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Mia Monday Tuesday #50: Sick Christmas Edition

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That last picture is mind-numbingly adorable. She's a pro at this role-playing thing!

Oh - and I hope ya'll are feeling better. If it makes you feel any better, we're sick here too. Misery likes company?

The last picture pretty much sums up how I felt yesterday also.

Were those raisins delicious?

That last photo looks eerily like I did last night after the turkey was put into the fridge.

In spite of all the drama, it looks like things turned out OK. I'm glad for you guys.

poor girlie! Hope she's feeling all better today!

That last picture is exactly how I feel after a long day in the kitchen too! She's so darn cute...glad she's feeling better.

Hey, those are the same pictures from MY Christmas day too. Although her kitchen is a lot cleaner.

oh my goodness, I may die from the cuteness.

Oh, that is an awesome little girl's kitchen! And I am seriously laughing at that last photo of her flat out on the floor, I know that I felt like doing the same yesterday!

I hope everyone is feeling better now.

great pics, especially the last one.
Daya and I were both sick for christmas too.

Feel better!

poor thing. that last picture just says it all.

Oh, my poor Mia. She looks like she is not feeling her best (although still gorgeous!).
Thanks for a Mia Tuesday!

She's so sweet. And that's an awesome kitchen!

aww. poor dollbaby! i hope she's feeling 100% better soon. also, raisins make me a little sick too. :D

I love your kitchen, I want to get one for Samantha. Where did you get it? Thanks...

I love the last one - "I have cooked this big dinner, and now I am EXHAUSTED!"

Quick - I need a shot of epi quick - I'm in cuteness shock. Add another voice to the love-it chorus.

The cuteness! The cuteness!

Um, I'm 27 and have a grown-up kitchen and it's still not as nice as hers. Humph.

Hope she becomes a culinary genius!

That last picture is just what I looked like after my Christmas Eve entertaining extravaganza! So cute. Looks like she loves the gift so much that it wore her right out. Hope she's feeling better today.

Oh, poor Mia! And poor you! Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!

Oh God! So cute! Is she enjoying the play kitchen? She seems tired.

oy. ;)

sick? maybe.. but still way to sweet! Sorry to hear you had a rough holiday. Hope everyone is on the mend! Happy belated Christmas to you!

Must be the year for kitchen sets except we were crazy and built ours. Can you say up til 1 a.m. painting it on Christmas Eve???
I absolutely love the last picture of Mia. It's like she's thinking "Can't. Cook. Any. More. Must. Sleep."

That's how I feel about cooking Mia. Here's some advice, don't ever get up! Don't do it! Or...they come to expect it.

Looks like she's worn her cute little self out!

Great kitchen! I know lots of little girls who got those this Christmas. ;-)

That outfit is too cute for words and I love the kitchen.

From reading the comments so far, Mia and I are not the only ones who felt like crashing on the kitchen floor at the end of the day.

I took most of yesterday off and my house looks it.

Yes...I would be faint from excitement (just as Mia is) if I had receieved such a kitchen. You guys--er--Santa did a good job!

Great pics! Thanks for sharing with your readers.

Bless yours and Mia's hearts. I hope you're 100% soon. Get some rest!

Great kitchen, by the way. Good job Santa!

i love that last picture. she's like, 'mom, all this cooking stuff is HARD. you take over.'

Cute pictures. And it just shows that Christmas can be absolutely exhausting.

Happy New Year!

I can't get over the retro feel of the kitchen. The colors are fantastic!

Love her new kitchen! The chef hat and apron are too precious. And that last picture is golden - I love the one Chris posted of her next to a present, like, "So what?" I hope everyone gets very healthy and can enjoy this week of family togetherness!

Aw! I love play kitchens. Brings back good memories. I love how she's all knocked out at the end there. Play cooking is hard, yo.

Awww, what an adorable little cook you have there. I'd steer clear of the spoon casserole though. Not only is it germy, but I hear it was a little dry.

Oh, Beth, those pictures are just the cutest ever, even though she is not feeling well.

I love the last picture! Absolutely adorable.

It looks like the kitchen set was a hit, even when Mia didn't feel good.

So, did you go with dog #1 or dog #2?

Very cute cook! I managed to get all my sickness done before Christmas too. I'm just grateful mine was a sinus infection and didn't involve puking. Never thought I'd be grateful for a sinus infection.


Where did you get that kitchen? It is too cute!!

That little kitchen set is so cute. I want one for myself.

Cute, cute, cute!!! I'm totally getting a kitchen for Tim ;)

I hope you're feeling better.

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