)

Cute, cute, cute. The only explanation we'd need about the outfit would be if maybe you were wearing the exact same thing. That could be a little creepy.

she is so adorable, and growing so quickly!!!

I just commented at Rude Cactus that her hair looked a little red over there, but I definitely see it in these pics. Girlfriend is a strawberry blonde, isn't she?

SOOOOO cute!

She's flippin adorable! Hey did I miss the christmas card deadline, Regardless what's your p.o so I can send one from frosty ol canada...

OOh, strawberry blond pigtails!

And nice tree! We're not feeling brave enough to get a real tree yet.

PIGTAILS! CHEEKS! PARTY SHOES!!! Too much cuteness!!

THOSE CHEEKS!!! So pinch-able! ;-)

Well, really, who's looking at the outfit anyway? :)

So, most of the time when I see cute pics online I smile inside my head. Mia never fails to make me smile ear to ear and sometimes laugh out loud. Her little grin is contagious.

And can I also say that I have no idea how you manage to keep up two blogs. I can hardly keep up with the one. You're my hero ;-)

Those shiny shoes in the last pic! Man I can already tell she's gonna be a shoe-person. And the red humongous cheeks put apples to shame!

Wow, she is so beautiful Beth.

And man do I love her shiny shoes! One of my friend's daughters had these red patent Mary Jane shoes that she absolutely LOVED. As she outgrew them, my friend would have to keep looking for more shiny red patent shoes or else there was hell to pay.

Gah!!! Too much cuteness! I absolutely love the picture where she's running toward the camera with that huge smile on her face!

She is just adorable and I love how you fix her hair! Cute!


OMG!!! Those piggytails... Soooo Adorable!!!

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