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Um, my in-laws gave me lingerie for Christmas. Lacy lingerie. Do you think they're agitating for another grandchild? Also, should I keep it, or exchange it for something that doesn't oog me out as much as lingerie from my in-laws? See, I just can't see wearing the lingerie for sexy time and saying "hey, do I look hot in this thong your mom bought me or what?" See, oog.

(As an aside, last night, Chris walked in from checking the mail, which oops, federal holiday, and said "my wang just popped out in the cold night air for no reason." That's just how things go around here.)

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Regarding the Lingerie...return it. I think Chris would be wigged out as well.

And as far as the wang popping out, There is ALWAYS a reason.

that is just so wrong that they bought you lingerie! ick! i'd return it.

Ever see the "Princess Leia" episode of Friends? Remember the end?

'nuff said.

Sometimes your house really reminds me of mine.

I vote return. The oog factor is just too high.

And after reading your last line, I'm glad to know other people live the same way that we do. Phew.

uh, return it. Thats just....weird.

And does there ever have to be a reason for a wang to pop out? I didnt think so!

What an odd, odd daughter-in-law present. I am personally of the opinion that no one should buy lingerie unless they are going to see it be worn. I say return it. They aren't going to ever say, you know, Beth, we never see you in that lacy thing we bought you... At least, God, I hope not!

i'd exchange or return it. because, ooog.

and, as an aside, it's good to know that people live like us too...

Return it, as Bunny said, they are never going to see you in it anyway.

That is a just a strange gift. I would be wierded out if my own mother gave me lingerie, never mind someone elses.

What is that about anyway?!

Definitely return it. And was the wang incident before or after Chris' car adventures?

Return it, return it, for the love of god return it. That's like the time my father-in-law gave my husband some silky boxers and a silk bathrobe. We burned them in our fireplace during the first fire at our little townhouse. they just HAD TO GO (we couldn't return them because he got them on a trip to China... so i don't know what's worse... that he bought them for Forrest, or that he brought them halfway around the world for him)

I have to say that's an odd present. Think they were vying for another grandchild? Like racey lingerie or like P.J.s?

hmmm...assuming I understand what wang is, you didnt help me out with the wikipedia definition, maybe the girl that lost her vibrator was out and about. Just thinking out loud...

Oh, and yeah...definitely return the lingerie. That is very very Ewwww!

Um, the home should be an "oog-free" zone. Ditch it.

And perhaps Chris should take a class on proper zipper application. 'Cause that's oogy as well.

Sounds like a typical comment that would come out of Mr.JuJu's mouth...
I say keep the lingerie if you look hot in it. Chris is a man right? He won't see past the sexy-factor long enough to worry about how it got on you, as long as it's on (and later-off of) you.

Saw pics on Chris's site, what is up with our girls having all of the same clothes and shoes??? Madeline has the velco shoes from Stride-Rite! Weird. Hopefully you can have another girl to pass those cute clothes along to.

Wait a minute, was that "girl who lost her vibrator" comment about me? People remember this stuff?

you can send the lingerie to me.


my mil gave me underpants (hate the word panties) for christmas years ago. I was mortified. Opened them and found a swanky little box w/ some hot little numbers. Uncles and father in law looked on. mortifying. Return the lingerie if you won't enjoy. Corner mil and ask her what the hell she was thinking. yuck.

Return it if you won't be able to wear it and enjoy feeling sexy without images of your in-laws...but if you know you look hot in it, keep it! Or you can always just use it as a dustrag....

Reminds me of the scene from 16 Candles when Molly Ringwald's grandparents say, "Look [Frank] she's got her boobies," and feel her up.

Even being Mr. McPervy himself, I think that's kind of creepy.

My mom pushed me for grandkids BEFORE I was married. I told her, "Look, if you want grand kids, I'll go down to the local high school and have sex with some Korean or Vietnamese chick and give you a grand child."

Baby discussion soon stopped.

