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So basically, I want to know what you guys do. I'm curious, have been for ages, and I can't control my curiosity any longer so I am going to insist that you just tell me. Now I don't want anybody getting dooced over this, so vague is fine. If you are really paranoid, you can email me instead, that's fine too. Since telling you that I'm a stay at home mom and quote unquote freelance writer isn't really a fair trade as I can't get fired from the mom gig and my job is blogging so I'm fairly sure they already know I have a blog and that I blog at work, I'm going to tell you everything I have ever done and hope you will find it equitable.

My first job was in the commercial lockbox of a bank, I processed checks all day. Chris's dad got me this job (see how long we've been together?). He just happened to be the chief executive muckity-muck at the time. Not a bad job, but due to the muckity-muckness I have nothing more to say about it.

Second job was in the children's department at Hecht's (department store that is now Macy's, in case you don't know). God, I was bad at retail. Didn't care, didn't remember people, would go to look for pants for one woman and two minutes later proudly present them to another woman entirely and have no clue I had gotten it wrong until she asked me what the hell I was doing.

Third job was cashier at Cracker Barrel. Best things about this job were the frequent smoke breaks, the bread they sold, and this dish that was chicken marinated in Italian dressing, which sounds gross but was really good. Worst thing about this job was that people are assholes.

Fourth job was assistant manager at Food Lion. Shut up. I said shut up! Hey, you know how stores always have these signs that say they have a time-release safe? We had a time release safe, but if you jammed an allen wrench in this little hole it opened right up. I looked so hott in that green apron, and never let anybody tell you any different.

Fifth job was substitute teaching. Either I made the kids cry or they made me cry every single day. I didn't last long.

Job six was paralegal/legal secretary at a law firm. I was good at the paralegal bit and lousy at the secretary bit and totally unqualified for either. Most interesting trivia from this job is that the (incredibly senior) partner I worked for was a Campbell and I'm a Lamont. In 1646 the Campbells massacred the Lamonts. I tried not to hold that against him, but I may have been the first Lamont to speak to a Campbell in 350 years.

Job seven, or jobs seven through 142, depending how you count, was for this company. It sucked at the end, but early on it was fabulous. The old people were 27, we were told that if we saw someone wearing a suit in the building we should call security, and thanks to that lovely bubble the company was making money hand over fist so there were lovely perks. Also on Fridays we danced on the tables. I started as a billing flunkie for high-end account (which at the time was anybody who had a single T3), moved to billing team lead, then to project manager for sales, and then it's all a blur - PM, analyst, trainer, marketing, PM again, flunkie, who knows.

Job eight is, obviously, MILF and mamablogger extraordinarie. Best part is never having to brush my hair, worst part is definitely the vomit.

And that's it, the whole sordid tale. Dude, you know what I said at the beginning? Scratch that. Now I totally want to know what you do and also how many total jobs you have had in your life. Spill.

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Right now I am a regional sales director for an Electronic component company (small micro chips). We currently have the same rule about seeing someone in a suit in the building. Beofre this I was a Nightclub manager. I dealt with all kinds of stuff...shootings, drugs, mafia, drunks, hookers, pimps, stabbings. It was great job. I also worked in a pharmacy, I acted in dinner theater, I waited Tables and I was a Life insurance underwriter.

This is a great post .

When you sit down to reflect on your life, and all you can come up with is 'taking care of kids' - is that compassion, or dull?
I worked at a day care starting at 15, then I worked at another daycare, then baskin robbins, then hey what do you know another day care center. I was there til I was 21, then became a nanny for 6 yrs. Married, had my own baby(s), now I run a day care out of my home, really it's more of one huge playdate, and then of course we have Tarjey-and yes, I do get a discount.

I work 20 hours a week as an attorney for child welfare.

Wow, all my jobs ever? In high school I was a yogurt store clerk, camp counselor, worked at a kids toy store for a while, and babysat after school. (I'm noticing a kid theme).

In college on summer breaks I worked in law firm, first for the library and then for the file room.

In law school I was a law clerk in a prosecutors office and for a defense attorney. (I didn't last real long for the defense attorney, thats just never been me).

After law school I was a law clerk for a judge, and then went where I am now. I contracted after Michael was born and then went back to the office 20 hours a week.

Let's see, my mom owned a restaurant when I was younger and someone called in sick one day. So I waited tables. I started when I was 12. I quit when I turned 22. Many, many different places in between, but they all are really the same. Then I was a file clerk. I can't even come close to relaying how boring that job was. Half the day, I filed things. The other half, I pulled files out for people. Then someone went on maternity leave and I took a night position in the computer room printing stuff. It was better, but working nights sucks. So I applied for a job with the state, and collected taxes for a while. Now I write java applications. That is, I write them whenever my boss notices me and gives me something to do. It isn't all that often.

I've been a nanny, a daycare worker, retail and fast food cashier, a receptionist, and admin assistant, a program associate. In the 17 years that I've been working I've only had three full time jobs but a half-dozen part time jobs. Just a brief history.

As for what I do now: I'm a program monitor at a children's non-profit in Maryland. The org gets funding from the state and it is passed along to community programs. I oversee several vendors to ensure that the money is being spent correctly and that state guidelines are being met. That's the official desc. Along the way, on a daily basis, I help put out fires, try to keep children in their homes by thinking creatively and collaborating with child-serving agencies. it's hard sometimes (often) to see/hear how unequipped some families are to care for their children but it's really good knowing that, on the fortunate days, we have the funds to get them help. Sometimes the help needed is to take the child away and place him/her in a foster or group home but it's always done with the hope that the family can be reunited at a later point, when everyone is much better able to cope.

I find the work to be really frustrating and draining and depressing at times but I honestly can't imagine not working for a children's non-profit. I'll continue to do that for as long as I'm able.

I'm currently an instructional technologist for a community college and support pretty much the entire distance learning program.

Prior to this I did a lot of babysitting, worked for a couple of summers for my dad in his recycling center (disgusting work), spent 2 years in college working in the library and the other 2 making web sites for classes, spent a summer during that time answering phones, taking reservations, and cleaning for a rafting company, worked for 2 years for Duke University in IT Publications, and then for 2 years at Virginia Tech on a grant that involved a lot of web development and traveling to rural communities.

I am firmly entrenched in academia. Not always great for the pay, but fabulous benefits!

Job one - Ice cream flunkie at a Mom & Pop shop in Westerly, RI. I was working under the table because I was too young to work more than a few hours a week, but I was the only person they hired.
Job two - Dryer at a car wash. Laid off after I refused to wear a bikini (BTW, I was 16)
Job three - Waitress at a Chinese restaurant. That was where I realized that I wasn't cut out for the food service industry in any form.
Job four - Bookseller at Waldenbooks.
Job five - Tech support/Customer Service/Assistant Webmaster at small ISP, which has since been sucked into a corporate monster.
Job six - Graphics Tech at a simulation company.
Job seven through twelve-billion - Contract work at multiple places doing web and graphic design. Right now, I'm doing a six-month contract at what I refer to as Big Ol' News.

Oh lord, I've had far too many jobs in my (still, relatively) young life. But you asked. Don't say you weren't warned...

