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The Food Meme

So, I've done that 5 weird things or 5 things you don't know about me meme 8 times or so, and have been tagged for it about 14 times since the last time I did it. If you tagged me, I'm sorry. I'm usually pretty good about keeping track of that stuff and getting to it eventually, but this time, not so much. Anyway, so the fish said proudly presents: That Weird Meme Thing, Food Edition.

1. I'm not really a vegetarian, I eat some fish. I would rather not eat fish, but then there is sushi and crab cakes and they win every time because of the extreme yummyness factor. One of my huge pet peeves is people who say they are vegetarian because they don't eat red meat. Um, that's not vegetarian, and neither am I.

2. I only drink water, coffee, orange juice and wine. And never at the same time. Like in the morning if I have a glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee I have to finish all my juice before I start my coffee. There can be no interspersing of beverages, that just isn't right.

3. My marriage suffers from an inequitable distribution of leftovers. Chris is of the opinion that once something hits the fridge it is dead to him. Me? I can find a gladware of three month old chili in the back of the fridge and my unfailing reaction is "throw some shredded cheddar on it and it's fine." This is probably the single most contentious topic in our relationship, even worse than that time he, well, nevermind. Worse than that though.

4. I don't like things that are overly crunchified. I mean, I like raw veggies and chips, but have an absolute terror of hard cookies and croûtons and overly toasted toast. They make my teeth hurt.

5. I could go the rest of my life without sugar and rarely, if ever, miss is. But, you can have my salt shaker when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

So come on now, brighten my Friday and tell me about your own food weirdness.

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I just love reading your posts. You make me laugh out loud! I'm with you on the salt thing. Sugar? Meh. Salt - I crave. My weird food thing? It's not weird but I believe cream cheese is a gift from God. LOVE IT. My thighs do not. See...that really wasn't weird. Ah but anyway have a fabulous weekend. Cheers!

I have to say - I'm with Chris on the leftovers.

I don't like my food touching on my plate. I like a pile of corn and a pile of green beans, but not two piles that morphed into one. I don't mix them on my fork, either. When I set my plate down, I don't turn it to get to another food item, even if it would make eating easier. I hate when gravy runs into other food, mainly because I don't like gravy much to begin with.

I won't eat asparagus because it makes your pee smell.

I'm not a vegetarian, but have been at different times in my life. But eating meat with bones in it, freaks me out. Ew. Just thinking about it.

I also am a fish eating vegetarian.

I hate bannanas and peanut butter makes me want to vomit. It's the smell, I think.

I like things really, really spicy. To the point that I order extra spicy in ethnic restaurants. My husband takes one bite of my food and falls over, he thinks I have no taste buds. My parents hate spice, and always ordered everything mild. I didn't realize I liked spicy until I was an adult.

Ooh, totally with you on number 1. How often do I get 'you eat fish though don't you?' No! I'm a vegetarian!

I asked if the Thai noodle salad at lunch was veggie. I was told yes and then presented with a Thai noodle salad - with chicken.

Don't mind people eating fish, but vegetarians don't!

I'm with you on the salt, I put salt on EVERYTHING. I grossed out my co-workers yesterday by putting salt on grapes! It makes them so better! All fruit is better with salt.

I also put hot sauce (Franks) on almost everything- meat, potatoes, eggs. Everything except fruit.

I cant eat fish in any way, shape or form. That includes shrimp, lobster, crab. The smell makes me gag. But I love other smelly type foods- cauliflour, borccali, cabbage, sauerkraut...

Up until recently, I wouldn't go near a raw tomato. Cooked in any way, shape, or form? Sure, yum! But not raw. Now, I'll eat them raw, but only if they're with something, like on a sandwich or in a salad. I still won't take just a forkful of raw tomato. Can't explain it.

For some reason, I am most impressed with your drinking selection. I just like to mix up my drinks, you know, a soda every now and then. I just adore ginger ale and now we can keep it for at least a week - sometimes I just need the fizziness.

Also, you know what I was wondering? Why is there never any strawberry juice? We have nearly every other juice known to man, but no strawberry juice. Very strange.

#4: Amen.

