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Generic Seasonal Greeting Cards are going in the mail today, I swear. If you didn't sign up to get one, well, I'm afraid you missed the boat. Sorry.

Don't worry, these aren't all for you people, I do have family and friends. Well ok, most of them are for you people.

How cute are itsy little baby toes in great big mama shoes?

So cute!

And she can totally walk in those things.

Hey, if you get a chance, head over to Playgroup Dropout today. I'm soliciting suggestions for looking and feeling more like hot, MILF-y mamas and less like slovenly, unwashed, slacker moms. Those of you with penises can leave suggestions too, I suppose, but this is one of those situations where I would suggest being really darned careful how you phrase things.

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Go Mia, she's clearly ready for the big time.

Sorry I missed the card cutoff. December has gotten away from me, somehow.

God, I missed the card cutoff! It must be because it's flipping a frillion degrees out here, and I can't fathom that it's not August.

God, she's a gorgeous girl, Beth.

I hope that Mia Cyber Granny is getting one? Do you still have my addy?

Oh, she looks like she might be dancing. Dancing in the Mama shoes is even harder! Go Mia!

I am going over to the Dropout today because I think my New Years resolution might be to be a MILF. Especially now with two kids. Gotta MILF it up to avoid the frump, you know?

she's got some great poses. Perhaps a performer of some sort in the making, I say.

Mia is awfully cute in your shoes.

You are so far ahead of me -- I bought Christmas cards, and they are all still sitting in their boxes. I wonder if I can send them after Christmas.

Squee! I'm so stoked for my card...and I'm really sending yours any minute now. Just as soon as I'm feeling better. Promise!

Dude, that's a huge stack.

My cards went out today. I was suprisingly early with it.

Shit, I need to finish my christmas cards. Thanks for the reminder Beth.

Mia looks like she's doin a little dance. ;)

Aww...she is just the cutest little girl!

And vogue!

yeah i should send out cards too......

cute shoes!!!

I love the outfit Mia! I wish could wear that all day. It is funny, because when I read your archives, she is a newborn (those are my favorites) and then I look on your current entry and I think "oh my gosh, mia is so big!?" As if she had grown all of a sudden. I can only imagine how you feel. My only nephew is three and we all still call him "the baby".

Ah, damn. I still have to do my cards. Maybe this weekend. Mia walks better in heels than I do!

That is soooooo cute! Next lets see her walking in your heels :)

Great pictures ~ I'm really digging Mia's hairdo! :)

Ok. I went over there but I have the same question that your pal Heather has - only worse. I am still wearing my maternity clothes because all of my prepregnancy clothes that fit seem to be a bit fancy for at-home things.
So, what do I do? I can't afford new post-pregnancy "MILF" clothes because of the whole one-income thing...

The only thing cuter than that would be watching her walk around in your boots.

Man that sucks. I totally meant to email you my address and forgot. Oh well maybe next yeat. Mia is so cute in "her" shoes

OMG, Mia looks like she is boogie-ing down in that picture. Too cute! Hee!

As a not-a-mom-yet person, I have a stupid question to ask: what does MILF stand for?

WooHoo...I'm getting a card, I'm getting a card la la la laaaa (this of course should be kind of sung and done so while shaking your ass a bit) AHAHAHA! Which reminds is supposed to be my 'card getting out day'. Thanks for the remind. And duh....Mia is so cute in the shoes, she's gonna be a shoe girl, right? That's how you are grooming her right? She has to be a shoe girl! :)

Yea! I can't wait till I get my card!

Beth said: I'm soliciting suggestions for looking and feeling more like hot, MILF-y mamas and less like slovenly, unwashed, slacker moms.

Those of us (men) that are married no better than to step into this minefield.

I can't believe you sent out all those cards. I feel like a TOTAL.SLACKER

Oh man, I missed the sign-up! Ah well, next year. Happy Holidays!

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