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Mia Monday #52: Claudia's Coat Edition

Sarah gave Mia a bunch of hand-me-downs. I finally had to hide this coat after she refused to take it off for three days.

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She is way to young for hot flashes but with the 73 degree weather we've been having, the flushed cheeks are so adorable.

More cavities, thanks Fish!

Too cute. I agree the flushed cheeks are precious.

And as an aside, what is it with kids and winter coats? My daughter loves to wear her snowsuit in the house (and we keep it warm enough in there that I wear shorts most of the winter, so it isn't too cold).

Stripey makes a comeback! And she loves to accessorize! She's like, "What coat? No, YOU'RE wearing a coat, not me."

I love the red stripey suit! My mom got Bridget a red striped suit from baby gap around Christmas and although it's not the same, I immediately thought of Mia and how cute she is in hers. My husband says Bridget looks like a convict escaped from jail in the North Pole when she wears it.

Her rosy cheeks are so cute!

great jacket...but oh my gosh why are her cheeks so red?

my stupid comment above.

I just got it.

need. need. need. caffeine

Awwwww those cheeks are too cute. (Pinch)

Killing us with rosy-cheeked cuteness!

That's a pretty fancy coat. Can't really blame her. :)

well, i understand mia's love of the coat - it's adorable.

What is she doing wearing a coat anyway? Chris says it like 70 degrees out there.

(Which, of course, I'm so jealous of!!)

Claudia had the same reaction when we first bought that coat.

Maybe there is something about it that we can't see.

look at those rosy cheeks! *adorable*

Those cheeks are adorable. Looks like she just came in from outside except that it's 70 where you are isn't it?

We have your winter.

When my sister was about 3 or 4, for some reason, she loved wearing my brother's denim jacket. He was a skinny kid so the jacket wasn't huge. However, on her it came down to her ankles and sort of looked like a trenchcoat on her. She looked so cute in it that he finally just gave it to her outright. Not that he had much of a choice, really, she wasn't really in favor of giving it back. :D

Coat? What coat? Oh...that coat. Sorry, I was distracted by the beauty of her angelic face.

Everyone thinks her rosy cheeks are so cute and me I thought she looked feverish with the rosy cheeks. She is certainly precious!

i don't blame her. hand-me-downs are the best!

If I didn't know any better, I'd say she just came inside from playing in the snow. The rosy cheeks are adorable! And the coat is stylin'!


How adorable! That first shot is totally her catwalk pose!

She's like Raggety Ann with those cheeks! Yum!

That's a pretty fabulous jacket, I can't say that I blame her for not taking it off (hot flashes or not!). And the little red striped convict pj's are just way too cute!!

NO WAY she didn't take that coat off. Are you kidding!? That's freaking hilarious!!! Love her rosy cheeks!

Would she throw the notorious tantrum every time you tried to take it off?

It's so shiny! She clearly has good taste.

She does look a little warm in those pictures. But judging from how much she loved the pretty coat, sounds like you have a girly girl on your hands!

Hee. She looks like a rock star striking a pose. An adorable, rosy-cheeked little rock star.

There is nothing better than a little fashion, right?
How's Mommy feeling?

Oooh! I love the coat and the red stripey suit and the rosy delicious cheeks!

It's obvious from teh last picture that she knows she is FLY in that coat. What girl doesn't want a shimmery purple winter coat?

She looks like an absolute rockstar in the first pic, strutting with a partly hung coat...and those cheeks, I could just eat them!

I can practically feel the heat coming off those cheeks from here!

People wearing winter coats inside is one of my biggest pet peeves, but Mia is so gol darn squeezable that I don't think it would bug me. Although I have to admit, I exhaled when I read you finally hid the coat.

wow! Are those cheeks real? Can cheeks be that rosy? I did not know that.
And the coat is a perfect fit too :)

She totally looks like she has Fifth Disease, but I'm comforted to know she's just too hot. Cutie girl.

oh the "Rosy" cheekies... such a cheeky little one :)

in the last photo, it looks like she's saying "daaaaahling!"

I hear ya on this one. It doesn't get any better as they get older, either. My daughters are 8 and 9, and there are a few items of clothing that I have to pry off their bodies so that I can wash them - they wear them to bed if I don't make a big fuss.

Little girls are too much fun, and it is an adorable jacket....and she is an adorable kid.

i'm in love with her rosy little cheeks!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cheeks!!!!
Kids love dress up!

Her rosy cheeks are killing me!

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