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Am busy. Tell you why tomorrow. In the meantime, how do you like my new comforter?

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Isn't that Chris's nightstand also pictured? It's becoming quite famous.

I love it! It has the Dawnie Stamp of Approval.

... are those bleach spots on it? I'm so confused!

Hmm... you are "busy" and you feature a picture of your bed under the guise of showing off your new comforter. Maybe my brain is always in the gutter, but are you busy making a new baby?

Busy shopping for new comforters. It looks nice. Are those leaves or random shapes?

I Like it very much... where'd you get it??

Very pretty. I like it a lot except that now I am distracted from work with an overwhelming desire to lie down in bed...

Very pretty!

busy... new bed... i have no idea...

Well, considering the bed is made, I'd say you are not busy getting busy.

Or maybe you are. You are sneaky like that. you showing us where you're getting busy? Then you tell us why tomorrow?

Post Title: Busy
Content: huge picture of a bed

what else are we to think?

have a nice time!

btw the comforter is purty.

So are we supposed to guess what crawled under to create the lump?
Or did you make it while Mia was hiding? :-)

I like it very much. And that is so my bed! Hooray for Ikea.

alright, i give.
what's under it?
is it a small child?
a toaster?
perhaps dead body?
killed with a toaster?

I'd like it better with Mia on it, but it's pretty nice I guess.

I like it-- is it as soft as it looks?

Love the color-- makes me feel like Spring.

It's lovely. And it reminds me that I need a nap. Now.

Can't tell what the pattern is from that photo, sorry! I'm curious. I like the colour! Hmmm...I'm curious too as to what you are up to.......

Is that from Crate and Barrel? I just saw that in the catalog this weekend and I thought to myself, "I must have it!" You beat me to it! :(

I may buy the matching shower stuff, though I worry that may be too matchy-matchy.

Looks very comfy, very cute. Tell me how you liked sleeping in it.

Shouldn't there be a toddler rolling around it with glee, wiping her snotty nose all over it?

Oh wait. That's mine.


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