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Massive zit on nose. Seriously, so big that I occasionally catch sight of it while walking innocently along minding my own business and nearly fall over from the shock of the thing. Appointment with Hotty Pediatrician on Friday Hotty Pediatrician will be recently returned from fun in the sun vacation and therefore morphed into Hotty Tanned Pediatrician. TELL ME HOW TO FIX THIS!

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There will be no McZits, nobody panic!

If you have toothpaste, not gel also nothing with whiteners, cover the zit with toothpaste and a band aid overnight and not only will it shrink in size the redness will disappear. Another method, wet bandage to bring the beast to a head; moisten the band aid and cover over night.

Good luck!

Ok, two products that I suggest. Origins Clay Mask and Kiehl's "spot" treatment that has magic in it. Seriously. It really works well. And here's a total secret, and if you rat me out on this I will deny, deny, deny...if you get that dead skin ickiness as the pimple dries up, scotch tape lifts it right off.

I had a lot of spots in high school. Slowly but surely they went away, and then when I got pregnant I developed the skin I always wanted. Glowing. Beautiful. This is reason enough to have 7 children. Maybe more. So gorgeous.

Good luck!

Neutragena RapidClear Acne Eliminating Spot Gel ... the stuff works wonders ... for me at least, pimples are gone overnight ...

PS - I pretty sure they were there before the 3-column revolution ... but now when viewing a single post by itself with the comments, there is no posting date. Especially in a post like this, where time is a critical factor in knowing how to respond, posting dates are important ... -grin-

Visine takes the red out. No, seriously, it does.

Target's makeup brand, sonia kashuk, makes a concealer palette. A green concealer to take out the red, and different concealer colors.

LOO-HOOO-SER!!! ;) It'll be just a red dot by Friday -- easy to cover up (not with a coverup stick -- ew!-- but with an all over foundation-powder from Mac (I use pureandsimple, but I don't think they have that in the states).

How fast can you grow your bangs out?

Solid white toothpaste. Put a dab of it on the zit before you go to bed. It does the trick for me.

Don't fix it! Wear it with pride! Confidence trumps a pimple every day of the week.

The most awful ones are those you don't even need a mirror to see. The ones that you catch sight of when you glance downward.

You could always enhance the bump, put on a witch costume and tell him you are on your way to a party. Then see if he wants to come along.

If you put toothpaste on a zit, it dries out very quickly.

Maybe a fetching veil?

I've used tea tree oil (get at any pharmacy or health/drug food store) for a long time. It will kill any bacteria and dry it up quickly! Don't put this all over your face...just in the spots that really need it - like this guy.

Also, if it is a big & red & swollen, you can put some hemorroid cream on it at night as well. That will shrink the puffy redness.


Wear those jeans with the holes in the ass cheeks and do lots of bending over. Your smokin' ass will distract him from the crater on your face!! ;)

Any 1-2% hydrocortisone cream. I use the Aveeno brand.

I have to go with the toothpaste method too. Just put it on now and keep reapplying as needed!

Yep- I am going to have to go with the toothpaste thing too... and/or Vitamin E (it always seems to work well for me for some reason)

Just hold Mia up in front of your nose. But visine does work as well for the redness temporarily.

Doesn't anyone use zit cream anymore? Clean & Clear's Persa-Gel 10 will dry 'em up overnight, but might take two or three applications to shrink a big bump that hasn't come to a head yet.
Will also bleach fabrics so beware!

hot compresses to bring it to a head, pop the sucker, apply some good ol' fashion zit cream that the teeny bobbers use (clearasil or like brand) and follow up with concealer and foundation.

do nothing to the zit! it's a test for the Hotty Ped...if he truly loves you and fantasizes about doing unspeakable things to you, he won't care. plus he'll be looking at your ass, not your nose. :)

DO NOT POP THAT THING. Good grief. It's the worst thing you can do, because you'll end up with more of a wound on your face and less of a pimple, and you don't want infection. Popping also leads to scarring.

Visine helps, not touching it AT ALL can help, ibuprofen can help with tenderness and swelling, and you can also apply ice to it gently to get rid of swelling. I've had horrible luck with toothpaste, but good luck with overnight acne treatment gels.

Or you could just let him see that you are a human being and you get pimples from time to time. No shame in that.

The toothpaste thing works for me! I use it once a week. It's a keeper!

Also, if it's still read, put a little visene on it. It really gets the red out! :)

Or you could just let him see that you're a human and sometimes you get pimples. No shame in that.

Beth, this morning I cut my bangs JUST SO THEY'D COVER THE GIANT ZIT ON MY FOREHEAD that my daughter saw this morning and shrieked" Mommy! What happened to you! Are you okay?!? My zit scared a small child. OH MY GOD! MY ZIT IS BIG ENOUGH TO SCARE A CHILD. I'll go into hiding with you if you want.

I've read that honey under the band-aid does the same as people are describing with toothpaste. Good luck. Don't let him know that it bothers you.

Those all sound like good suggestions, however, I thought toothpaste was for hickies. know...not that I have personal experience in these matters.

If its really inflamed, I'd put a cold compress on it for a bit and work up to ice. Use motrin for pain and swelling too. Then as other's have suggested, grab the white toothpaste. Re-apply if it rubs off. Definitely put some on before bed.

Yep, I've had to nurse a nasty zit or two. Luckily they don't happen to often.

This was me on Monday, except the zit was next to my nose and looked for all the world like I was growing another nose because it was so large. Why, oh why, do we get zits in our 30s??

Yeah, toothpaste for sure. Slather it on before bedtime. Do not let Mia lick it off.

This usually makes my massive one's disappear overnight. Take a piece of ice and freeze the zit until you can't stand it any more. Do this several times. Then let your face rest, do it again! Finally wash your face, moisturize, and I swear, by the next will be gone. Or so small you can cover it up.

Low-cut neckline. It IS for the hotty, after all.

btw, did I miss something, or is no more?

I use a little bit of Mint Julep Mask (can be found at any drug store) on a zit every morning. It shrinks it down, dries it out and reduces redness.

I'll refrain from giving advice, as I pop the hell out of every zit I see on my face. Sounds like you got a lot of good advice already. Oh, there's always concealer.

Groucho Marx eyebrow/glasses/nose thingy worn ironically, tres fetching

How to fix this????

Cancel the appointment... Mia will understand when she's a mother herself with a hot tanned pediatrician...

If the zit is gargantuan in proportion, I say to forgo all treatment and let mother nature do her work. In the meantime, blow out your hair, put on a cute outfit (with cute shoes!) and hold your head high on the way to the appointment. Everyone from the front desk attendant to the hotty pediatrician will notice that you're a well put together woman who happens to be human and gets a zit from time to time. As an added benefit, your laissez faire attitude just might have that pimple healed by morning.
Side note: we need a pic. Please, post a pic. Inspiration is needed.

Well, I'd probably try to take it on. I'd hold a hot wet face cloth to it for a bit to get the icky stuff to the surface (heat draws it up) and then drain it. Then some rubbing alcohol to defeat any germs. Then hope really hard that it won't come back.

Good luck.

Put on a clown nose and say that you were at a kid's party last night and there was a 'superglue accident', hence, the big red non-embarrassing schnozz.
It's worked for me and my friends on several occasions

Desitin on the spot works. Dab a bit on before you go to bed. It heals a pimple as fast as it heals diaper rash. (Make sure you actually use Desitin, because it has a higher zinc oxide content than, say, Balmex.)

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