But hey,
1. You almost made it 3 months without talking about your boobs ( or does this post count )

2. Post a pic and your male readers will let you know if you're sexy in your lingerie.

McPervy ( ~Jef )

My grandmother-in-law bought me lingerie a couple years ago for Christmas. It quite disgusted me and since I didn't know where to return it, it still sits in the box it came in. I can't even imagine trying to wear it. Yuck.

Wow. Um. Definitely return the underwear if you're going to think about them while wearing it. I don't think I could perform/she could conceive while thinking about ANYone's parents.

As for the wang popping... I'm more curious if he really called it a wang, than I am about it popping out. Wangs pop out. They're odd little buggers. However, not many people call it a "wang". Geez, now I can't stop saying wang.


Oooooh, yeah, definitely return it.

I would have to say --return it. :)

The "wang" made me laugh...thanks for the info

Keep it if it's pretty. Yes, it's kind of oog, but if it's something you like, just accept it as a "thoughtful" gift. My MIL? would probably buy me ugly lingerie. You know, if that was the sort of thing that MIL's normally buy. My guess is that you won't really be thinking of them when you put it on anyway.

What an odd gift! I'd probably return it too.

As far as the wang, that CRACKED me up. Yall are so funny.

LOL! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who gets inappropriate gifts from the MIL. THREE YEARS IN A ROW I got lacy unmentionables for Christmas. YIKES! I say return them.

I love that you worked the word "wang" into your blog - that word always cracks me up. My brother used to call it a "wickerdilly" when he was little - don't know where he got that from.

I vote to return it!

I think the solution is clear. Chris should wear the lingerie - it was a gift from HIS parents and HIS wang wants to pop out all over the place. Yes, Chris should wear the lingerie.

While we are on the topic of weird lingerie experiences with inlaws, I have a funny story. Just before I got married, my future mother in law pulled me aside and told me that she would gladly share her lingerie collection with me so that I could use it on our honeymoon. She assured me that she would have it dry-cleaned. I declined. Did she not think that it was strange for her son to be turned on by his wife in a piece of lace that his parents had used to get busy in? Creeeeeepeeeeeeee! And it doesn't stop there.... the next year, my brother-in-law was getting married and she did the same thing to his future bride, but this time she had it all displayed. She probably thought I declined because I didn't realize how nice her lingerie really was. *shiver*

That is a VERY STRANGE present from a mother-in-law to a daughter-in-law. I wouldn't be able to look at it without thinking of my mother-in-law, so I would return it. I wouldn't even exchange it for other lingerie, because then when I saw the OTHER lingerie I'd be thinking of it as the lingerie I exchanged the mother-in-law lingerie for. The effects would be THAT far-reaching. What on earth is she thinking? Nothing I'd want her thinking.

Sure we wang. Can. Can wang. (Penny Arcade reference.)

Man, and I thought I got some weird gifts from my mil.

Huh uh huh huh he said "wang".. (sorry, bad BnB impersonation!)

seems the cactus-fish's are in sync today...what with all the wang talk over here and all the nut talk over there...

If you look good in it (and I can't imagne you don't) and you can get past the oog factor by all means keep it. If you can't get past it, by all means return it for something just as slinky and lacey.

Do whatever you want with it, but I'm pretty sure they are after another Grandchild.

Exchange it. High oog factor on that one. And why was Chris exposing himself to the mailbox? Does he have a mail fetish? :-)

In my opinion, here are the only acceptable ways that in-laws should be involved in your lingerie and the purchasing or wearing thereof:

1)Prospective mother-in-law (whom I sure is a LOVELY person) is invited to your bridal lingerie shower wherein EVERYONE is gifting you with panties and the like. From what I understand...this opportunity passed by some time ago.

2) On the occasion of your birthday or Christmas, you ASK them to purchase said lingerie for you. Can't see this happening.

3) You ASK them for a gift card to Victoria's Secret and that, in turn, assists in your purchase of said items which they never get to see...for obvious reasons.

