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Under the bridge

I love trolls, I really do. They make me feel better about myself. No matter what my own faults and failings, no matter what may be going on in my life, at least I am not so bored or miserable or insecure that I need to scour the internet searching for people to whom to be rude. I'm kept quite busy just being rude to the people I encounter in day to day life.

As a quick word to the wise, I felt I should mention that every time you leave a comment on this site your IP address is logged. In fact, every time you visit this site your IP address is logged. Therefore, if you feel it is necessary to leave me a string of comments, there is no need to trouble yourself thinking up different fake names and email addresses as it is quite a simple matter for me to say "oh yes, there's Belleville again."

On a tangentially related note, I have this tiny little cut on my finger and it hurts far more than such a small thing should and I suppose I watch too many medical shows as I have decided that it is infested with flesh-eating bacteria and actually spent several minutes of my day pondering how much of my finger they would need to amputate and bemoaning the fact that it was my right hand rather than my left, with which I would be more willing to part (although still awfully damned reluctant, you understand). And that was a run-on sentence, boy howdy was it, but I am far too enamored with myself to go back and put in some badly-needed periods. Deal with it.

And finally, thanks to all of you who hooked me up with some myspace love. I've taken down the relevant post because it was stupid and annoyed me, and I still can't stand myspace with all the flashing crap and the poor design and the 16 year olds trying to put their sad little moves on me, and like hell I need another thing to keep up with online, but you are all kind and lovely and I truly appreciate you for saving me from the sad, sad fate of total myspace loserdom. If anyone missed the stupid post and wants to make me your myspace makeout buddy, you can find my boring, never-to-be-update profile here. And thank you again from the absolute heart of my bottom.

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I hate myspace too. I hate that it exists.

Sounds like you're having a bad day and I'm sorry.

I gotta tell you, though. The last time my dad was in the hospital he got a minor version of that flesh-eating bacteria, and if you had it in your cut you'd know it. You wouldn't need to do an internet search to find out. So, I'm pretty sure you're fine on that count.

Feel better.

In all seriousness, I read this post through Google Reader, and thought I had mis-clicked and gotten Rockstar Mommy instead. I'm not kidding (you two are sequential alphabetically, at least in my list). I never thought you had a problem with trolls like that. Your readers all seem to be pretty decent.

Trolls crack me up, too. I love that they always use a fake name over and over again, just as you said, when, uh, the same IP address appears. It's hilarious! And also, stupid.

That being said, I can't imagine who would troll you, as you are lovely and honest. Schmucks.

A little cut on the end of the first finger on my right hand topped off my rotten day yesterday. I dropped a flat panel monitor, bumped my head on my server rack, someone made coffee and got grounds in the coffee because they did not put the filter in correctly, and then the ultimate, I got a paper cut on a file folder. aargh! See why Mia duty is much more fun! :-) most days

i can't say i've never experienced the joy of trolls, just lots of spam comments for penis enlargements or viagra.

Trolls = lame. They make me doubt the inherent goodness of the human race.

I've heard Facebook is a big improvement over Myspace. I haven't checked either site out much, so I don't know for sure. What I heard was that Facebook was more for the college-educated demographic, whereas Myspace was more for the high school kids.

Now I'm bummed that I missed the troll comments. So funny how they don't realize that stat counters exist. ;)
Sorry about your cut. If it makes you feel any better I did something stupid with my woodstove this morning and filled my house up with smoke. Now I'm at work and I smell like I've been camping for a week. Ugh.

I love how with that one sentence "every time you visit this site your IP address is logged" most likely made those trolls first panic and second feel really, really dumb. Keep on entertaining us with your fine delights us and annoys the trolls!

Hi Beth,

Don't let the trolls bother you. Some people have way too much time on their hands. I would put you on my friend list on MySpace, but I can't remember my user name or anything. How pitiful is that? My Space scares me a little because I realize how freaking OLD I am now!