In high school I babysat and worked in a used bookstore. I loved that job as it was totally unsupervised, you could read the books as long as you put them back, and most nights it was so dead I could do homework or talk on the phone. Best job ever. At least for a 16-year-old bookworm.

From there I was a theatre camp counsellor for two summers, a housekeeper at a retreat centre for a summer, I organized the local symphony's sheet music collection and created a database for said collection, worked as a Retail peeon at (in order)Eddie Bauer, AdditionElle, HMV (also, a most excellent job when you're in your early 20s and have no direction other than to hang out with your boyfriend and bum around europe. I miss those days...), Sears (for two weeks), and Cotton Ginny. And then back at HMV again. I also worked as an office assistant in the employment services office of my college, as the assistant to the orientation coordinator at the same college, editor of the college newspaper, weekend reporter/photographer for a small community newspaper, web assistant for the department of international affairs, Reporter/Photographer for local community newspaper, Resume Reviewer and now, finally, Communications Officer for the Government of Canada.

Whew... no wonder i'm getting bored at work these days. I've been here longer than I've worked anywhere else, aside from HMV!

Afte college, I started working in a big financial company in the compliance area. I didn't enjoy it, but did well there even though I had a psychology degree and no business/financial experience. I was there for a few years and then "lost" my job because I worked in the World Trade Center. I was obviously a very lucky girl and was alive and because of that and my "second chance" at life, decided to never work somewhere again that didn't interest me. From there I became a Mary Kay sales consultant, a daycare provider, a temp worker, and got fired from a tanning salon. After about 2 years of financial hardship, I am now back in the boring, compliance field...after realizing that even people who get a second chance at life still need a steady paycheck!

I'm a joker, a smoker, and a midnight toker.

Just kidding. I'm a former SAH-MILF, now I'm an accountant, though still a MILF.

At least that's what my husband tells me.

Right now I work as a Benefits Manager for a company. But secretly I am longing to be a stay at home mom or work less so I can see the boy more. He is so fun and I feel like I am missing it.

I started working at age 14 for an amusement park that was down the street from my house. It was the best. Then on to many many other jobs and finally found myself in insurance / benefits / HR - so that is where I am now. Kind of boring, I know! But boy did I love that amusement park job - good times.

Currently, I'm in advertisng - I build ads for our local daily newspaper, as well as put together (through to printing the negatives) the entire classified section of said paper every day. Plus lots of other random duties throughout the week. Well - that's what I do when I'm not lounging around the house recovering from surgery, anyway.

As for how many jobs I've held - who knows? Somewhere between five and ten, probably closer to ten. But I'll soon be "celebrating" (???) my 10th anniversary at the newspaper very soon. Ugh!

Amy :)

I'm a smidge older than you and have had a few more jobs/careers, but let's see if I can pare it down:
During high school there was the babysitting and the working as a "kindercamp" counselor. In college, I worked as a bank teller. After college, I started as marketing assistant in a small publishing company (lots of answering phones with a little actual copy writing, editing, and market research), then I went to law school, worked as a legal intern defending small time criminals for a while and realized that it would break me (heart, spirit) sooner than later; decided to go in another direction. Worked as a development officer (glorified fundraiser) for a hospital for several years until the demon boss drove me to daily tears, therapy and anti-depressants. Ultimately found my way to my current role as a student affairs administrator at a large private university in a major New England city, which I absolutely love. I work with students and parents to resolve complex administrative problems, especially those that arise in the midst of their personal and family crises that affect a student's ability to stay or succeed in school. It's been a circuitous path that doesn't make a huge amount of sense unless you know me and the things that matter to me, but it works for me -- and has for the past 8 years.

Well at night I am a piano player in a whore house and substitute john/client. My day job is a web guy for a university that has a strange color resemblance to this blog. Before that I worked for that Queer-Eye furniture company on the "pier", preceeded by a stint with the world's most evil insurance company All somthing or other, and before a city in Texas and before the company that owns Chili's - which is the most messed up company I know - and before that I was birthed in the mother ship of Microsoft. I met Paul Allen and had about a 15 minute conversation with him once. Tres cool. Before that you will have to read my college post.

I make that chicken with Italian dressing and I think you are the best MILF we all know and love.


I have worked for two different companies. First one, a travel agency where I was a travel consellor for almost 6 years. Great times, I got to see a bit of the world and meet my husband. Then I felt I needed a change and left the travel business and went to an electronics manufacturing company. I have been here seven years and started in the sales/marketing department. Then I was transfered, unvoluntarily (if that is a word)to the admin/finance department. Suffered, I mean, worked there a couple of years and begged for a transfer to any other department they could find a place for me. I got in and now work for the Director of Manufacturing and like it way better than anything else I have worked on here.

First job was working on the family dairy farm. Second job was at Burger King summers from my senior year of high school through my junior year of college. Then I was a cashier at a farm/garden supply store. After that was a brief stint as secretary at the local Jewish Community Center. Then I spent 4 years as a reporter for the small hometown newspaper. Then I spent 2 years as a reporter for the local Gannett-owned large newspaper. Burned out and went back to work on the family farm for 3 years while my kids were little. Then back to the Gannett paper for 2 years. And now I have been a business reporter for a business journal (almost every city/regional has some similar form of business journal) for a little over a year and a half and love it.

The first job was McDonald's right after high school. I worked there for 3 weeks on the morning shift. Hated it. Abandoned it and started college early instead (2nd summer session). My mom picked up my last pay check for me and dropped of my uniform.

In college, I was an "Engineering Student Leader", which meant I got to lead freshman through all these little labs and grade papers. Also, I worked for a catering company. I LOVED catering. But, I often got looks when I was joining in and dancing with guests at the weddings that we worked at. During the college summers I always had a summer internship with Union Carbide, then BP Amoco, then ExxonMobil. I met my husband at Union Carbide, so that was worth it, I guess. And I found out that I didn't want to be an engineer by the time I did the ExxonMobil gig.

First job out of college was at a business management consulting firm (one of the Big 5 - also the one that happened to change their name just before Aurther Andersen went under with the whole Enron thing). I hated it. I quit after 2 years and went to work for a training consulting firm. They laid me off after 2.5 weeks (I was secretly thrilled). Then I did contract training work, tutored online, and subtituted in 2 school districts for 6 months. Then I landed my current job. Today is my 3 year anniversary here. I was hired as Training Specialist and now am the Lead Trainer in IT at an Urban Commuter University (I learned that term in a meeting yesterday). Oh, and I'm Jayla's mom - my oh, so much more important job.

I too am a SAHM MILF.
My first job was at a bagel store and my last job was in human resources for a food brokerage.
In between? Some crappy jobs I hated.

I currently work in the Corporate Affairs department at a large telecommunications company. I manage Athletic sponsorship and community television programming. I finally have my dream job after a million others. Life is good.

I'm an electrical engineer by training although I do mostly application develpment (aka programming) for control applications and systems integration. To simplify: you know the show How It's Made on the Discovery Channel? You know how they tell you the machines are all controlled by computers and how the operator uses a little touchscreen to control the machines? I write all those programs and design how the connections are made between the machines and the computers. I also write programs to collect information from these small computers and store it and report it to the "mucky mucks".