#5: I was the same way until I got pregnant. Now, bring on the sugar.

Food texture means a lot more to me than taste. I can tell if I'm going to like the taste of something by looking at it, but its physical appearance usually freaks me OUT. I love a good strawberry milkshake, for example, but eating raw strawberries? No thanks... they're HAIRY, and the seeds are crunchy. If you could grow a seedless, hairless strawberry, I would be your best friend.

Another thing I love to have for breakfast? The full feed. Yup. Keeps me regular.

I am your bizzaro.

1. I love meats and flesh in general

2. I hate leftovers

4. I love different kinds of drinks, especially sweet ones, but blaaaauuuccckkkk on the coffee

5. I love my sandwiches to be crunchy. I put cheetos or fritos in my tunafish sandwich so it will crunch. I also love hard breads instead of white bread for this reason.

Alas, my love, we shall never share a kitchen.


My strangest food tendency is probably color. I don't like to eat anything that is purple (even though I like the color purple, so no offense!). Like if there are purple M&M's, I'll eat all the colors but purple, even though I know the purple ones taste the same as all the other colors. I get pretty grossed out by blue stuff too. It's tricky to try to eat candy in a dark movie theater!

You are so funny!

I'm with you on the salt, but not so much on the sugar.

I like hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Meaning, I microwave the hell out of most foods to make sure they get heated all the way through. And I don't like foods like pasta salad because to me, pasta is supposed to be warm, and people who can eat cold pizza for breakfast just scare me.

Also, like your beverage thingy, I eat one food on my plate at a time. It just goes down better that way.

You and I have exactly the same veg- but-not-really vegetarian diet. For exactly the same reasons...sushi and crab cakes. I was off fish for about 5 years then said screw it I need sushi. The rest of it I'm very strict about. I usually do say I'm vegetarian because it's just easier.

My weird food thing...well, one of them... If I make microwave popcorn I either dip each kernel in water for a split second or I shake water on the bowl and mix it with all the popcorn. Otherwise its too dry.

Had a lovely Chilean Merlot last nite...mmmmmmmmm.

Well it is the same in our house as far as the leftovers go.

I am your exact opposite when it comes to the salt and sugar thing. We don't even own salt and I have never put it on anything at home or out to eat. (I know I have eaten it as I am sure resturants use it, but I don't care for it and don't seem to need it) We go through a 10 lb. bag of sugar every two weeks between the two of us. (We ONLY drink sweet tea, very sweet tea.)

Then I have my own special rule (weirdness) in which absolutly nothing soggy, mushy or creamy enter my mouth. If something was to ever stick to the roof of my mouth, look out, it won't be pretty. Foods I will not eat because of this include but are not limited too:

Any type of bread that has been contaminated with a saucy substance causing sog.
peanut butter

I will stop there. Just know that there is more.

I were to do the weird food meme, I’m like you Beth in that sugar can go, but I *need* salt like nothing else. My husband is happy about this because an easy way to my heart is a big bowl of stove-popped popcorn with lots of salt - my tongue tingles, my heart flutters. The first time I heard about salt-water taffy I thought I'd died and gone to heaven, but then I tasted it. What the &*##? I still think it is a huge injustice that "salt" is in the name of some sweet, non-salty substance.

As for the meat thing, I'm not a vegetarian because I eat poultry and fish (except shrimp, but that's another story). I usually try to explain this by saying I don't eat mammals or shrimp, but an alarming amount of people reply by saying "oh, so you're a vegetarian."

Most of the time I eat my rice and beans together and the meat separate. However, I do not like when the chicken smells like chicken. Let me explain myself better, when the chicken smells like it was not watched I will not eat it. My family thinks that I am nuts and find this crazy.

I have to serve condiments in a different container i.e. a plate and then deep my food into them. I cannot put the condiments directly on the food. Weird I know.

I also like pickle milshakes, orange juice and milk mix together, amd vegetables need to be a bit crunchy or else I will not eat then. Also, I will puke if I eat Carrots or if I actually eat watercress and raddishes.

I love anything chocolate and I woudl rather eat soup than anything else.

