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Mia Monday #49: Christmas Card Rejects Edition

Or, you try getting a toddler to stand still in front of the Christmas tree.

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Oh those are adorable. No, I wouldn't want to even try to get a toddler to stand still & get a good pic, that takes effort. Judging by the time this post was uploaded, u had a rough night, or just couldn't sleep. It says 4:25 am!!! Is that true? Hopefully you did get a great shot of that beautifull girl :)

I think any of those would be splendid on a holiday card! She's gorgeous. Now I'm totally jonesing to see my niece and nephew in a few days.

She is just stunning. I know she is only a toddler, but you can see what a beautiful woman she will be!

OK, if those are the "rejects" then you guys have standards way higher than mine. All of those are very cute photos, especially the final one where she isn't looking directly at the camera and is pulling at her shirt (blouse?)

The only thing missing from that last one is a watch. "They've been taking pictures for hours now. These tights itch. I'm missing out on valuable playing time. Where's Elmo? Are they done yet?!?"

Beautiful as always.

Love that last one in particular!

It's like she's saying "Look! I have a HAND!"

Babies/toddlers rule.

I like the 3rd one, even though you couldn't see her face. That would have beeen a pretty card.

But the one yo sent was great!

Rejected...and yet totally adorable.

I would take any one of those, Beth! She is so darn cute and makes me just break out in one big Christmas *grin*!

I agree with the others, I think they're all just darling. I can see how they're probably not what you wanted for your holiday cards, but still adorable.

Yes, getting a toddler to cooperate for pics can be so much fun. Grrrr.
But we forgive them because they're so lovely. I mean, just look at her! She's gorgeous!

I posted a few rejects -and the winner- of ours as well. ;-)

I love them all especially the last one, it's as though she's looking at her watch saying "ok how much longer is this going to go on?"

very fun!

Mia rules! She is such a beautiful nice little girl! Christmas greetings to your whole family from Switzerland!!


But what a sweet outfit!

and then the one picture you get where she is standing still and looking perfect, she blinks when you take the picture.

Been there done that, try it with two toddlers!
You can see my reject card picture here:

We had the same problem with C and ended up using one similar to the one you have 3rd down from the top. Heh!

I love all of them! Especially the second one, where she's trying to flash us with her bloomers...

As far as rejects go, those are pretty darn cute. Hope you post the non-reject one too for us losers who didn't sign up for a Christmas card. ;)

I love that second one. The first and only professional portrait of the girls shows the oldest, then around 3-1/2, flashing the world.

At least she's not picking her nose.

They're all beautiful and any one of them would make a great card.

You should try it with two. I didn't even manage to get a picture with Ian in it.

Gorgeous! Oh my gosh. I may have to go ahead and put my order in.

And I am so sad I don't have a Mutter Mushroom recipe for you.

Those are all so cute! I have many reject pics from past years of Christmas photo shoots.

I love that first picture!


I think those are all adorable. They look very real, not so posed.

She looks so grown up. Merry Christmas!

i'm lovin' the pretty party shoes.
what a little heartbreaker she's going to be. you are in trouble.

Just put 'em all together and you've still got one damn cute christmas card!

Okay, I cannot take it, she's just TOO cute!
Love the red dress.

Okay, I love all of those. Please tell me you used one of them for your cards. Please.

Oh look, my hand, how cool. Ha, I love that last one. Personally I think they all would work. Everyone knows toddlers only sit when they are having a tantrum or eating fruit snacks. Oh you could try fruit snacks.

lol oh those are hilarious. After those crazy shots, it is amazing you got such a beautiful photo for the actual Cactusfish Christmas card! (It arrived in Saturday's mail)

Btw, my card will get in the mail this week! I swear! :)

The second one is VERY ladylike:-)

She's beautiful.

I'm loving the last picture...that would make for a great card!!

Ok, forget the getting her to stand still in the WORLD do you get those little TIGHTS onto her?? My husband has described putting pants on our son as "like trying to put pants on a cat." And don't even get me started on socks...I cannot fathom tights. She's adorable.

It looks like she had a fun time while you were trying to get the perfect shot!

The pics are ossum! I'm surprised she let you put those white tights on her. Wonder how long THAT took you!

I got mine in the mail today. So beautiful. Thanks. I get mine at JCPenney's, but I always try for some home ones too. Last year I bribed her with Hershey's Kisses.

Pre. Shus! Ohhhh. I want to smooch her cheeks!

You don't think that would freak her out, do you?

I love the first one of her. I am going to post my also-rans today. I love her outfit. And aren't you brave with candy canes on your tree.

Hello sleeve! What's up there?

I love that last photo. Sleeve fascination!

She is so beautiful! I htink that any of the rejects would have brought a lugh to people opening the card!

I think the pictures are better when she's not trying to stand still. They capture so much more personality when she's all over the place. So cute!

I think ANY of those pics would've been GREAT!! I know you hear this all the time, but she really is the cutest little thing!!

I think next year you should do a montage of them all! Too cute.

Mia is too cute... I just love that cute little dress, with the tights, and shoes... it's just too cute.

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