You sound like a great person, and I would be proud to have you as in a playgroup in the "real" world. I've managed to avoid playgroups like the plague. You make me laugh, and I enjoy reading about your adventures with Mia. Compared to Mia, my 20 month old is sadly neglected, but I use having an 11 yr old and a 7 yr old as my excuse. Does that work?

My antidote for a cut on the finger? Forget that you have it and cut a lemon. I'm pretty sure that my finger voluntarily dropped off which fixed that problem :-)

I don't do my space either. I hardly have time to breathe :)

I sort of hate myspace, too. However, if you use Firefox and Greasemonkey, you can install a script that will hide all of that flashing sparkly profile decor shit from you. THANK GOD.

I really dislike networking sites. I think it all can be traced back to high school, of course. I resisted myspace for ages until my sister created an account. Can't comment or view photos without an account so I had to finally give in. I decided then though that I would only have as friends people I've actually, you know, met. So, yeah, I look like a big huge myspace loser because very few of my real life friends want to bother with my space. Meanwhile my sister has tons of friends and comments. Not that I'm counting or letting that bother me at all.


Come on! What's the scoop with the troll?? Aside from being a major dweeb, of course.

I once sliced off the tip of my thumb (we're talking the very very tip here), and managed to save it and reconstruct my digit with the use of neosporin and butterfly stitches. Now, you'd never be able to tell! Let me know if you really think you might want to save your finger from the flesh eating bacteria, I'm sure I have something in my kitchen that would cure it!

Your post stayed on bloglines for a while but was deleted here. I will be glad to add you (or you can add me) if I can figure out how.

I joined because another blogging friend said the same thing you did. MySpace just sits there. My older son does far more with his.

I've had only one troll so far on granny; quite a few more on the political blog which is understandable. We push everyone's buttons over there.

Lately there seems to be an epidemic of them. Ugly and hateful they are and I'm sorry they've singled you out. I can't imagine why.

Oh - this is getting too long but I read about a virus that causes people to feel like bugs are crawling on them and stuff like cotton lint pops out on their skin. Some doctors maintain it's imagination; some say it's real.

Not the d.t.'s.

Now you have something to fret about over the weekend.

Since I get so few comments on Princess, I can only wish for a troll. Thnat is, if it is a nice one! ;~)
TGIF, Beth! Hugs to Mia!!!

Ahh the trolls! The internet thugs who seem to think they can drag other's down to their level of misery, only they don't realize that level is impossible for anyone other than another troll.

I don't do My Space, but I do miss my blog a little. Although, it is much easier to just comment, than it is to come up with an entire post every day! lol

Plus, I wasn't exactly thrilled to find my child's picture on the blog of a total STRANGER.

I do hope you have a wonderful day and that your finger stops hurting! Try some neosporin. It has an analgesic that will take the pain away, plus it might rid you of worry of flesh eating bacteria at the same time. =]

I hated MySpace, too, until I moved to Canada and found that is was, at least for me, a fabulous way to keep up with my little circle of over-aged MySpace nerds. And so I use it. In fact, I sent you a friend invite! Woo Hoo! Like we need to be e-friends again or something. Between Flickr and the blogs, I think you made need to take a restraining order out on me soon.

Hot stalkers are still stalkers, you know.

Anyway, I don't have enough ridiculously good looking "friends", so go click accept. It would make my day!

Great. Now I am all freaked out about my paper cut. Thanks a lot. I hope you are happy.

put some alcohol, neosporin, and a band aid on it and have Mia kiss it to make it all better.

i have a myspace page...and NEVER use it. seriously, i have, like 3 friends, and i think one of them is the site administrator. sad.

and now someone was telling me that i needed to get a facebook i need another headache.

trolls are seriously sad. what the hell?

You and Chris both had trolls in one week. Shit, did you win an award or something? The troll tard award maybe? I heard that one kinda sucks.