I don't eat pickles, mayo, mustard, or tomatoes. The first two will cause a gag reflex. The second two are just things I avoid.

Cookies are my favorite dessert. I need to go lie down.

I eat lots of sugar AND lots of salt AND lots of fast food, which is why I make sure to keep my will up to date.

I don't think I have weird food things. Oh, I do have a raw meat aversion and related contamination issues; that is, if I do manage to get myself to cook some raw meat, I always wish I had a device that would spray the entire kitchen with bleach afterwards, and a shower attachment that would do the same to me.

I can eat chicken for every single meal of the day for at least 2 weeks straight. I have never tried for longer than that.

I can eat crab, shrimp, and salmon - all other seafood was created to make me vomit.

Food is meant to be hot and drink is meant to be cold. Therefore, I cannot eat a cold cut sandwich for lunch - but, bring on the grilled chicken!

I hate tomatoes but, love pico de gallo and fresh salsa!

Red meat is dead to me. (Well, hopefully it is dead for everyone but, I don't like it)

Skittles were sent directly to this earth to me by God.

Finally, I would never waste a potential calorie in my day on drink - therefore, I drink only water.

Oh dear lord, you could take away everything salty for the rest of my life and give me nothing but cookies, cake, ice cream and all things sweet under the sun, and I would be just fine. Maybe my teeth would rot out, I'd weigh 3,000lbs and my skin would be dsgusting, but otherwise? I would be fine. And sushi and crabcakes are two of my most favoritest things ever.

I eat all things and will try anything as long as you don't tell me what it is. For example, escargot? No problem, just don't tell me what it is before I eat it. Don't ever tell me what it is and I will continue to eat and enjoy it. The perfect diet for me would be for something to explain to me everything I eat; how it was made, what it was before it was on my plate, how dirty it might have once been...fruit is excluded.

Ohh, this is friday fun.
After not eating any chicken or red meat for years, (but plenty of fish, eggs and dairy) I still cannot eat anything on the bone.

I love Hummus, but hate chickpeas.

Please don't make my food touch.

I love sushi...but I LOVE the ginger too, I eat handfuls of it with my sushi.

I need the sugar and the salt.

Any leftover is my friend, cold from the fridge.


I prefer to not have my food touching and until I was an adult didn't care for things like stew or vegetable soup. I've outgrown that but still eat the carrots first, then the potatoes, etc.

Never, never put over medium eggs and pancakes on the same plate. Yolk and syrup do not mix.

I save my bacon or sausage (no vegetarian I) on the breakfast plate for dessert. One time a friend reached across and swiped it. I was undone.

I was raised with leftovers and still eat them although I often turn them into something else. The girls eat them too - they've never known they weren't supposed to like them.

I'm remarkably unfussy about most food but I have problems with "innards". The very idea of brains or gizzards puts me off. Chitterlings? No, I don't think so. Maybe if I didn't know what I was eating?

I prefer fish and seafood to meat. We eat meat and poultry but often as a small part of another dish (see stew above).

And I love fried food but very seldom serve it. Once or twice a year we do the whole catfish, hushpuppies, and cornbread thing. Blame it on my 8 years in Arkansas and a mil who sure could cook.

Worst of all? Don't tell anyone but I like Spam and so do the kids.

I don't even like to touch mustard.

I will eat tootsie rolls until either 1)they are all gone or 2)I get sick. I can't even have them in the house.

I was that kinda vegetarian too until I totally caved and went hardcore carnivore. Now fish seem like vegetables.

I have a 7-foot tall, 300-lb husband.


I love ice cream but I cannot eat it using those little wooden paddles. I can't stand for my lips or tongue to touch wood. (*cough*) I know...wood that comes from a tree. Even if I use a wooden spoon to stir the yummiest of spaghetti sauces, I have to use a metal or plastic spoon to taste it. It makes me shiver and I feel as though my teeth itch. Having a doctor use a tongue depresser on me to see my throat just about sends me over the edge.

