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Mia Monday(ish) #55: Only her hairdresser knows for sure edition


During (ignore me, pretty please):


She was as good as could be. I had a pile of graham crackers, an Elmo book and Dada's camera for entertainment, but she was happy watching the hair dryers and the man with a hat and helping to comb her hair.

Comments (41)

Oh I'm so glad it went well. Look how nice and straight it is in the back but yet there is still plenty of curl. And I love her puffy red coat!

Oh so cute! And what a cooperative girl she was!

YAY, MIA! She looks so cute. And yay Beth for keeping her still, avoiding a nasty first haircut!

what a cutie she is!

Smashing haircut!

GAH! She's so cute. The one of her standing in front of the reception desk is squeezing my heart just a smidge.

luckily for me, Isabella will be about 12 before i have to actually get her a haircut...

mia looks gorgeous. i'm glad she was cooperative for you :)

wow! your 3 column design is great!!!! (extra exclamation points added for your benefit!!!!!)
mia is adorable as always. great job at avoiding the dreaded mullet that sometimes happens with squirmy kids and their first haircut.

Oh the cuteness! Glad Mia took it easy on you and the hairdresser. My sister still can't get my 3 year old niece near the scissors without much screaming.

What a cute haircut! She's so adorable. And seriously, I want her coat. Only in my size because hers would only fit my foot.

Awwww so cute. I haven't had my daughter's hair cut but I doubt that she would be as calm as your little one.

Cute, cute, cute. She gets prettier all the time. :)

She is such a doll. Glad she handled it well! (actually just wrote about haircuts myself last boys think it's some type of forced medieval torture...)

So cute!

what an excellent girl she was!
and her hair cut looks lovely :)

So cute, but I hope she can still have pig-tails!

VERY cute. Baby curls are the best.

But....BARBICIDE?!?!?! WTF?

I'm so glad it went well!

Are you planning to grow her hair out, now that the ends are evened up, or are you going to keep it short?

you are both freakin' adorable.

Adorable! Good job on tidying up those wispy ends! I'm glad she was a trooper! ;-)

She looks adorable. I was keeping my fingers crossed that she'd enjoy it. The hairdresser looks sweet and happy. That can make a big difference.

she looks great!


So precious!

Your baby!!! What a big girl with a beautiful mommy!

OK, you give me hope. I've been trying to decide if I should cut the thin wispy bits of hair at the nape of Anya's neck, since you know, we just LOVE the mullet look. Methinks it could be done, now that I've seen that. Although it's such a wee bit, I'll probably do it myself. While Mark is in DC this week. Closer to you than to us. WAAAAAA!

OK, clearly I should not pick up sharp objects right now.

Awww... absolutely precious! I'm glad she survived her first haircut with flying colors! She is beautiful!

too cute ... so far we've avoided a trip to the salon ... my wife has trimmed her bangs twice (with the assistance of the Sesame Street Gang - and she did a fabulous job, btw) ... we're letting the rest of the hair grow out a bit to see how her curls fill in ... though, coincidently enough, the back of MsMiss' hair looks remarkably similar to Mia's ... mind if I ask what made you decide to make the trip now?

She's such a little doll, as per usual. Love the second to last pic...she totally knows how cute she is ;-)

She looks adorable! So cute and sassy! You were brave to arrange a haircut - I know the GBK's mom just can't do it yet.

OMG! I am melting here! Adorable!

So so cute! She is a hard one to photograph isn't she? The always in motion thing is hard to stop!

She looks so much like you in the picture where she is sitting on your lap. That looked like a lot of fun!

You link to clubmom are not in the right column for me. Actually nothing is over there. Just thought I would let you know.

She looks like a model.

Do you think she would marry Ian? We would have very cute Grandchildren.

I am so jealous of her curls. Maybe she always have a wave in her hair and a sparkle in her eyes. My beautiful grandbaby will be 2 on Friday and has had about 4 haircuts now, but never a curl.

How adorable. She looks so pleased with herself.

BTW, why would I not be able to view the three columns, even if my window is wide open? It is only two columns - one very long first one and your text in the middle. So can you diagnose the problem from where you are, or are you gonna have to Geek Squad it over here so I can view your blog properly? I'll make cookies...

Is "Barbicide" Barber suicide?

The first ever haircut is on our agenda. How did you wait so long? Boo Bear's is in her face all the time and she pulls barrettes and rubber bands right out.

Whew! So glad no one lost a limb!

So very cute. Both of you.

You two are ADORABLE!! I HAVE to get the monkey's hair cut. It's ridiculous already. The hubby won't have it, though!

I'm in awe. I'm still working up the nerve to take MF in for his first official haircut (other than the ones I give him).

I posted my Dozer's first haircut on the el bloggo a couple of weeks ago. I think I died a little that day. *dramatic sigh for effect*

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