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Sad Day

You know how a couple hours of concerted vomiting can just ruin something for you? Like, the last time I had a stomach bug the last thing I ate before getting sick was chili, and it was years before I could so much as look at a pot of chili again. Well, the last thing I had before getting sick last week was a Gingerbread Soy Latte, and I may never be able to look one of those things in the eye ever again. It is a sad, sad day here in Fishland.

It is also a sad day because Chris has gone back to work and I have spent the last three hours explaining to Mia that Daddy had to go bye-bye in the car but that he will be back this afternoon. She is not at all happy with this explanation and seems to be of the mind that we should get in Mommy's car, find Daddy, and bring him home. I would be in favor of this plan, if not for the fact that somebody has to pay the mortgage around here and it sure as hell isn't going to be me lately. Although, I am the one who physically pays the mortgage every month, so I feel I should get partial credit.

In other news, Mia was up half the night screaming for reasons unknown, and is dead-set against the very idea of a morning nap and is doing her best to make it known that I am the meanest mommy in all the land for plopping her into her crib for 10 minutes. So, off to rescue my offspring I suppose and go play hide and seek for three hours. Which really, I wouldn't want to spend my morning any other way.

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It's time to take down Christmas here at our house and though it would be hard if I had to do it with someone Mia's age, I don't think I'm going to get much help from the lazy teenagers. Help.

I think you should give the latte one more try. For old time's sake.

We're going through much the same withdrawal here, although mine is worse than the kids. Damn that Christmas vacation!

Here's to a smoother transition and giving that latte another go.

Happy New Year and hugs. Glad everyone is feeling better. Maybe the new year is time for a new latte flavor?

aaron had surgery last wednesday. i feel your pain about the lack of sleep. sucks donkey balls.

Oh, sorry the memory of Gingerbread Soy Latte got contaminated for you. Maybe by the time they come back next year, you'll be ready for them again?

There's some kid sadness here today, too, that Daddy had to go back to work, but it's being counteracted by the fact that she gets to go back to school in a couple of hours.

Didn't touch root beer for almost 10 years. No, I am not kidding.

We are going through both Daddy and big sister withdrawal today. A sad, sad day, indeed.

Michael feels the same way after so much Daddy time. He asked me all morning, Daddy coming? Daddy coming? When I dropped him off at daycare it was all, Daddy? Daddy? When Daddy's around, he wants nothing to do w/ me.

I haven't had a gingerbread lattee all season b/c I've sworn off sugar in an effort to lose 10 pounds. Wow, I miss those things.

Please could someone come and pick me up in the car and take me home from work when I go back tomorrow? I've got that awful 'back to school feeling'.

I haven't eaten chocolate eclairs for about 22 years, and since being sick on christmas eve have gone off red wine and nice cheese.

Sorry to hear you're having a rough day. Bleh. Bleh. Am back at work. Bleh bleh bleh.

Poor baby. (and I mean both you and Mia Bean.) The transition back to real life is never easy - I'm not looking forward to going back to work after my 5 day weekend at all. I'm just glad everyone is feeling better. :) Hang in there.

Perhaps you could add a new twist to hide and seek. Make it hide and take a nap together once found. Hey, it could work.

Soon, Mia will understand that Daddy leaves and returns regularly, and that this structure is part of her routine. Eventually she will begin to tell you that he has gone to work and that he'll be home "later" or "soon".

Are the geographic and employment situations for Chris' work conducive to a visit, either for lunch or just a quick hello? I know that helped my daughter on days where she had difficulties processing my absence.

I'm contemplating telling a really gross story about puke that my 8th grade teacher told us. It's so disgusting I still remember it.

You know what? I'll spare you.

I hope Mia sleeps so you can rest, too.

It is, indeed, a sad, sad day. Gosh-dang mortgages.

And then I got a flat tire on my way to the office. Can I say Bah Humbug one last time?

My youngest begged me to stay home this morning, then her brother and sister woke up and she quickly forgot about me. Thursday, when the older 2 go back to school is going to be hard for her (and dad).

I feel that way about Jaegermiester. But that's not the same kind of loss as the latte. I put Sam in his crib, came downstairs to pay the rent, and heard a thud. I walked to the bottom of hte stairs and he was at the top. He looked down at me and said "hi!" I had to hold him and rock him to sleep so he wouldn't escape again. Today's new task? Convert crib to toddler bed.

Hope your hurling sounds don't give away your hiding place!

Winters with toddlers are just... long.

I used to shake up the hide and seek a bit by chasing the kids around the house with my spray bottle and spraying them, after I had sprayed my oven for homemade bread (steams the oven, makes the crust great).

She may be too young to enjoy being sprayed, though, but you could try it on Chris.

It was a hard day for us, missing Daddy on his first day back to work after a wonderful vacation. Jess kept saying that she would share her food, toys, etc. with Daddy when he got back from work. We drove by his work right before lunch and she really wanted to go in for a visit, but we didn't because I was worried that she wouldn't want to leave. Jeff is right, Mia will start to understand and be able to communicate her understanding to you in no time. It does get easier. A little bit.

Oh, I just hate the end of vacations too! Yes, a sad day indeed for the Cactus-Fish Family, as I read Chris's post too. Hugs y'all!

MrMan seemed a bit down today, and I'm sure that if he could talk more, there would have been a lot of "Where's Daddy? Where are my uncles? Where is my grandfather? Why are you so boring?" Oh, how his face lit up when we picked up the husband.

Yeah, the hubs can't do turkey meatloaf after an incident a couple of years ago that landed him in the hospital puking.

Try the Chai Tea Latte instead!!!!!!!!!!

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