Make sense? Yeah, me neither.

I'm nearly 26 and have had around thirty jobs, due to moving around during art school and holding 2-3 jobs at once, taking on temp jobs, etc. Never been fired, though. These included housekeeping for a motel, taking care of disabled people, retail, retail, retail, waitressing, working at a soil lab, running a program for teens. Mostly, though, I've been a framer.

For the last 1.6 years I've worked at a gallery, custom framing art and selling and doing frame designs and a myriad of other things. This is the third framing place I've been at. And I am a painter. I'm hopefully in the framing/gallery business for the long haul, since I love it. And I'll be an artist forever.

I worked at Dairy Queen when I was 17 for all of 3 weeks before I got fired for rolling my eyes @ the 20 year old ass. manager. After I turned 18, I got my real estate license, and have been in that field ever since (6.5 yrs) - listing, showing, managing rentals. I took awhile off after the youngest was born. Ok, ok, I took 3 years off & I just went back last month. But only part-time & low stress, which means I handle everyone's paperwork b/c papers cannot yell at you and demand that you fix the unfixable :)

Right now I'm a SAHM, until at least April and hopefully September. Now I'm crying. I posted about this yesterday here:

I'm an early literacy teacher with huge ass student loans.

Before that I only had a Psychology degree and I worked with teen boys with FAS who were primarily sex offenders. One if now in jail for murdering a colleague, so I quit and went back for my B.Ed. At least most 6 year olds don't want to kill me.

Before that? Sold shoes in a mall, worked at McDonalds (shut up) and was a junior lifeguard.

Best job ever - Mommy. Why doesn't it come with a pension and benefits?

Ok, let's start at the beginning!

1. First job was a cashier at Winn-Dixie. From there I went to part-time bookkeepper/cashier.

2. College work-study job in the budget office. It was awful and horrible and cold and boring and the people were mean and there was a hideous painting on the wall that was so ugly it was totally worthy of the budget office.

3. Switched college work-study job to the library at the circulation desk. LOVED the library, stayed there until I graduated.

4. I worked as a waitress at California Pizza Kitchen for a very short time in my first and only summer home from college and I was very bad at it and the managers were all alcoholics.

5. Left CPK and needed a short term job before going back to college, so I worked fountain at Sonic where my sister was nmanager. She was really mean and bitchy to me and sometimes I would cry secretly because she treated me so badly.

6. Second summer in college I worked the library in the morning and evenings at the South Street Seaport at a coffee/pastry place that is now closed. I was paid under the table in cash and was the only American working there. The owner was a cheapskate asshole who tried to get out of paying me by saying I stole money, which ws a total lie and I called him on it and he broke down and paid me. Then I quit. (He did this a lot to people...said they stole money and fired them so he didn't have to pay them. They were illegal immigrants so were scared and never fought him)

7. I worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the retal desks in all the different secions. I LOVED the Met. And I know where all the bathrooms are.

8. Worked at the Body Shop at the same time and after the Met. Oh, I was still working at the college library too. I did at one point go to school full time and have three jobs at the same time. I was exhausted. I loved the Body Shop very much but a new girl came in and was stealing and she blamed it on me. Ten dollars. The Regional manager called me into the office and did all these fear and threat tactics and I cried and denied all charges. (I cry when I am angry) She went through her whole book of threats and I never backed down so she said she was sorry, but I was so mad and offended I quit.

9. I had $20 to my name my last year in college and I had to eat which meant I had to work. The library wasn't giving enough hours. I took a job at a market research firm called SRBI and did cold-calling interviewing for research studies. It was degrading and awful and horrble and consescending and they treated us like garbage. They stopped treating my like garbage after a while becasue I am smart and they respeted that. I will never ever hang up on an interview phone call. I stayed there over the frst summer out of college, but becasue I was paying rent by this time I needed more $$.

10. So...I looked in the paper and found a job that was a sales-ey job in midtown. It smelled suspicious from the begining but IA said I'd give it a week. The folks at SRBI were sorry to see me go, becasue I had very high stats, and said come back anytime. So this was low-risk. It was a fax spamming company that sent out faxes and my job was to take incoming calls from people responding to the spam. The commission $$ was supposed to be good and I earned a lot of it but they never paid me any of it, saying the first week was a training week and I wasn't getting paid. I worked 8-6 every day for a week, got lots of commissions, and they tried to give me $40. For the whole week. I said no. They gave me a check for $70, and I wanted nothing more to do with them so I left.

11. I signed up with a temp agency and got a position with a company called Shareholder Cmmunications in the financial district. My desk was by a huge window that overlooked the water and the Statue of Liberty. I used to watch the sun set behind the statue every day. t was great. I did very well there and they hired me on full-time, but I took a pay cut becasue the temp agency had been paying me previously. they had kept me on at a hgher rate than everyone else, so whle all the others who were going permaenent were getting a raise, I was getting a cut. I stayed because I needed to work. I did very well and got so bored I literally cried. And they weren't payng me enough.

12. I then went over to a certain disount brokerage firm on Wall Street as a customer service rep. got my series 7 stockbroker license an

13. moved into handling trade disputes. I did that for a little over a year, then

14. I went into my first training position. (Still at the brokerage firm) I loved training and learned a lot, then got promoted in the same company...

15. an Instructional Designer. I did very well there and stayed for three more years. I ended up on all Street actually doing what I studied in art school. Who would have thought.
After 6 years with the brokerage firm, the company got bought and I was offered a position with the new company. I accepted (and mourned not getting a severance package!!) and immediately started looking for another job.

Oh yeah, this was when I just had a baby and my husband bailed.

16. Which brings me to where I am now. I work as an elearning developer for the financial markets software for the largest global news company in the world. My desk directly faces the building where the New Year's ball drops from in Times Square every year. It's pretty cool. I like my job and I am good at what I do.

17. I'm a mom. I'm a mom at the same time that I'm everything else. I do not get paid for being a mom, actually it's a rather expensive occupation to have. I do not know much about being a mom, but I learn stuff every day. Sometimes I want to stay home, and I sort-of do get to experience that on weekends and days off. It's nice. But going to work could be a lot worse and I'm one of the lucky single moms who has a good job and doesn't have to deal with an ex, and I have deep gratitude for that every day.


My first job at 16 was Long John Silvers. I came home with great left overs, but I stank something horrible.

The I worked in all kinds of retail stores in various malls. Eventually made assistant manager and manager for some stores.

I was a waitress at TGIFridays...I really, really sucked at being a waitress.

Then on to a shoe store....great discounts and first picks.

Then I was a stay at home mom for 13 years. My daughter is now a junior in college and my son a senior in high school.

I am currently an administrative assistant to Director of Programs in Defense and Aerospace. I really love this job and the people. I am also lucky to work for a great boss. This is my actual "grown up" job.

This was fun, thanks for a nice break in my day!

Currently I'm a research associate for a non-profit health research firm. I love it completely and the people I work with are wonderful. I do policy research and program evaluation. It's basically like grad school every day, but without being graded and being paid instead of hemorraging money to the University.

