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Shopping list

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that picture is worth a thousand words - or a thousand minutes of sleep, whichever you feel the need for most!!

Good to see you like an Aussie drop.

Awesome list. We have a 13 month old that just got shots and is teething.

FYI we mentioned to the Dr that we gave the kid Motrin and he said that he would much rather us use Tylenol because Motrin can cause stomach irritation and can sometimes cause kidney issues. We had no idea, it made me feel like a bad parent.

You know, I always saw Mia as more the pinot noir type, but the shiraz-cab blend is good, too.

I see we've had the same day then?

I was all set to say, "Oh no," when Christian, Mr. Asperger's and Mr. Literally, came over and said, "You mean Mia Bean is the world's most beautiful child?"

"Yes, why yes, she is."


I love that kid.

Aw, poor thing. I'll come over and give you a foot rub if you share the wine! (And, you know, are showered.)

That's my favourite kind of wine. It'll cure anything.

Mmm! Fun for the whole family!

Mia should be good to go now ;)

That was our list Monday. And Tuesday. And Wednesday. And Thursday. Today the only thing on our list is the wine. Hallelujah!

Hope your list drops to just wine by tomorrow.

Hmmm, with that volume of infant drops are you sure you have enough wine for your dosage?

Oh my gawd! Are you... me? I have these spans of time? Where I don't remember things? And I wake up somewhere different? And I was totally writing it off to sleep deprivation, but... Does that happen to you, too?

This is the first time I've visited your blog. Very funny!
You're little girl is a cutie, but I'm sure you already know that! ;-)

Hey Beth! Thanks for running my errands for me!


I've had that week this week.

Oooh, you're making cocktails!

Oooh, I haven't tried the shiraz-cab blend, but I do love the shiraz in the yellow bottle (note to self - buy the blend next time at the store). Well, if the drugs don't work I hope the wine does!

(continued) ... our diaper went to bed clean ... we can only hope for the best ...

And I'm sending the same hope wishes down your way ... I wish you as much sleep as possible ...

I'm a huuuuuuuge fan of the cheap Australian wines. Like Yellow Tail. And Little Penguin.


Well, I see you and Mia are covered... Is your husband on his own?


Looks like a recipe for major teething.

Let me know how that shiraz is. I loved their regular shiraz, but I kind of got sick of it.

that seems about right.

yeah thats my list too. for like the last....2 weeks.

isnt it the best when they vomit to get rid of the phelgm? On your newly washed pants?

Ha. I've never seen Yellow Tail for sale in Australia under that name...

oh Beth, yellowtail? Sorry, I'm a wine snob. That's what happens when your father has a winecellar. Next time we get together, I'll bring you some wine, just tell me what you like.

And sorry Mia is sick.

I hope this week is a better one for you!

let me guess - tylenol and ibuprofen for you and the wine for mia?

I've been there. Nice wine choice. :)

We love the Yellow Tail Shiraz. Yummy stuff and very affordable.

that yellow tail it sweet at all? or could you recommend a grocery store wine that is maybe sweet? i am a beginner wine-o! :) lol i always see that yellow tail kind but never know if i'll like it or not. i'm not too big on dry wine...yet. i hear my tastes will probably change over time.

Today I went to Costco and I bought 10 bottles of wine and two bottles of Children's Tylenol.

Now quit sneaking into my house and taking pictures!

Now quit sneaking into my house and taking pictures!

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