1. No way can I eat or even smell green beans. Gag city.
2. I like overly rare steak, eggs, oysters, cookie dough and gooey stuff like stewed okra.
3. I can't stand to eat with my fingers, like I have to take chicken off the bone with a knife/fork, then wash my hands and then eat it with a fork. I love ribs, but refuse to eat them unless they are 'fall off the bone' done so I can eat them with utensils. I have to have a LOT of napkins when I eat.
4. Chocolate should be one of the food groups.
5. If a restaurant table is sticky or damp, I have to clean it/dry it before I can even begin to think about food.

See.... there are bunches of us food weirdos!

Brandon and I have a similar issue regarding leftover. There are a few items he'd eat again, but the rest, not so much. Since I'm a budding foodie, I constantly cook up something. And I take the brunt of eating the same thing for lunch for the next few days because Brandon wouldn't touch it.

I think I'll answer to your Food MeMe on my new food blog. :)

I'm so with Chris on that leftover thing. It's a rarity that I'll eat something again the next day.

I sometimes crave sweets, but strangely, never keep sugar in the house. I more often crave salty and spicy, though. And sometimes very pungent things like kimchee. Yum.

I can't stand bell peppers or pickled beets.

I'm a vegetarian, meaning I don't eat any animal products but eggs and dairy, and it does piss me off to hear people refer to themselves as "vegetarians who eat fish" or "vegetarians who eat chicken." I don't care what anybody else eats, but by definition, "vegetarians" don't eat chicken or fish. It irks the grammar nerd in me, as well as the vegetarian. I don't call myself a "vegan who eats cheese."

can i just say I'm totally jealous about the sugar thing... I'm detoxing from a christmas of much sugar and it's been hell. Of course, we never used much salt in our family so I can take it or leave it. I guess it's all a matter of which granular white stuff you go for...

I've been reading your and Chris's blogs for a while and am just now feeling un-shy enough to comment here. Because this food aversion thing is FUN!!

Some of my food aversions are texture-based. Because of this, I will not eat:

Most beans (except black and green)
Uni (sea urchin roe: blech!!!)
Brussel sprouts
Mushy apples
Yams/sweet potatoes
New Potatoes

I also REALLY hate cream gravy, chicken-fried steak, and fried pork chops. Because they're gross.

And since the time I spilled a giant bottle of fermented fish sauce all over my fridge, I've had issues with that too. Which puts a dent in my ability to cook Thai food.

LOVE your blog!

I think peanut butter and jelly is just about the most vile combination ever dreamed up. Separately, both are great, but I see absolutely no reason to combine them, it is just plain gross.

I think peanut butter and jelly is just about the most vile combination ever dreamed up. Separately, both are great, but I see absolutely no reason to combine them, it is just plain gross.

Ditto on the drinks, there is no coffee until the OJ is done.
Hot food has to be HOT not warm, HOT, so hot it burns the roof of my mouth, which is hanging on like a thread due to this crazy food eating insistence.

I hate salad dressing if it comes out of a bottle or jar, but love it in restaurants or plastic packets. I also have to have a glass of ice water by my bed a night, but I never drink it.

Me: Near total meat and potato's kind of guy ... the closest I come to eating a vegetable is tomato sauce on pizza, and only then if its puree - chunky sauce scares me.

My Wife: Is an occasional chicken eating vegetarian, but won't touch fish or red meat. And hey, I found a new word - Pollovegatarian and/or Pollotarian on wikipedia ...

My wife and I have a running bet on what dining habits MsMiss will end up with ... so far she has a better combined diet than either one of us :-)

PS - Wikipedia also has a word for you - Pescetarian (with lots of alternative spellings as well).

1. I eat a lot of veggies (my roomies call me a vegetarian) but its not true because i love fish. I cook fish a least once a week.
2. My roommates wish I ate more meat because I do a lot of cooking in our house
3. I love spicy food
4. I have to agree with Chris - I rarely eat leftovers which is great for the roommates

Why don't men eat leftovers? In my house, I cook the great majority of the meals. No matter how much my husband might rave about the dinner I cooked, once it's in a tupperware container it is dead to him. grrrr.

I love beverages of all kinds. If I've had a bit too much wine the night before, sometimes I like to line up 3 or 4 beverages at breakfast the next day. Juice (orange, grapefruit, tomato...), coffee, milk, water...maybe even a mimosa if we're out to brunch and I'm feeling festive. Mmm.