Before this I was an intern here (until I finished up my Masters) and I've also been a waitress, a barista. My least favorite job was as a retirement benefits specialist, which was basically just a fancy name for a person who answers calls from angry or confused (often both) retirees about their benefits, or lack thereof. I was hired in right before they changed insurance companies for all their retirees and so there were a lot of angry calls. I got tired of being sworn at by little old ladies pretty quickly. The best part of the job though was the old men who were embarrassed to be calling about problems with their ED prescriptions (v!agra, etc.).

I'll play on this one!

1st job was at 15 years old at a local grocery store chain, bagging groceries. Moved up to Customer Service clerk within a year and then to night Manager/Bookkeeper a year after that. Worked there for 7 years! They closed all of the stores then, but I had two other jobs at the time so I was good.

One was as a receptionist in an animal hospital. My absolute favorite job by far. I loved the people I worked with and the cutesey animals kept me busy.

The other job was as an Executive Assistant (= secretary to the Director) at a non-profit animal shelter, the oldest in the nation. It was great, but I wanted to adopt all of the puppies and school was taking up too much of my time to continue working there.

Quit both of those 4 years ago to work for a small CPA firm, where I am today. Finished my degree in 2004 and I'm slowly advancing my way up here; now I'm the Office Manager and a Staff Accountant.

Wish I could be a SAHM... or at least a WAHM. When I have this baby in August, I plan to work from home for 3 months because with my first baby I could only stay home from work with her for 5 weeks because I had her in the beginning of tax season. Our daycare situation was different back then (mother-in-law was able to watch her all day and today we use an in-home daycare) so it wasn't too bad, but accountants aren't as busy in the summer so I'm taking some time off!

I read both of your sites every day and I totally envy you for being able to stay home and raise Mia. I try my hardest to be a good mommy to my baby (almost 2 years old!) but I only see her for 1.5 hours every day. Luckily her daddy gets home earlier than I do so she's not at a sitter the whole time, but I miss her this time of year!

I've worked at a golf course (my fav job ever...cuz I got to eat all the concessions for free!!), as a waitress, as a cashier, and in a medical office doing many things. I'm currently a SAHM, but I do payroll for the medical office every 2 weeks. I plan to start homeschooling in a couple months, thus ensuring that I will NEVER have to return to work (atleast until both kids have graduated).

I have had a long line of jobs. Everything from doing makeovers for Macy's in the cosmetics dept., to tasting coffee for Folgers. Most of my jobs, however, have been in science. Before I left the work force in the mid-90's to finish my graduate degree, I investigated medical device failures and possible scientific fraud.

I got my PhD in Biochemistry, and I went into research science in infectious disease. Unfortunatly, Katrina wiped out my research program, and I had to start my career over. Now I am a contract pharmaceutical developer. I take new drugs through the FDA approval process. Which means my job is a lot of handholding, interrupted by wild adventures with bodily fluids. It's a lot like being a Mom.

This is too weird, we have too much in common!
My first job was a cashier at Food Lion. It sucked, royally. But I was in highschool and it made extra speding money.

My second job was a cashier/retail associate at Cracker Barrel. I loved it because I was in college and nothing but college kids were there with me. I met some of my best friends workig that job. I worked there for 3 years while I was in college.

My third job was working as a teacher at a learning center. Basically, it was a daycare, but By God don't call it that because the owners would get their panties in a wad. Then I had Aeralyn, and now I'm a SAHM. The best job ever.

Once she goes to school, I'm going to finish my degree in Early Childhood Education, and then I will be an elementary school teacher.

I work in Corporate Services for one of the agencies of the Ministry of Tourism. Lots of financial stuff and data reporting. I actually I love my job so no complaints from me. No blogging/reading blogs at work though unfortunately!

Ok! Here is goes there have been alot of them and i am only 27 (well if you don't tell anyone ill be 28 in a month yikes!)
Any who... high school i always held 2 jobs, since 14, busgirl, file clerk at an insurance company, waitress, cashier at a small grocery store, book keeper for a very small trucking company. Then i decided i wanted to live and work at a horse ranch for a few years after school. That was the most fun ever and i wish i could go back, but little to no money and it gets very cold in the winter on a mountain in northern PA.
Ok so where was i (you said you wanted to know!) From there me and a ranch buddy started a door to door sales business, roses! it was fun, no real boss was pretty cool. Then i thought gee i am 20 years old i should grow up already and i got a job at MetLife and followed Daddy's lead in financial planning. Hopped around in that field for about 4 years traveled alot specialied in differant areas of financial planning. Then i found that to be dull and boring and started delivering pizza! waitressing etc... u get the idea, then i went back to school and got a BFA. I worked at an arcitectual Iron company designing decorative and restoration iron casts along with their website, then i worked at a Tech company in the facilities department laying out the building diagrams and excape routes (oh what fun). And now my favorate.... I work for an investment company (real estate and development) and i get to do all the marketing, graphic/web/design and i still do some CAD on the side.
Well you asked for it so i delivered, and just so you know i left the more mundane things out like selling cars ha! I think I am settling down a bit, i have had this last job now for 1.5 years and just got a riase how cool is that!

Today, I'm a travel agent who owns my owns company. Prior to this I've done my time in retail, worked for media companies in inventory and ultimately web analytics for a really large internet company. Then I chucked it all to own my little piece of the world.

In high school I worked for three years at an ice cream stand. It was fun, but I couldn't eat ice cream the whole time. (Did you know that ice cream has a smell? It does.)

In college I worked at the library, which I loved.

After college I thought I wanted to work in publishing, so I did an editorial assistant gig for about three years. Some parts of it I loved (editing, seeing a project from beginning to end, layout and design) and some parts I hated (dealing with cranky authors, office politics). So I decided that maybe that library job in college wa a hint, and I went to library school.

Got a couple of temporary library gigs after that, but the "massive librarian retirement" that they kept promising never appeared and the pay was crap. (The work, however, was fabulous.)

I was hired on at a nonprofit as their grants writer and did that for a year or so before moving over to the other side. Now I work at a foundation and give away money. I love working with small community organizations, helping them turn their ideas into reality. It's a good job, but more bureaucratic than you'd think and some days I think the endless evaluations and paperwork will kill me.

I miss editorial work, so I'm doing some freelance writing to keep my hand in.

I always felt like I had a meandering career path, but from the comments before me, I can see that this is normal. Very normal.

I'm a stay-at-home-mom now. Before that I was an assistant at a very small law firm. HATED it. Before that I was a college student.

Wow, my life story would be very short.

Hmmmm, well I like lists so I will make one for you:
1.Fry technician at local fast food joint.
2.Receptionist at my university
3.Manager of client services for food bank agency.
4.Supervisor of Public Housing unit projects.
5.SAHM/baby incubator

I have had so many...

age 14-17, waitress in my small town
Hardee's (for about 2 weeks)
daycare (3 places)
copy clerk (3 places)
admin assistant (everywhere, worked for a temp agency)
I-HOP waitress
accounting clerk (again, all over)
landfill gatehouse supervisor (really)
currently, retirement analyst

I'm the Executive Director of e-Business Development for a company that publishes newsletters. I love that my title tells people nothing about what I do. In fact there are people who work for my company who don't know what I do. But basically, my team's mission is to figure out how to do new stuff to help grow our business, specifically on the Internet, but in other ways too. It's a pretty cool job. We also get handed all the weird projects that don't fit anywhere else.

