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Mia Monday #54: Budding Gymnast Edition

Yes, that is a tube of lip balm. Like mother, like daughter.

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Love the next to the last pic ... stretching is very important during a gymnastics routine!

Ohhh, you'd better be careful. Those gymnastics lessons get expensive!

Where are you? That looks like a blast!

I am dying here, dying from the cuteness of her pigtails combined with that little smile. The GBK now REFUSES to wear pigtails, which breaks my heart into little pieces. And yay gymnastics!

Yes, it is obvious that she is not only a chap-a-holic like you and I, but a budding gymnast too!
Happy Monday Mia!

I love her little "workout" suit. And I LOVE the pigtails. I am going to steal your child!! (Not really, don't call the cops!)

So cute! Maybe she will be "freakishly flexible" like you too. I hear that's pretty much required to be a gymnast.

This may be my favorite Mia Monday yet! What an adorable little person she has become; I can't even choose a favorite shot.

Is that MyGym or something? I've never been to one of those places, mostly bc I'm afraid of them. All that color! All those Soccermoms! All the Hummer's parked out front! Too much for this hippie.

BUT HEY! She looks like she's having a blast, so it can't be all tat scary.

Love the hair! She is so cute.

Daya also has one of those purple pantsuits.

That may be the cutest hairstyle I have ever seen! And Mia sure looks like she's having fun.

Love the pigtails and the little purple sweatsuit. What fun!

She gets cuter by the minute. Brave you, tackling the gym.

i need one of those outfits for myself :)

Those are just too cute! I love that she's got the correct "going to the gym" gear on, too!

So very very sweet! I can't wait to do pigtails - once my baby girl gets here...I wouldn't do that to baby boy. :) Well ~ I was tempted once, but it didn't last long.

Where is that? It looks so cute and fun. I was a gymnastics teacher for the beginning of college and just taught camps and cheer camps after that. It was such fun though, I loved the little ones.

As Thai people call it, Mia has such a cute Fountain hair! :) And I see you guys too are fan of Uncle Burt. His bees are the best!

BTW - What brought on the "Can you say mullet"? over on Chris' blog. Figured I should ask you directly. Hehee...

Thanks for sharing these adorable pictures of your Budding Gymnast, she is so stinkin' cute!!!

Here is my budding singer:

***giggles***& big smiles..
love, brian (18 mos)

Gosh this post would look great in an RSS reader.

Those pictures remind me of when mine were little, and we went to the gym. In fact there is where I met the Mom's from my son's playgroup and my best friend and whose son is my daughter's future husband...providing he's still as cute and charming as he is now!lol

I think I'm "dating" myself, but she looks like mini Olga Korbut! So cute!

Mags is bugging us every week for dancing school. I would prefer a gymnastics class.

The pigtails are too cute.
That gymnastics place looks amazing!
We do gymnastics too...the bunny LOVES it!

I so love the third one. The pigtails, the tightly clutched lip balm, the little workout suit.. oh so cute!! (Ok, so they're all cute. She's such a beautiful little girl. :))

that little gymnast rocks the mats and lipbalm :)

Hey, those mats can chafe. A girl needs her some balm. Love the pigtails.

The third one is absolutely adorable!!! You should replace the "WORLD'S MOST BEAUTIFUL CHILD" photo with this one, she's georgeous! :)

Ack! I can't handle the cute!

Must find a place like this for our Bean - what fun!

Gah! I SO want to skip work tomorrow and do that instead. Lucky duck.


I have to tell you: my friends baby boy is 3 weeks older than the monkey (2 weeks older than Mia). He tried some chapstick, started licking it, and then repeated over and over (in between licks), "I like it! I like it! I like it!" It was the cutest thing!!!

She seems to know her way around a tube of chapstick and the monkey bars. Looks like she'll have a very bright future.

Holy crap, I love how she's just having fun playing with herself (and her chapstick). AWESOME. chance of you becoming a gymnastics mom dropout! :)

Those pigtails are rockin'!

I am growing my hair out (shh) and I am going to put my hair in pigtails just like those.


she's getting so big! how cute :)

That is not lip balm, that is BURT'S BEES. It is the King of LipBalms. The Zeus of LipBalms. The Mia of LipBalms!

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