Sorry to hear about the know I hear there's a finger store where you can go and buy new ones....but I've never managed to find it.

GIRL! I totally feel you on the myspace thing. It's aggravating as all hell and I only keep it because it's the main way that I keep in touch with a handful of valuable friends. I, too, never update it. I also can't figure out how to make it look better. I hve friends who have these attractive sites and mine is the crappy basic style that really just looks like a bunch of junk mail thrown on the floor.

The pic of you and Mia on your page is really sweet, though. :)

Duck! I had a Dr appointment this morning and totally missed it. That'll teach me not to read first thing n the morning...

Aww I hate trolls, i'm sorry!

I am a-skeered of trolls, which is why I usually keep a low profile on the internet and lurk more than comment. Sorry you had to deal with one on your site.

Also, you probably know this, but there's a tiny little bug on your comment form. When you hit "preview" and then try to post, the spambot-protecting box doesn't show up, and thus you can't comment on your first try. But then the error message comes up, the duck box is there, and all is well. So not a big deal, but just thought I'd let you know.

Hey, I just sent you a friend request on myspace. I've been lurking for a while but rarely post a comment or anything--internet is for reading entertainment, not talking :P

I love your Mommy-and-Mia picture :)

Damn! All that time coming up with fake names and email addresses wasted! (throws hands up in the air)

The Internet is getting to be a nasty, nasty place.

I have a love/hate relationship with MySpace. Much like text messaging.

I added ya. hee!

We were talking about anaerobic bacteria in class today and at the very end, one of the kids came up white as a sheet convinced the pocket knife he had cut himself with a week ago had given him tetanus and he was doomed. I told him if he had tetanus he'd already be dead. That seemed to cheer him up. :) Teething time at your house too, huh? RIght now we're favoring the motrin b/c she stays asleep for a longer stretch with it...

I'm a total lurker, but I added you on Myspace. Just wanted to give you a heads up so that you didn't think I was some random person on there :)

Trolls are just really pathetic non-humans who are so unsatisfied with their lives that they have to personally belittle others to make themselves feel better. Trolls = Sad + Pathetic + Impotent......

Hope you feel better. Mia is looking SOOOO cute!!!!! I just wanna pinch her cheeks! Though i wouldn't cos i had it done to me when i was a kid and i absolutely hated it. hee hee!

Wait, so did the same troll sign you up for the myspace account? I have to hand it to them...they win the award for the most idiotic waste of time, period. Way to be creative with the hate. I don't understand why anyone would want to tangle with you, my dear Beth, as I would mightily afraid of pissing you off. :)

Okay, wait, I get it - the troll didn't do the myspace thingy. I'm sorry, I haven't been awake for very long.

OH crap, hate those tiny little cuts that cause way more pain then they should! Why is that?
As for trolls... ha ha.... think it is so funny... they think they are all clever leaving nasty comments and all you have to do is look up the IP!!! hee hee...
In your face you troll person.....
Take your antidepressent... perhaps today you need two! hmpf!

Ah man, I missed a chance to have a cool Myspace friend? Rats.

Ah well, maybe I'll try and add you, just in case you stop back by again (someday). Admittedly, I don't do much there either, but still feel even worse that I have a grand total of 3 contacts.

Trolls are a way of life unfortunately. They get some sort of sick, twisted pleasure out of dreaming of their superiority (which is of course seen right through based on their stupidity). Definitely not worth worrying about though. As they say, don't feed 'em and they'll go away.

Did you and Chris have the same troll, or were they all just coming out from under their bridges last week?

I don't use MySpace to do anything but track down old friends; it's pretty good for that. Otherwise, I totally agree with you about the flashing crap.

Dear Beth, Trolls are a badge of honour. They show you are insanely popular and they also almost invariably allow you to pat yourself on the back for the correct use of the exclamation mark. Happy Christmas to you and your wonderful family. Anne

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