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Click and pucker

So, I'm doing this thing over at my other place and launching it today, and if you would be so inclined as to go on over there and check it out I would greatly appreciate it. I mean, you don't have to, if it's too much trouble, or whatever. And you don't have to do the thing or even really read the whole post, which is sort of long. I mean, you can, if you want to, but I would understand if you had something more important to do, like clean out under your fingernails, maybe. But I would appreciate if you would click on over. In fact, as a special, today-only offer, everyone who clicks over wins a super-duper make-out session with yours truly. So go ahead and click, and then pucker up.

Oh, this is what I have been busy with. I have not been busy with getting busy in my bed, as so many of you suggested after the picture I posted yesterday. Well, I mean, I have been busy getting busy in my bed too, but that's not something I would ever blog about.

Oh. Um, oops.

Also, no, I'm not pregnant. And in fact, if I were pregnant I think I would not tell you guys until I went into labor, just for laughs. And the lump under the new comforter is the bedrail, because I tend to fall out of bed. Oh no, I mean Mia. Mia tends to fall out of bed.

Nevermind. Just click and pucker, click and pucker.

(Also, I've known this for a week and a half and now you know too. Go congratulate, ok? Double make-outs if you do.)

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When are you scheduling the make-out sessions?

No fair! I already signed up without clicking over. I should so get the bonus make-out session anyway!

I have a confession. I have a hard time commenting here because of my near-overwhelming compulsion to type "Duck duck goose" into the box. Thats totally normal, right?

I went to your other site first (alphabetical) and signed up.

So wait. If I went over there first but failed to comment due to an incident with the dog, an apple, a toddler and a fork, do I still get to make out with you? I mean, I didn't click through from HERE, see. And I'm wondering if that was part of the make out deal. I guess I could click now and try to comment again and hope for no further incidents.

And what about "Causes for Kids"? "Beth's Bitches for Social Change"? Or just "Beth's Bitches"? Then we could branch out and do other stuff too! Like, you know, make out.

Do I get a bonus make-out session for volunteering before I knew there was a make-out giveaway involved?

Wow! You're going to be doing a lot of making out!!

Everyone's wondering when I'm getting pregnant again, too. Mia and the monkey are just at that age, I guess....Mind you, all the monkey's friends' mothers are getting pregnant again....

Cool idea... (clicked on the link, read your other blog.)

Hi... I'm delurking...

Cool idea... (clicked on the link, read your other blog.)

Hi... I'm delurking...

"Well, I mean, I have been busy getting busy in my bed too, but that's not something I would ever blog about."

Did you just admit you have sex? On your blog? I mean really, you are married and have a child...the internet had no idea you were having sex also.

So, I've been reading Chris' blog this long. I think it's time I start reading yours too. :)

Will post your THING on mine today and will blog roll you while I'm at it.

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