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Why I want to make out with the inventor of "Casual Friday"

Y'all, my bank teller is a hotty. I don't mean hotty like the Hotty Pediatrician is a hotty, because really the Hotty Pediatrician is far less a hotty and far more just my type (geeky, skinny, a little bumbling, rawr). Hotty Bank Teller though, wow. Gorgeous. Legitimately gorgeous. He always works the drive-through, so I only use the drive-through, and every time I do it takes every bit of my willpower to resist flinging myself out my open window and licking the glass that separates me from the Hotty Bank Teller.

Did I mention this guy is built? His biceps are easily the size of my thighs, and I have rather formidable thighs. So not my type, not at all, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't be willing to try it, just once.

Anyway, usually he is sporting the button-down and tie look, which is nice, because while he is doing his paperwork or whatever I can entertain myself with a mental image of pulling on the shirt until all the buttons pop off and... wait... was that too much information? Sorry. Let's just stick with the fact that he usually wears a button down. But then today? Today I went to the bank and realized that my bank observes Casual Friday, which meant Hotty Bank Teller was sporting a short-sleeved, tight-ish but no so tight as to be nasty, polo shirt. It was nice.

I guess what it all comes down to is that I have two questions:

1) Do you think there will ever be a Shirtless Friday? And if so, or really even if not, do you think it would be inappropriate for me to ask if I could maybe just rest my head against his chest for a minute or two? And,

2) Do you think he noticed that I was so busy staring at him today that I sort of forgot to drive away for a while? I don't think it was obvious. I mean, at least not until the bitch behind me starting honking.

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I love that Chris doesn't care when you log about stuff like this. That is a secure man in your relationship.

I was totally thinking that too (about Chris not minding)... aside from that - I'm laughing my ass off. Great post!

hmmm, i'm just picturing this hotty bank tellar.....ok, back on track of how i may just have to find myself a hotty someone to stare at each week....he sounds tasty.

you rock!

I don't think there will ever be a shirtless friday. But a girl can dream.

Imagination is everything at times! Saw one of those at the Health Club today. HmmmMmmmm!

Let's be optimistic here. When the shirtless Friday's go into effect, not only would it be okay to lay your head on his chest you may also ask to borrow his formidable biceps to help you move the piano and couch bed.

What's hotter than shirtless hotty bank teller moving furniture in your house? Nothing!

As for the horn happy bitch, I got your back.

The bitch behind you was probably dying to drive up to the window already so she could get in some good ogling. Sigh. I wish I had a hotty bank teller. You're so lucky.

Hmm, thinking a shirtless Friday is not in the realm of possibility but for your sake hope it soon comes to pass ;)

Too fun to harmlessly (??!?) lust after those we see frequently. Gives the day a little spice!

Maybe your bank has some sort of customer appreciation day where you share your wish with the hottie teller.

Photographic evidence would be nice.

Maybe you can tell him it is your New Years Resolution to have your picture taken with a different bank teller each week. Some with shirts, some without.

Think he would go for that?

That is so hilarious! It reminds me of my You-Made-My-Day-Once Bank Dude. He became the You-Made-My-Day-Once Bank Dude when one day, I was about 7 months pregnant with my daughter, I had to go inside the bank to deposit a check and he said, and I quote, "Oh, so YOU are the face that goes with this beautiful drivers liscence picture...every time I see your ID come through the drive thru, I think, 'what a pretty lady'"...end quote. Now, the non- pregnant me would have been pissed that he called me a "Lady", but this day the swollen, uncomfortable super lard ass pregnant me was completly elated. (I didn't have the heart to explain that the beautiful DL pic was taken 2 days after returning from my honeymoon nearly four years ago and the beautiful glow on my face was just me on a sex high). But, he really did make my day. I think about that every time I see him in the drive through window.

3)Do you think he'll notice when you take a camera next time and snap away?

LOL ;)

IF there's ever Shirtless Friday, I hope it doesn't catch on around here, because the men I see everyday...YUCK! Some things are better left covered!

And, no, he didn't notice...he's a man after

I'm all for shirtless Friday's. Where do I sign the petition?


Maybe you could ask him if you could use his shirt to write a check...

As to the first to commenters ... if Chris 'lets' her (and encourages her to clarify, in a more detailed sort of way) the wang story ... I don't see how this would even be an issue ...

I don't know about there ever being a Shirtless Friday, but sometimes banks go wacko and decide to have a theme day like Luau Day. He may come shirtless with a lei on. Nice!

He probably noticed you looking a little too long but liked it. I bet he gets it alot.

One last thing...I think we need a picture of him, Beth! Just tell him it's for research purposes or something. LOL

Certainly you can get close enough that maybe a cell phone camera will help the mental image last a little longer... ;)

I guess banks need actual customers that come to the bank, since the inception of online banking. Nice of them to lure you in with hotty tellers though. My bank should get a hotty teller.

1. Yes! There are businesses that require shirtless Friday. In fact, it's shirtless all the time. They're called STRIP CLUBS!

Men have been pushing for the shirtless Friday for a very long time. Maybe we need women to bring it up.


I used to have a hotty FedEx guy. I loved the summertime when it was warm enough for him to wear shorts. I made sure to have someone call me every time he came in just so I could admire. Mmm...yummy. Thanks for the story!

Pics!! I want pics!!!

I got all excited about the idea of "shirtless Friday" until I realized that I'd have to participate, too, and then "flip flop Friday" started to seem a lot more appealing. Because really, I'd like to give my feet a break from work shoes even more than I'd like to see hotties without shirts.

shirtless friday sounds good.

If they do start up a Shirtless Friday, please give me the street address and operating hours of your bank... :)
I need to find some local Hotties (besides my dear hubby, of course) to oogle (I'm jealous)! You are always so funny, but this literally made me LOL!! Thanks! (Now I have to explain to my hubby why I'm sitting here giggling!)

Beth! How I missed your blog while I was gone for Xmas at the parents. Just back, and glad to see you're feeling better--must be if you are contemplating shirtless Fridays. My bank drive through consists of an ATM--obviously things are infinitely better on your side of the country.

I just have one question: Can you snap his picture all 007-like so we can witness the Hottness?

so tell me, do you fog up the inside of your car every time you go through the drive thru and hotty bank teller is there? then i would have to draw a big heart on the window and put hotty tellers intials in it. you know, to be subtle and all.

oh poor chris....

please send the hotty bank teller my way!!!

You should start paying for everything with cash, so that you have to go through and make withdrawals 4 or 5 days a week!

I love this post. It makes me think of Clive. I picture the teller as Clive. Clive. Love the Clive. Would love to rest head on Clive's chest....Anyway, yeah, I totally think it'd be appropriate for you to ask if you can rest your head on the teller's chest. Totally. I say go for it. And, I want to hear all about how that goes. ;) And, no, he probably didn't notice you lingering because he's probably used to it from the sounds of it....

Maybe they have a suggestion box? If you ask nicely, maybe they'll institute a shirtless Friday. Even Quarterly Shirtless Friday would be something. As far as resting your head on his chest? I bet there is a bank surcharge for that.

The real question revolves around whether or not the bank would charge additional user fees for such an, um, interaction.

"To resist...licking the glass..."


Here in Melbourne, Australia.. two of my favourite radio d.j's have instituted 'pants off friday.' I suggest you look em up, ( and then be clever-like and send it to the bank!
I'm all for pants off friday. Especially when hottie bank tellers are involved!

I am a branch manager for a bank and we have NO HOTTIE bank tellers. None. Most of the boy tellers I have encountered in my 13 yr bank life have been > gay. Not saying Hottie McBanker is gay but.....

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