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Mia Monday #51: Happy New Year Edition

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Those pictures are so nice, it looks like you guys are back to feeling like healthy humans, instead of crazy sick :) I hope thats the case!! Happy new year to you, chris and mia :)

that second picture of her all bundled up is so precious :)

So cute, and it was so nice here on saturday!

I can't believe how much our neighborhoods look alike. That could literally be the playground in my neighborhood and the backs of the townhouses look exactly the same.

The last one is gorgeous. What a great moment... *happy sigh*

Oooh, I just want to gobble her up she's so delicious! How nice for you to have your happy girl back!!

She looks like such a little lady! And I'm so jealous of your no snow.

She is so lovely. And I just love the last one of you with her. Happy New Year!

Now that's the way to start off the new year. Hope your 2007 is happy and prosperous, oh, and vomit-free. ;-)

YAY for a happy, healthy Mia!

love the chubby feet in the cute mary janes. glad everyone is feeling better! ♥

Glad to see everyone looks like they're at last feeling better. Those are some beautiful photos for it being January 1 on the East Coast!!

Happy new year and best wishes to the Cactus-Fish family for 2007!! :)

Oh, it looks like she's having such a fun time and is healthy again! Happy New Year!

The last picture is perfect. Happy New Year!

OMG! I LOVE the 2nd picture! How cute is she?!! Seems like a good weekend. Happy New Year to you and the family Beth.

Happy New Year, Beth!

Happy New Year!!! Hooray for Mia feeling human again!

So happy you're all cheerful and vomit-free again! Happy New Year!

Wow, great pictures! I like the last one.

winter Mia! love it!

such wonderful photos. The light in the first one and her little foot. And the last one. So sweet, thanks for sharing.

one word... jealous!

She is turning into such a mix of the two of you! She's so GORJ!! :)

Love the pics! She looks so grown up.

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