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Help, I'm geeking out over here

I learned a couple of important lessons this weekend. First, when the toddler sleeps until 7:15 on Saturday, you should insist on being the one to get up with her while your loving spouse sleeps in. Otherwise, when the toddler decides it is time for breakfast at 5:15 on Sunday, it will be your turn to get up.

I also learned that when you finally convince your husband to let you migrate his blog to the fabulous new server and upgraded publishing software where you have already moved your four other websites you should not make a stupid mistake that screws up his DNS and takes his site down for 12 hours. But, if you are going to do that, you should totally do it after he goes to bed and then get up with the toddler at 5:15 the next morning so that you can have it fixed before he wakes up and he will never be the wiser.

Not that that happened to me, and not that I spent two frantic hours clearing the DNS cache on every computer in the house until they were all picking up the site. No, absolutely not. It was an entirely smooth process with absolutely no wife-caused downtime.

Also hey, thanks to Brad who complained and also sent me a template, those of you who read this site at work and think the purpleness and the fishiness give you away, you can find a boring work-safe version here.

Also also, I ditched the comment pop-up window because it annoyed me and I also moved the comment box to the top instead of the bottom, so scroll down if you want to read. Or don't. Also, I made it so you can tab from the comment box to the Post button instead of having to click, because I love you. Which dude, I just realized it was Brad who told me how to do that tab thing too. Brad is now officially my html guru. Here he is holding a baby. Married, sorry. (Hey, Brad, wanna fix my cron job for me?)

That's enough dork talk. I would like you all to know that I am the proud owner of a video of Chris entertaining Mia by dancing around her room in socks, boxers, and a fleece pulled over his head. What will you give me for it?

Comments (24)

I'll gve you as much chocolate mousse as you want.

Then, I'll give you a bottle of magic pills that eat all the calories for you.

Wow, I as first! And second!

Oh, that work version is soooo bland. VERY nice! Sneaky too. I like it...ought to keep the damn reference librarian off my back!
Hmmm, video of your husband in boxers and socks might just be priceless...I'm not gonna offer anything so as not to be Can't wait to see what everyone else offers up though!

I will offer you a never-ending tube of chapstick... to be applied by the hotty bank teller.

I will offer you a cranky baby! Sorry, that's all I've got to offer over here.

Clive Owen in a box? With whip cream on top?

Seriously, that video sounds awesome. Chris won't mind. I asked him. He said go for it.

Don't tell me you know cron too. You really know how to make a guy swoon! Chris is going to get all jealous and start taking unix classes.

I need help from dorks... I want to try and upgrade my defunct but might go back live blog and also... figure out how to make it pretty.
I am in awe of you :)

You JUST learned the "Oh wow, I am so up with the baby this morning honey, you just stay in bed" 'cause it's 7:15 a.m. SUCKER!!!

Proudly, I learned that one early on.

Video? Oh man... that must be priceless.

Good job on not losing your husband's site. Could you do me a huge favor? Make his site work with comments when you hit tab. I've been silently suffering for years, but since YOU brought it up... pretty please?

checking in to remind you how much I hate preview-only rss. Guess I'll have to make these things a 1:1 ratio with your posts until I get my way.

Oh I wanna be a computer dork just like you!

beth... what plug-in do you use to add the "duck" text box? I'd like to cut down on the spam comments I'm getting.

Whoosh! You are talking over my head today with all of the technical jargon. As for the video of Chris, very interesting!

I looove the tab thing. In fact, I almost suggested you change it the other day but I didn't want to be annoying especially since I didn't know how to "fix" it, so I'd be one of those people who complained with no useful solution, and those people suck. But yeah, if you could do it on Chris' site too, I would probably squeal with glee.
You sound so smart today, and it's marvelous, and I totally want to see that video, because Chris hasn't made me laugh enough for one day, you know, with all the penis talk.

I can't believe you said cron job. A terrible word imho. I come here to ESCAPE that crap, don't say it again!

I kind of liked the comment pop-up window. I must be weird.
I had to hold ctrl while I clicked the new comment link because it didn't want to load right for some reason.

Oh my goodness I'm so in love with the new fake work version. AWESOMENESS!

I have no idea what you said in your post about what you did with the comments. But whatever, they still work, so it's all good.

"fake work edition" Hee.

Loving the comments changes. I wish I could have my own domain and know so much about html things that I could make my own purple blog. But I don't and I don't. I will live vicariously through you.

What I do have are cute kids. The teenie one called her dad a "fucker" the other day and I'm pretty sure she didn't know what she was really saying since I don't use that word and she's only 21 months. Less than two years old with the mouth of a sailor. Good.

I will give you a pass on the geek-tasticness of this post if you present said video. Bonus pardon if it captures Miss Amelia's response.

Ahhh... like the pictures of a little toddler in a sambrero don't 'give it away' Hee hee hee.


I have a photo of my husband with his sweatpants pulled up to his armpits that I oh-so-lovingly snapped (for future blackmail purposes) one day while he was trying to make me laugh. Even trade?

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