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An example of when consulting the internet is not beneficial

Hey, any of you guys seen my iPod?

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it's over there *points* ... :)

Mia threw it out. Oh no, that was Michael, he threw his shoes in the trash.

Mia threw it out. Oh no, that was Michael, he threw his shoes in the trash.

Sorry for the double posts, computer issues.

didn't you put it over there the other day??-->

No, I don't think it was over there. Maybe over that way?

It does have it's faults. Hope you find it soon.

check your car. when mine's missing...that's ALWAYS where it is!

Probably in the place that you think is just out of Mia's reach.

Maybe you left it at the gym?

Dave and I were just talking tonight about how things are always in the last place you looked...

Perhaps between all the books Miss Mia likes to play with?


Like what I do,last place to check, it being actually plugged in and being charged....

You gave it to me last week. Don't you remember?

I think I saw it at the mall.

Its in the purse you used over the weekend. Hey, tangent coming, I found 20 bucks in a purse that I haven't used since last year. Woo hoo GAS MONEY!. By the way, I missed last weeks post about our jobs. I am a adoption specialist for a non-profit agency. We do adoptions for kids that are state wards. Some days its the best job in the world with the worst pay and other days its just a job with crappy pay.

of course i saw your ipod. it's on the kitchen counter next to your car keys.

Call information. Or ask the toddler.

I borrowed it. Got tired of my own music.

you can have it back next wednesday.


I put it in your underwear drawer next to the thong your inlaws gave you. I left it on "She's A Brick House," ... it seemed fitting.


Has your toilet overflowed yet?

its under the couch next to the lost remote for the TV

Have you checked the flour bin?

guess you should have taught mia to sign IPOD!

The diaper pail.

Oh...I let Hotty Pediatrician borrow it so you would have an excuse to go over there. Was that not okay?

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