I've also worked as a circulation assistant and then circulation manager for a magazine (a very conservative magazine, so you can imagine how well I fit in there), managed a bookstore, was a park ranger (yes, I do still have the hat), and held any number of boring office temp jobs. One of them was at the Department of Energy, where I wasn't even allowed to go the bathroom by myself until they completed my background check, but that is about as interesting as it got.

embarrasingly, i've had very few jobs.

right now i work at scholastic canada. in the education department. writing and editing kids books. it's a great job

(speaking of which...where's my manuscript??!! hee.)

i've been here on and off for years. since before i had emily.

before that i worked at a place called ketubah ketubah. basically i ran the office around there. not very exciting.

I have 2 full tiem jobs in addition to full-time mama to 1 and mooo-ooom to another.
I am a traffic manager - I watch cameras all over the road and have my minions listen to the pd/fire radios and planes and car who report accidents, traffic and disableds to me. I send out help to diabled/crashes and report everything to the local news media, update a traffic website in real-time and I post publically all the construction for South NJ. I am leaving on 2/9 to become a WAHM and go to school in the fall.
My other job is a fund raiser for non-profits. You start (or have) a non-profit and you need money? I tell you how, help you out, and only take a fee (no percentage). The people I sell to love me, make huge amounts of money because of me, and my clients rarely stray. Whenever I offer my services for free I am berated and ignored. It's very strange.
I dont run walk-a-thons or sell things- I raise endowment money and operating money and buliding-fund money in the millions. I also offer advice on grants and alternate-funding options, business advice for the struggling non-profit, and maximizing stratigies.
I make so much money doing this it's sickening. On the upside - the very few times I have not fufilled my goals for my client I have refunded their money.
As far as previous jobs - I have had over 40 so I re-posted and slightly tweaked a post I did before my son was born about all my jobs.
I have no idea how to trackback.

My current job is my most boring and highest paying ever. I am an administrative assistant for a property management company. Basically, we lease, pay bills, collect rent, and coordinate services for medical office buildings.

Previously I have worked with developmentally disabled adults in group homes, tested people's pool water at a pool and supply store, made sandwiches at Subway, was a receptionist at a Doctor's office, and a bagger/cashier/stocker at a tiny grocery store.

Hostess in a mexican restaurant, complete with fiesta uniform of brightly colored ruffly blouse and skirt.

Cashier in a grocery store (tom thumb/randall's), then service manager, then cash office/courtesy booth bitch. Did this from junior year in high school all through college

Recruiter for a corporate travel company

HR stuff for a private holding company

HR stuff for a law firm in New York - worst job of my life up to that point

HR stuff for the company that owned the Casual Corner stores, plus Brooks Brothers, Adrienne Vittadini and Carolee jewelry in Connecticut

HR stuff for a technology company

Nanny to my nephew for three months

HR stuff for corrupt physician management company - this one wins for overall worst job ever

HR stuff for same technology company as before

And now, like you said, MILF! Oh wait, I also do online moderation for a firm out of the UK, which is only financially worth it because I get paid in British pounds and right now the pound kicks the dollar's behind. And it keeps me off the streets.

wow poeple have had some interesting jobs...nothing fantastic for me. I got in some trouble when I was caught shoplifting and had to get a job to help pay for my trouble.
1. cashier at Arthur Treachers, it was a fish and chips sort of fast food. It was in out local mall.
2/3. A hostess at Olgas resturant then turned waitress. Again it was in the mall.
4. A cashier at Sears, again in the mall. I had trouble leaving the mall, maybe I should add mall rat at a job.
5. Was the stupidest job was a greenhouse. I hated it, it didn't last long.
6/7. Started as a hostess at Bob Evans resturant and then turned waitress. This was my longest job at 4 years. I worked my way through college as a single mom. The tips were great.
8. and were I am now is at a health insurance company. I work in the Client Service area as a rep and assist people on the phones...yup I am the person that gets yelled at by all the angry people about their healthcare. please be nice to me....

Teenager jobs: McDonalds, Kernel's Popcorn, Fabric store, old folks' home.

Big Girl Jobs: I've been a secretary for fifteen years for various industries - accounting, cemetery, construction, mortgage financing.

Concurrent Full-time and Favourite Job: Mom of three.

Video store clerk (we watched porn when the store was empty), bank teller, secretary, student clerk, admin assistant, continuing education coordinator, and last paying job was office manager/paralegal. The last job is what did me in - it was small firm and the partners split and sued each other. They went through mediation twice, failed, and finally went to court. At the beginning of the trial the judge was so disgusted at them (it really was appalling) that he told them they were the reasons lawyers had a bad name. In the end it was my testimony that decided the case, but after all that I had to get away from them, so I quit to recover. Then we moved across the country, then we got pregnant, so now here I am Professional Baby Wrangler.

The only career job that I've ever worked is a Firefighter, more specifically an Engineer (the guy that drives the fire truck). I've been doing that for almost 10 years (holy crap, that's a decade). I work 48 hours on then get 4 days off and I get month of vacation time every year. I love it...But I might be considering a career change.

Before that I worked all over the place; bus driver, ski shops, forest service, blah, blah, blah.

1- janitor at my high school. (Shut up!)

2- wendys (for a week to pay for books in college)

3- researcher for newspaper at college

4- worked at a convenient store (nice way to use my degree? I don't think so.

5- worked for a essential oil company (shut up, it was awesome! Steven Segal had his own line!)

6- current in construction management. (Who knew a history degree would lead to construction? Not me, but it's a good gig.)

Theatre* box office babe (think, "Enjoy the Show!")
PR for a regional theatre (think, "No No, I really do enjoy driving you around Mrs. Cunningham, er I mean Mrs. Ross" and "boy, licking envelopes is fantastic!")
Managing Director of an Alternative Theatre (think, "Dammit, I don't care if the roof is leaking again, get a mop and OPEN THE HOUSE!")
Mom (think... wait, you know that gig)
Manager of regional theatre box office (think, "Enjoy the Show!" but with more money and benefits and having to fire people and attend too many meetings)
Mom again (see above, but with twice as many kids)
The End

Sounds like a thrilling existence, no?

* all of these are live theatre, not the movie type

Im currently a systems administrator for a large public school district. In the past I have had the following jobs:

oil rig worker
prep cook
tech support
web developer
software developer

I am a helpdesk technician at a state university. Basically students, faculty and staff call into our call center if they are having issues with technology on campus...and I try to solve what I can over the phone and if I can't I dispatch a technician...

Currently I work for a computer supplies company, since you can't make any money where I live acting or singing, which are the only things I'm actually trained to do.