I am totally disgusted when someone takes a drink of anything liquid while they are still chewing food in their mouth. That makes me want to throw up! I have ended past romantic relationships because of this. Blah!

Ok, how's this? My grandfather ate his oatmeal this way and so my mother did, and so, we have been trained and I've passed it on to my kids. With butter and salt. I've never known anyone else to do this, but maybe it's popular somewhere I've never been. In general, salt is good, very good, but sugar (not on oatmeal though) is better. I would have a hard hard life without dessert. I put a LOT of sugar in my coffee.

I like leftovers. So does my husband. Some friends say they will not eat them and throw everything out if there is anything left after dinner. Some things (stew, apple pie) are better after a couple of days. But that isn't going to matter to someone opposed to leftovers. Anyway, I don't really have anything to add here. I guess I don't like food touching on my plate, or vegetables with juice running out of them and getting on the other food, or for that matter, any juice coming out of meat. But then, I like red meat well well done (I know--it's the oldest meat in the restaurant and the cooks spit on it for good measure but I cannot eat red meat with even a hint of pink.)

I hate all pureed foods. Yes, even applesauce and tapioca pudding. Foods should be creamy or solid, not inbetween.

I will not in any circumstances eat fruit with meat. I mean, I could eat a burger and have some grapes on the side but don't feed me pork loin with cherry glaze or such. I will seriously puke.

Pete and I are nearly the reverse of you and Chris regarding leftovers. I will eat them for a day or two, but that's it. Pete's been known to eat nuts that have been in the cupboard for months and smell so rancid I have no idea how he got them down.

You're so weird. I love it ;-)

My husband and I have the same leftover issues, except he will eat anything and everything, and I choke it down so I don't have to waste food, but it's difficult. But he'll really eat anything and everything. Once I made an apple pie and there was mold on it so he ate around it. I can't handle when he does shit like that. Too gross!

Okay, here is my big confession.
I cannot eat egg salad if it has anything crunchy in it. No onion, no celery, nothing that crunches. If it crunches then I can't hold it down, as it gags me.
Fish. Likewise, it cannot crunch. Might be a bone, if my fish crunches then I gag.
I love cucumbers and eat a ton of them, but hate Hubby's cucumber salad. It's crunchy and makes me gag.
Don't get me wrong, I love crunchy food most of the time, but there are some things that simply cannot crunch!

1. i could eat peanut butter, green beans, and cereal forever, not necessarily together.

2. i cannot drink pepsi products, just can't do it.

3. generic cereals are usually too sweet for me so i spring for the real stuff. except kashi go lean crunch with is too sweet and too crunchy. i chew until my fat little cheeks hurt and then i'm still not finished.

4. i think salads at home never, ever taste as good as salads at restaurants

5. don't salt anything of mine! nothing at all!

My favorite thing to eat is steak or maybe bacon. I cannot for the life of me understand your not-so-vegetarian-ness. Bacon....oh my gawd.

I must have ice cream in the freezer. Even if I'm four months into a diet I haven't cheated on, I will replace the ice cream in the freezer, just in case it's old. you never know when you'll have an ice cream emergency. Oh and it's butter pecan...always. unless it's B&J's chunky monkey.

I love tomato soup, ketchup and many things tomatoey...chili, spahgetti, etc.. I do not however, like raw tomato on anything. Won't eat it.

I do not like condiments in mayo, no mustard, no relish, no horseradish. ketchup is okay, but it is it's own food group. I also don't like salad dressing. of any kind, except vinegar and oil.

There are four basic food groups that I cook from, they would be Boxed, Canned, Frozen and Carryout... Since I have children I also include ketchup as a food group of it's own. The food pyramid people would love to get ahold of me.

kisses, The Pup.

I have a few food rules.

1. Green and cooked - don't eat it.
2. Yellow and cooked - don't eat it.
3. Orange and cooked - don't eat it.

I have a few other quirks, but those three rules seem to cover most things.

I don't like to mix things, either. Even my food, it needs to be mostly separated & then I eat each thing seperately. Like, all the meat, then the veggies, etc.