That is all...because I'm afraid I will have to refrain from thinking about/imagining/commenting upon your husband'"wang". It's just not my place.

Return the lingerie. You can't even re-gift it unless you save it for a White Elephant party.

Yeah, return it. Then get something really hot that'll turn Chris on. And yeah, they probably figure they should start hinting now for another grandchild.

Return it. Quickly.

a little bit of throw-up came into my mouth when i thought about how i'd feel if MY in-laws gave me lacy lingerie. i think it must be returned. or exchanged for something innocuous. like socks. or money. money is always good.

Okay, so first I run screaming from your husband's blog because he's all about the nuts and balls today (and I don't mean legumes and sports equipment), and what do I find here? You, talking about thongs and in-laws, two things that, really, should never, ever, never be discussed in the same, well, anything, seriously. Good lord, woman, it's just barely the new year and I'm still very tender. Could you and Chris please hold back on the risque talk for a few more days -- at least?! *shaking head* What are Mia and I going to do with you two?


I'd return it, but we have an "If you don't love it, tell me, and I'll give you the receipt so you can return it" policy on my side of the family at Christmas which I enjoy.

We all figure it's much better to have something you'd use and enjoy rather than something you have absolutely no interest in. Or that's oogy.

This totally reminds me of that scene in the movie Elf, when Will Ferrell's character gives his dad the lingerie b/c the sign next to it said "for that special someone!" Ha!

I'm cracking up laughing over here, but yeah, I'd return it. Or toss it. Definitely wouldn't wear it though.

And I think the main question is - did they give you the present in front of everyone? Did you open it in front of the entire family? Come on now, I'm sensing there's more embarrassment here that you are sharing... spill!

"should I return it"

You are SO old school. All the hot girls nowadays don't even wear lingerie. But, you probably oughtta put it on e-bay or something, just for kicks. Say you saw the virgin mary in the crotch.

Or, something.

I want to live with you guys :)

Yeah, I think you have to take it back. I don't care how close you are to your in-laws, that just ain't right.

Heh, you said "wang"!

That's a pretty funny hint. Funny, but a little yucky.

Because thinking about your in-laws while you're seducing Chris in their lingerie won't be awkward at all, nope...

YUCK. Return it! husband isn't the only one who calls it a "wang" huh? wang is a term heard often around our place. but how exactly did it just "pop out"...was he outside in just his boxers or something? advise him to wear pants. that should help.

If you have the receipt return. If not, throw it in a drawer and forget about it.

I don't know--if it's pretty, I'd say keep it. Can we see a picture of it? (In the box--I'm not a perv!)

His WANG!?!?

Exchange it.... NOW. ;)

Um yeah, oog. Although from reading Chris' blog, his mom sounds cool. She must have had a good reason for it...right?

I think I would be so disturbed if my mil bought me a thong. There are just certain lines that should not be crossed.

At my bridal shower, someone gave me some lingerie. My ultra conservative mom was disgusted and my mother-in-law asked me what it was for. It was a little bit of a confusing situation, however, I don't think it compares to the embarassment of yours. I would seriously consider exchanging it. So do your own parents and everyone else that was there just think your in-laws are a little off their rockers? How did you manage to be gracious? Did you thank them profusely as your face was turning bright red?

It must be fun to have the kind of inlaws who think you don't belong in granny gowns though.

Cool if a little embarrassing.


So you call it a "wang" at your house, huh? We call it a "hog". And I hate that.

You know my MIL bought me a lacy thong once for Xmas. I couldn't believe it either. I went ahead and kept it but what you said about agitating for another grandchild, I may just throw that in her face when she asks me again if I'm getting my tubes tied. I'll just have to tell her "everytime I wear that thong underwear Debbie, I just get magically pregnant!" I'm sure she'd love that.

My stepmother gave me slinky lingerie at a family bridal shower (audience including several elderly relatives) and then announced that MY DAD picked it out. So that nightie went straight into the trash bin.

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