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Mia Monday #53: First Anniversary Fiesta Edition

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Ooooh - I'm the first!!! Woo Hoo! Has it really been a year of Mia Mondays?? How cool. I always love looking a pictures of your beautiful daughter. :)

Cinco Da MIa?

Yay for Mia Mondays! And double yay for you hooking Chris up like a tow truck with fewer servers and blogging goodness.:o)


Viva la Mia!


and too bad the rest of the spanish i remember is cuss words and dirty things to say to men......

mia is too adorable! love the hat.

De-Lurk! I figured if there's an occasion to do this, it might as well be a Mia Monday.

Expect more inane comments!

Fiesta! Love the heart pajamas! And see, last night I had Mexican, in pre-emptive celebration of Mia Mondays!

Look at her! She is mucho adorable!

That hat is bigger than she is... LOL!

Well, I see I'm not the only one who saw those photos and thought Ole!

Apparently I am not alone in thinking "OLE!" when I saw those pictures. I have to admit that Mia Mondays are my favorite, too.

look at those teeth!

Baby + sombrero = fantastic.

I see those crayons on the floor and find myself wondering if you have seen the writing on the wall. Have you?

Orale Mia!
Una de mis chiquitas mas faoritas. =)

Hi Beth!
Mia is sooo cute! I always manage to get a smile from my son (18 mos) when we visit your page and see pictures of Mia. Thanks!!!
BTW, Mia can see Brian at flickr/haru_designs
Have a great day!

Fantastico! She seems to love being photographed, which makes the end result so much better.

I love that she loves the camera - more joy for all of us!

I'll take her with a taco salad to go! LOL!


Holy guacamole!

And now I wish I remembered more of my spanish so I could somehow say, "Dios mio, su fila es muy adorable."

Did you know that sombrero is Spanish for hat? Here I was thinking that it was THAT kind of hat that was a sombrero ~ but no...What's her face from the Goodnight Show on Sprout ruined it for me. ARGH!

Very cute Mia Monday pics! Ole! (I couldn't resist!)

a year of Mia mondays...congrats! the fiesta looked very fun. did you get a hat, too?

i think O needs a hat. perhaps he could hide under it? perhaps i could hide under it and have five minutes to myself?

oooh. hat.

what a cutie. really, a doll.

Ole! I love these photos! She looks good enough to wrap in a burrito and eat her! ^_^

Que bonita!! Me encanta el sombrero Mia! :)

Toddlers in sombreros. This should be a recurring feature of your blog!

Great activity! ;) Looks like fun. Definitely adorable! :)

That child is just the right combination of beautiful and adorable.

I love the way the last photo looks like she stretched out her little baby arms and shot it herself! What a smile!

LUV the hat!

She is so frigging cute and she knows it. Priceless!

She just gets cuter and cuter.

Good God, she's getting big! And I can't believe it's possible, but she gets cuter too!

so. many. crayons. on. pale. carpet.

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