I don't like milk unless it is straight from the fridge, and it has to be in a glass. Cannot drink milk in plastic. Well, I can, but I won't ;)

I can only drink plain milk with something sweet; anything else, it has to be chocolate milk.

I posted my Food Weirdnesses on my blog.

I myself have a hard time with leftovers. I generally like things better if I don't make them, though I don't think I'm that bad of a cook. It's just better when somebody else does it. (especially sandwiches!) Oh, and I don't think you could pay me enough to go near cottage cheese.

Oh God almighty, that number 3 made me shudder. We have the same contention and the same inequitable distribution-- but I am the one who won't touch the leftovers. I am always trying to throw stuff out before it kills us all, and he is always trying to eat it.

I like eating: tortilla, spread with peanutbutter, add American cheese, nuke for thirty seconds.

Everyone else in my house tells me this is gross, while they are eating their peanutbutter and pickle sandwiches.

I am sorry if I made you hurl.

So I guess based on 4 and 5 - no Captain Crunch for you? Eh... more masochistic goodness for me!

And as for 1 ("people who say they are vegetarian because they don't eat red meat") - that really bugs me too. How can someone look me in the eye and call themselves a vegetarian while eating a chicken sandwich!

Oh I forgot to mention my food weirdness. I prefer that my food not intermix but I like to make sure that each item gets a fair turn. For example: drink coke, bite cheeseburger, eat 2 french fries. Lather rinse repeat. We can't have 2 bites of burger in a row - uh uh. I MUST eat my french fries two pieces at a time.

I don't freak out if it's not this way but I noticed that's how I eat.

1. i am obsessed with pepper. and boy do i load it on. i especially love it on macaroni and cheese (a ton of it) and ramen noodles. my husband can't stand to watch me POUR the pepper on my food. but i wouldn't have it any other way :)

2. i love peanut butter and put it on a lot of breakfast foods along with syrup (pancakes, french toast, waffles). i won't eat these items if i don't have peanut butter to put on 'em.

3. i love spicy food and we cook with a lot of frank's hot sauce. we actually buy it by the half gallon because we use so much. i baste my chicken in it, for example. :)

4. i've got some weird fetish for cucumbers and could eat them every day. i just peel 'em, slice 'em, and load 'em up with salt (or sometimes spritz them with italian dressing). my husband hates the smell of cucumbers and can't stand that i eat them so often.

5. i put my ice cream in the microwave for about 15-20 seconds to melt it slightly, then i stir it with a spoon to make it all creamy. i guess i'm a soft serve kind of gal, so if it comes out of a box at home...i nuke it :)

my husband is also very strange. he hates sweets and very rarely eats them. he could live off of beef jerky. he hates lasagna but loves spaghetti and all the products IN lasagna. he claims it's the texture of everything together...he literally throws up if he puts a bite in his mouth. i've witnessed this because i always thought he was lying about his fear of it, lol. also? he eats chunky salsa like it's going out of style, but he HATES tomatoes and onions. he's got a ton more, but those are his most quirky that i always tease him about. :)

I'm with Chris on the leftovers thing... but I'm getting better (because I hate being wasteful). Now, I try to plan leftover night once a week - gives me a night off from cooking, and it assures me that the leftovers are consumed within a few days of preparation. Hubby will eat anything provided it's not growing green fuzz...

I literally run through my "what have I eaten today" list when I'm going for a snack to try to make sure I'm representing my food groups appropriately. Too many carbs? Better find something fruity. I'm such a nerd.

I'm a big texture person - canNOT eat bananas - even touching them grosses me out. Same with cottage cheese. Nasty.

i don't like stickers on fruit. i mean, what if you bit into a nice juicy apple only to realize you forgot to take the sticker off and then the sticker your MOUTH! Nasty. Then again, maybe it's just stickers i don't like.

You changed your word from duck...I got caught!
I laughed out loud with the discussion about you and Chris and leftovers. Too funny!
Hmmm....weird food things? I love ketchup! I eat it on grilled cheese, maccaroni and cheese, ham, eggs, scalloped potatoes, steak, sausage, hamburgers and hotdogs, fries and I eat A LOT of it! Not just a little squirt either.