I have previously worked in: veterinary office management, arts administration and box office for opera/ballet/performing arts center, floral design, fast food, retail clothing, radio, university library, softball field concession stand, convenience store, outdoor theatre, karaoke bar (as host)--am I leaving anything out? I hope not--that seems like plenty!

Well I don't have a whole bunch of jobs under my belt- I'm 24. My first job was as an ice-cream jerk (I guess, just bridging the gap from soda-jerk) at TCBY. That didn't last long. Apparently they don't like it when you have whipped cream battles while closing up the store.

After that I took various manual labor jobs over the summers during high school. I didn't work during the school year - wasn't allowed. I mostly worked for our local Pepsi distributor. I started out riding shotgun on a delivery truck (the kind with lots of garage doors on the side, not the 18-wheeler that backs up to a loading dock) and busting my ass for 12+ hours a day in the blistering heat delivering soda. (If I could do it over again, I would have chosen a bread or chip company... their products are a lot lighter!) Once I turned 18 I could drive a company vehicle and I moved up in the ranks and got a returning seasonal position where they gave me the keys to a GEO METRO and I got up before the sun to meet those 18 wheelers at the loading docks in superfresh/food lion/giant/etc, and put 2-10 palettes of product on the shelves at every store. Much more work, not much more money.

My senior year in high school I got an office job at the same Pepsi distributor. Mostly filling copiers with paper and other useless crap that nobody wants to do. But it afforded me craploads of down time, so I ended up learning Cold Fusion from the tech guys and found my way on to the development team. I did lots of fun stuff from there on out.

In college I got an internship with Perdue Farms (the chicken company) and did development on all of their archaic hardware (mainframes, etc) for about 2 years. I jumped ship just in time, because not long after I left they downsized IT quite a bit and I'm almost sure I would have gone. It's a shame because there's a lot of things that modern technology could do to improve that business but they are too scared/ignorant to embrace it. The "business" people - who deal with chickens or sales - have this vision of a bunch of computer nerds sitting in the office all day playing video games and ping pong (I asked)... they have no idea how much work we do (is "did" more apropos now that I don't work there?) to make their jobs easier. All they know is the scales aren't working - they don't know that the XML files that the scales run on are corrupt. Jerkwads.

And that brings us to today. I work for ETech, a technology consulting company based out of West Chester, PA. I do the work behind dynamic (database-driven) websites. I'm no website designer... but I love the part that I do. I love it so much that I spend countless hours tinkering with shit on my own site and the wife wonders how I can spend the entire day in front of the computer at work, and then come home and do the same thing.

1. In H.S. worked at two different bakeries where I learned to decorate cakes and hate donuts.

2. In college I worked Fast Food, then as a Shed Girl, and then as a Student Fundraiser for academic scholarships at my alma mater. During the summers I worked various temp jobs which included one long 2 month-er at a Gov't agency which basically involved playing poker all day after I finished the 5 minutes of work they gave me. (Gotta love those government jobs!)

3. Had an internship my last summer at college at an engineering company's marketing firm.

4. Graduated college and attempted to use my degree by teaching English at an alternative high school.

5. Got over the teaching bug quickly and then worked for years in accounting and then marketing at a large oil company.

6. SAH-MILF!--who wonders if she'll ever re-enter the out-of-home work force again!

I mowed lawns in high school. Then I worked at Burger King for a bit. And I waitressed at Bonanza. I assembled, soldered, and shipped circuit boards for a small company owned by a friend of my father's when I was in college--summers only. I interned at 2 vet clinics. Straight out of college I was hired by the university that I had attended as a histologist at the veterinary diagnostic laboratory on an extended campus, and here I am. I'll probably stay, too. The pay isn't awesome but the benefits are, and when my kids get old enough they can go to college for nearly free. For extra cash I've tutored high school students in biology and english, and more recently I've been doing some freelance photography work.

Okay, I'll play too!

My first job was at McDonald's during my Grade11 year. My 3 best friends also worked there. There were times when the McVan would pick us up at school so we could work an hour during the big rush and get a free meal. It was cool.

Then we moved. My dad got me a job at the bank doing data input for the issue of a savings bond. Woo. Good money, long hours. 3 weeks total.

I really didn't work much more til I got to my last year of university. I worked at Shoppers Drug Mart as a pharmacy technician/student.

My first job after graduating was in a wee town in Manitoba (pop400) as the pharmacist. It was a good job - people were very patient with me being a new grad. I learned a lot and after two years, I moved to Regina to work for Shoppers again.

After 2 years there, I moved to New Brunswick, and I'm still working for Shoppers.

1) Children's ski school instructor
2) Cashier for gift boutique
3) Cashier/sales for office supply store
4) University field trip bus driver
5) Respite care worker
6) Children's photographer
7) Sales at shoe boutique
8) Manager at nicer shoe boutique
9) Human Resources assistant
10) GPS Surveyor
11) Paint counter girl at Home Depot
12) Assistant to the President of a coke company
13) Technical editor for a geotechnical engineering group

Wow. it's weird to write them all down.

So, you must be one of the 4 Americans that knows about the wickedness of the Campbells (I am one). We done did some evil mean stuff to the MacDonalds too.

Every once in awhile I will mention that my ancestors were scoundrels but usually no one has any idea what I'm talking about.

I've never had any interesting jobs. I was a nnay right before having my wee one two years ago. That was as close to job training as I think you can get for being a full-time SAHM.

My first paying job was helping my dad on the farm. He would pay us to "walk beans," which basically means that we'd walk through the soybean fields and cut down or pull the weeds in between the rows to help increase our yields. I babysat for neighbor kids and was a nanny for a summer. After that I worked at a fast food restaurant. When I got tired of flipping burgers it was on to Target where I worked in the Domestics department (towels, sheets, other linens) - plus there was a 10% discount! Next, I worked various positions at a hotel for a few years, then I was a bartender at a sports bar and had an accounting internship at a medical school. After college I worked for a small CPA firm and now I work for a large financial services company as an internal auditor.

Wow, I didn't realize I had held so many different jobs!

My career, in a nutshell:

From age 16-18, day care aide/day camp counselor with some summer stints at Mcdonald's to supplement the cash flow. I had a group of senior citizens who came in every morning after daily Mass to get their breakfast and coffee, and they were all so sad to see me leave for college. It was very sweet.

College: Various on campus jobs including office assistant at the student union, ID office clerk, audio-visual technician (ask me about the time I met the Smothers Brother, or the time the road crew for Joe Diffie tried to hit on all of us, or...I should shut up now), Fine Arts Department house manager/box office manager, and Biology Department office assistant with a focus on the teacher training field experience courses. Also during the college years there was a summer of camp counselor (overnight camp this time) and McDonald's.

During student teaching semester and after graduation I worked as a substitute teacher and as a floater at Hecht's.

I got a teaching job (3rd grade) and supplemented that with another retail job (Chico's clothing store) during the year I was planning the wedding. The first year I was married I taught middle school and worked at The Body Shop on weekends. Then I quit the Body Shop job and sold Tupperware. Then I quit teaching because I'm not very good at it.

