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Save Christmas

Dear Internet,

I need your help. Chris and I are hosting Christmas Eve dinner for both sets of parents and, because we are just cool like that, we're doing Indian. I desperately need a recipe for a dish called Mutter Mushroom (mushrooms and peas in an onion sauce) and in all my years of searching have never been able to find one. We have a fall-back, but I really want to make Mutter Mushroom and, not to put too much pressure on you guys, but I'm pretty sure my Christmas will be ruined if we don't have it. Surely somewhere, out there, someone has a fabulous recipe that they can send me and save Christmas. Anyone? Anyone?


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don't have it but, you know, YUM.
so send it my way when you get it.


Sorry sweetie don't have it.
We're doing fondue.

i say google it, muttar mushroom recipe. i just did and although it said it was spelt, muttar mushroom, a lot popped up :) may be of use to u :) If not, sorry, never even heard of it :) best of luck :)

Can't say I've made it to know if it's a good recipe....

Try Mushroom Matar when you search.

Or, of course, Matar Mushroom.

I don't know if html will work over here.

Google has lots of entries under mutter mushrooms. This one has peas and lots of spices. Sounds very Indian.

I forgot to "duck". Trying again.

can't help with the food stuff, but just got your card and holy cats is that a cute photo. I feel the cyber love all the way over here in Hawaii.

(Good luck with the Indian recipe!)

- Amusingly, I just mistakenly left this as a comment on someone else's blog by mistake. Damn BlogLines.

considering i've never had indian food... i'm totally not the one to ask. if, however, you need a good recipe for fudge, or cranberry sauce, i'm golden.

Have you tried or This is usually where I run to! I've never made Indian food though, so I can't give you much more than that. Congratulations on your Super Coolness (TM) and good luck with dinner!

I, too, Googled Mutter Mushroom and came up with Mushroom Matar as well. I didn't want to send you links to any of the recipes because I haven't tried them myself and don't know if it would be good or not. I've never had Mutter Mushroom/Mushroom Matar before so I couldn't even make an educated guess at the "goodness" of the recipes I was looking at.

My help isn't that helpful really since I'm just throwing you to the search engines.

I did find this on

I hope in some small way we helped save Christmas.

Beth, I have one but I'm not sure it's the right one. I don't have names for the majority of it. But it's mushroom and peas and paneer in an oniony mint sauce. It's very tasty, but I'm not sure if it's what you're looking for. If o=you think it might be close, let me know and I'll email the recipie. I'd put it in here, but it's long and I've had toomuch wine. ;)

I can give you a recipe for peanut butter and jelly. Otherwise I'm not much help, though i love Indian food.

I have never heard of muttar mushroom, sorry.

I read your request and immediate raced to the Charmaine Solomon dictionary of all asian cooking (Australian author but get hold of her books if you can - she has some great vego ones) - but she didn't have it...

This recipe looks okay - and it is from a website that actually has Indian in the title - can't say how good, but the spices and quantities looks about right based on recipes I have used.

I always loved Palak Panir myself (spinach & cheese), and CS has a good recipe for Mattar Panir (Peas & cheese) if you need those!

I don't have any tried and true recipes for the dish that you want, just some links from google and a recipe from an Indian cookbook I haven't yet tried out. HOWEVER, I just made some fabulous samosas yesterday, and they were so, so good, that I have to share the recipe with you.

Here it is:

Except that I added some onion to the potato/cauliflower mixture upon my mom's suggestion. So, so good. Three cheers for deep fried goodness!

I've got a Mutar Paneer recipe, which has all the ingredients you list above, plus paneer cheese, if that's any good?

I've mailed you a couple of recipes and links. I hope you find them useful. Feel free to email me anytime if you need any more suggestions. Have fun making them!

This one is called Aloo Mutter with Mushrooms and, although it has potatoes, it has no cheese, so I think it might be what you're looking for and sounds just like what I've had before. I haven't used the recipe but I love this dish, with or without the 'shrooms:

Good luck!

Are you going to make paneer palak too?

Can I come over?


I'm a whiz at mac & cheese and ramen noodles, but you're asking too much of me if you expect me to actually know how to cook something from a recipe, let alone OWN a recipe.

I emailed you our recipe from my in-laws (who are real Indian folk and freaking amazing cooks).


Ummm, cannot help, am just a terrible cook, but am curious about the rest of your menu? :-) Is it all Indian? How interesting.

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