I hate eating bland things such as avocado. I really, really hate avocado...

I don't like to eat food with my hands/fingers. Fried chicken? Bring me a fork. Pizza? You got it, where's the fork!?

I also have issues with textures, and when I eat, and when I eat I apparently stretch my tongue out to sort of catch the food before it actually hits my mouth.

I dont think I have time to list all my food weirdness. Some of them I didnt even realize I had until I read other peoples comments - like the wooden spoon thing. There's no way. No wood (from trees). I cant stand the sound of ripping paper or cardboard or cotton... thats another post comment.
No food touching, that's like - no. Just no.
I have trained myself to eat peanut M&Ms in the dark without caring but in the light or with anything else I must sort by color and eat in chunks of colors.
No meat that looks like it came from an animal - scrapple is fine but chicken attached to a bone is disgusting. Ditto anything from the sea unless it is unrecognizable. Pork in any form is gross (theres a few exceptions). I second the commenter who said theyd probably eat a lot more if annoying people would refrain from telling me what is in it - when it comes to meat anyway.
I have issues with plenty of other foods but I have combination issues also - I can either eat canned tuna on white bread with lettuce or on toast, but not toasted with lettuce on on white bread without. And it can only have a little mayo if it is on the bread with lettuce, otherwise it has to be plain. Or I hate eggs, I hate cheese and pork but all three together (in equal amounts) are great.
No leftovers, except for certain foods that actually taste better the second day - mostly rice dishes.
When Harry Met Sally came out everyone said "It's YOU!" about how she liked her food and it so is - the only thing that keeps me from being incredibly obnoxious is that I hide most of my issues very well.
Im not hungry, just ate, order something simple from the menu - one friend knew me for 8 years before realizing that I was a freak.
Even more freaky, J is exactly like me in terms of pickiness, if not what he is picky about. This amuses my mom to no end. If I believed in soul mates this would be why.
Feeling a lot less weird after these comments, arnt ya?

oooh prepare yourself for my long list!

I hate:
any type of morning 'porridge' (makes me gag)
I HATE raw tomato (gag again!)
I hate bleu cheese
I hate offal of any kind (had a mother who loved tripe which is sheeps stomach for those who dont know!)
I dislike peanut butter (weird I know)
I HATE honey (wont touch it!)
I dislike cinnamon immensly
I hate eggs in most forms though like runny egg yolk on fries
I HATE mangos (that mango smell yuck!)
I will stop eating any meat if it has a vein in it or fish that has bones (though I am not afraid to eat anchovy on pizza)
Stew is eeeuw!

As a child I loved:
ketchup on rice,
marmite (bovril or other beefy spread) and syrup mixed together on bread

As an adult I like:
to mix milo in a bit of milk and then eat the paste
eat lychees by the bowlful.....

(I will stop now though my list is never ending!)

For the record, (someone commented earlier) you do get strawberry juice in some places though it is thick and 'gritty' if made properly.

I have texture issues. Mostly mushy. Therefore? Peas SUCK.

Okay -- I totally laughed out loud about the "once it hits the fridge it's dead to him" -- I can't agree more -- no matter how hard I try, I shiver at the thought of leftovers....

#3 is so us. Matt will not touch leftovers... so I rarely cook more then we will eat.

The closest I have ever come to spitting food out of my mouth was in Japan. I tried, because I was the forgiener and it is polite to try and not spit food out or you loose face, cod fish roe sushi. Basically, tons of tiny cod fish eggs in rice wrapped in seaweed. Now, I'll eat raw squid, raw octopus, even unidentified spicy Korean meat. But these eggs were the nastiest thing I ever tasted. They were so oily and fishy tasting. And they do this popping thing when you bite down. Gives me the willies. I also don't like natto, another Japanese thing. Fermented beans. They do this thing when you pick some up, that looks like melted cheese streching, but there is no cheese in them? Eeewwww.

I love cottage cheese with diced dill pickles and about a teaspoon of mustard.

Oh my goodness....I HATE leftovers to. I don't know why, but I just can't do them.

But I love suger. LOVE IT.

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