I worked as a Tupperware lady/substitute teacher/administrative support temp for the IT department at my mom's company for a few months, then got a full time receptionist/accounting clerk position at the same company. Then I had a baby and quit selling Tupperware, but stayed at the same company, but they transferred me to being a receptionist/admin assistant in the department where the boss was so difficult that the temp agencies wouldn't send anyone to work for him. I lasted a year with him.

When Princess was 16 months old, I moved to a non-profit organization and worked as a departmental secretary. A few months after I came back from maternity leave with Hoss the VP of the division I worked for offerred me a promotion to come be his assistant. I stayed with him for four years, then got a promotion to work with the Executive Office, supporting our organization's Board. And that's where I am now. Which is a fancy way of saying that I went from being the secretary for a bunch of people, to being the secretary to one guy who was the boss of boss of all those people, to being the secretary to the group that is the boss of everyone.

This is too interesting not to delurk and join in.

In high school, I worked as a runner for my hometown newspaper. In college, worked at a Hallmark; then, got my first "real" job as a reporter for a large newspaper outside of Nashville. A few years later, my husband and I moved back to the city where we went to college, and I got a job as a crime and courts reporter for a regional newspaper, a job that led a 30-day stint as an embedded reporter in Iraq. Then last year, I took a job as the PR person for a large public university law school. The job includes better hours, free college courses, etc., but I must confess I miss the excitement and the long hours of reporting! :)

Thanks for the break from work! It's a great topic.

Wow...what a variety:
-At 13-I used to create a Children's Page for a bilingual Spanish newspaper "La Página de los Niños".
-At 15-I started babysitting.
-At 16-I worked at a convenience (Convenient) store.
-During college I worked at Erie Dining Hall (ewww!) as a Student Leader, dishwasher, server, prep person, or runner depending on the day. I also worked at Convenient during breaks. (I also donned a sexy red apron at the store and black apron at the dining hall with stylin' mesh baseball cap)
-A few summers I worked at a Six Flags theme park in a pizza stand as a manager. (yucko! summer + pizza stand = hot & sweaty) And also undercover as a Loss Prevention Agent.
-for about 5 summers I worked at a summer school/camp as an art teacher & videography teacher and afternoon crafts instructor. Pretty cool! Class sizes were a max of 7 kids.
-I worked as a substitute teacher for a year and a half. (sucked big time! Especially middle school age! I totally know where you are coming from there)
-I was a teaching assistant for a year during grad school and supervised pre-student teachers.
-I worked 3 years as a high school art teacher. Had it's positives and negatives.
-Currently a SAHM. By far the most rewarding but also has its positives and negatives.

My dream job? To be able to work full time on something art related (painting, drawing, ceramics, sewing). Maybe once the kid starts school.

First of all, I love this post and I may steal it for my blog although I know I won't have nearly the comments that you do. Just a warning, I may plagerize! :)

First Job: TWELVE years old, my first and only sibling came along and i was the build in babysitter. Being the oldest kid in the neighborhood and seeing as how my brother survived me, I got lots for calls for the other kiddos and this lasted until I left for college. Also, my church was at the end of the street and that brought in the business too. It was cozy for a 12 year old.

SIXTEEN: Tutoring and teaching cheer camps. I got pd 6/hr per kid to tutor math for upward bound. I tutored two girls at the same time and made 12/hr. Sweet!! Cheer camps were a lump sum a couple saturdays per year.

EIGHTEEN: moved to college. taught gymnatics daily, about 15 classes per week. would teach camps one saturday every couple of months. Also got a gig doing special routins and camps for cheer squads in the area thru the same company. I babysat on the side for a couple who knew a couple that I'd babysat for when I lived at home.

NINETEEN:Constant babysitting than anything, only teaching gym camps, couple hours a week btw classes in the dean's office of the college of comm, basically just to suck up to all the faculty and staff. Hey, it worked!

By TWENTY I was a full fledged nanny loved every minute of it and kept that gig until a year after graduation.

TWENTY THREEish I became the Adv Coordinator for PTC, the largest retailer in the oil industry. That job sucked. The company was fine. My boss had serious personal and emotional issues and well...we won't talk about the others.

After that it's my current gig as Adv Extrordinaire for a large media conglomerate that rhymes with fripps. Hopefully they keep me a while because there are a few positions i wouldn't mind moving too. I plan on being here until my hubby gets his MBA and we possibly have to move.

During my college years I had a variety of internships that changed every 9mo-1yr so including all of that:

Account Exec for PR Agency: Concepts
Marketing and Development for Art Museum
Marketing and Development for 2nd Harvest Food Bank
Marketing and Internship Mgr: Citadel Broadcasting, radio media conglomerate
Director of Development for DM, part of ETCH and Children's Miracle Networks.

I teach and do some research. Counting babysitting and tutoring over the course of many, many years as two total jobs, I have had 7 jobs altogether at the ripe old age of 33.

I work as procurement associate in the engineering department of the manufacturing plant of a company that makes little diamond shaped blue pills :), which in turn make men and women of an older age group very happy indeed.
Not quite sure how i got the job and if you've seen the news lately, not quite sure how much longer I will have this job.

At present I am a CPA and I work as an accounting consultant for a really cool company that I love.

Here is how I got here:
1. Temp job after junior year of HS. I worked for an agency in Texas that did licensing (including wrestlers, we found Hulk Hogan's docs!).
2. I worked as a cashier/pizza maker/delivery gal for Mr. Gatti's Pizza (dial 459-2222 and get a Mr Gatti's Pizza delivered to yooooou)
3. I worked for Motorola for 3 years of college. This was awesome, they paid for most of my education.
4. Another temp job after graduating from college. This is what gave me the $100 I moved to CA with.
5. Temp job in CA was with Dreyer's Ice Cream. Thank god I only worked here a week. I took microfilm pictures of delivery receipts and they called this an accounting job. Yeah right.
6. Contractor at Sony Electronics as a project assistant for various television studio/JumboTron/Broadcast facilities. My name was/is on a plaque on a trailer that was built for doing remote sports broadcasts.
7. I got a job with a sole proprietor CPA and this is where I got my experience that led to my licensing.
8. Got a job with an awesome accounting consulting firm. Because I dealt mainly with small businesses at my CPA firm, I was mainly working on start ups.
9. Took a job with Kaleidescape. They were my client for 2 years prior to taking the permanent job. I worked a LOT of hours.
10. Back to awesome consulting firm. They welcomed me back with open arms and I can't believe I ever left them. I am back to 40 hour work weeks. Hooray!

I'm the Director of Administration for a consulting firm, and also, looking for a new job, which is a fulltime job in itself! I've been doing this for ten years.

I waited tables at Macaroni Grill for two years before this job, and still have nightmares.

Before that, I managed a Blockbuster Video store for two years, and THAT was the worst job I ever had. It stressed me to the point of contracting Eppstein-Barre Syndrome (which is a miserable condition, and my boss was MAD because I had to miss work for a week. Over Christmas. I was in bed SUFFERING, jerk!)

Before that, I had the greatest job EVER: I worked for Six Flags for four years as a rides foreman (I know a LOT about how roller coasters work), and then for two years as an internal security officer, which kind of sucked because I busted people for employee theft, but a little cool because I got to use handcuffs and do undercover surveillance.

And in high school, I worked at a vet, cleaning up dog poo.

Hmm. Let's see:

Job 1: Working concession at the local movie theater, then moving up to box cashier and assistant manager. Kept that one all the way through college, I would work when I went home for the summer and Christmas. Started dating my husband during that time, he was one of the managers.

Job 2: Driving buses at college. Had to get my commercial driver's license (lots of training), but the money and hours were good.

Job 3: First job out of college, a teller at a credit union. Stayed there for a year, then left to be a SAHM. Which, I guess, would be:

Job 4: SAHM. Did this until my son was 11 months old, then decided I wanted to go back to work. (We had moved back to our home state during this time.)

Job 5: Admissions office receptionist at a tiny little college in a tiny (TINY) little town. The people were nice, but the job was incredibly boring. My major (really, only) job responsibility was just answering the phone. Seeing as I hate talking on the phone this was not really my thing. I only stayed for about 7 months, then we moved again.

Job 6 (current): I am in university research administration. Basically, I help researchers at a major university put together their grant proposals. Budgeting, reading the sponsor guidelines, that sort of thing. It is hard to explain, but I've been here almost 3 years and I love it!!

In former lives I have 1) Sold Electronic Componets (like capicitors and resistors), 2) leaseed apartements, c) been a sales assistant at a brokerage firm, fish) sold 403(b), 5) worked in record stores 6) sold airline tickets g) been a receptionist for a sound and light company.

I could go on, but even I am getting bored.

Growing up I was always a babysitter - in the summers, weekends, evenings whenever. In college I worked in a conservation lab at the university library repairing books (actually much more fun than it sounds) and now I am an architect. I work for a very little firm and we do custom residential. I did commercial buildings for a while, but houses are where it's at!

About my current job - I should clarify that I haven't been looking for a job for ten years, but have been a D of A for ten years. I've only been looking for a job since December.

Job 1: neighborhood babysitter, which I started doing when I was 12, and continued doing sporadically even when I was on break in college.

Job 2: flunky at our local library (age 14-17). I put away the books, realphabetized the kids' picturebook section, and occasionally put together messages for our local public access cable station, but was never, ever allowed to check out books using the then-spiffy new computer system. Grr.

Job 3: (HATEHATEHATEHATE) Caller for a certain now-defunct women's college (age 18). Yes, I had to try to raise money for a college that EVERYONE KNEW only existed in name only. The only good part about this job was that I got to call some pretty neat famous people.

Job 4: Teacher and director of an English-as-a-Second-Language program for refugee teenagers (age 19-20).

Job 5: Research assistant for a guy writing a book (age 20).

Job 6: Research analyst for a group that studied health policy for a certain deadly disease. (ages 21-25). First, and only, real job where I got W2s AND health benefits!!!

Job 7: Tutor for a national test-prep service. (BTW, getting this job is the ONLY use I've ever had out of my good SAT scores, other than getting into college, of course.)

Job 8: PhD student. (ages 26 - ???)

Wow. Except for senior year of college, I've been working continuously for a long time, and at the most menial jobs you can imagine. I'm not sure that I wanted to know this about myself.

Currently, I'm a SharePoint admin (although SharePoint wench is more to my liking), with sides of Process Enforcement and General IT Shiznit. I work for a big ol' consulting company (but I think you already know that).

The job before this was as a Windows admin in a different state for the same big ol' consulting company.

Previous to that, I was a product manager for a wee little company in Cleveland that was heavy into e-publishing. I helped retailers set up e-bookstores. The pay sucked, but the technology was interesting, the people were cool, and I still kind of miss that job sometimes.

Prior to that I was a TA for the intro programming course, and my kids loved me. Previous to that I did a 6-month stint as a waitress in a Mediterranean restaurant near campus, which... never again. Miraculously, I can still eat hummus and would totally eat at said restaurant. The job before that was as a student programmer for campus services, and before that was my first semester as a TA for the intro programming course. The semester before that I was a research flunky in the nursing school, which meant that I spent 15 hours each week traipsing about campus copying various journal articles for the faculty. That job was kind of cool - I got to explore the scary tunnels under University Hospitals and the completely-frightening, climate-controlled, argon-ready basement of the medical school library which was poorly lit and smelled like old books. My very first college job, which was the semester before that, was as a library assistant in the main campus library. I mostly reshelved books, but I got to play with the electronic stacks which was way fun. I still sort of want to go back to school and be a professional librarian, but don't because I'm a big giant chicken.

Also during college I spent a month over Christmas break selling shoes in a department store one year. It wasn't a great job, but it wasn't horrible either.

During high school, I spent most of my time employed at the local movie theatre, doing everything from cleaning theatres to running the projector. The projection job? Best. Job. Ever. Seriously. Prior to that I worked for 2 months washing dishes at a local pizza place (never, ever, EVER again. Ew), and the two summers before that I spent working at the local dairy-queen knock-off, which was also way fun.

You know, that might have been easier to follow had I not gone in reverse-chronological order. Oops.

I am a project manager in an the IT division of a large financial corporation. Fun stuff I tell ya! I love programmers!! :)

I'm and HR Manager for a company that is a household name in sporting goods.

I've been in HR for 17 years.
Other jobs I've had:
professional bridal seamstress
cook at a nursing home
grocery store checker
motel room maid

I am a voice coach and singing teacher.

and before that ... dude, you don't want to know. I've had so many jobs, even I can't remember what's what.

Right now I'm a Project Manager at a technology institute at a university. I've been here 1.5 years.

Before that I was an administrator on the University's central campus (3 years).

Before that I was a Box Office and Rentals Manager at a non-profit theatre.

Before THAT, I worked for the profit portion of a non-profit doing marketing and distribution/sales of theatre productions on compact disk (kind of like audiobooks).

Before that was college. :)

How are you actually going to get thru all these comments?

Job 1 - Worked for a caterer at 15 1/2. When I realized that I was just going to smell like tenderloin tips and scrap vats of mashed potatoes all night, I quit.

Job 2 - Dairy Queen. Loved the job, loved the people I worked with. The owner also didn't believe that high school seniors should work on Fridays...we should go to games and on dates and such. Loved him!

Job 3 - Cub Foods in Milwaukee. While in college. Went to alot of drinking parties with those folks. And visited with Grateful Dead Deadheads. Wow. Eye-opening.

Job 4 - Back home in summer and worked at a little mall store. The Sock Market. It sucked. The boss sucked. I hated every sock moment.

Job 5 - Real job. Medical technologist. I draw blood, I run lab tests. I've worked in three different places in this field. My all time favorite was in oncology and I spent 11 years with the same group.

Job 6 - All along for the past 12 years, mommy. The best and the worst job. Now I am doing it mostly full-time, and I am thrilled. But poor.

Job 1 - Evening Daycare so the moms could excersize upstairs
Job 2 - Popcorn scooper at the movie theatres
Job 3 - Coffee Barista extordinaire
Job 4 - Camp Counsellor
Job 5 - Childrens Theatre Teacher
Job 6 - Actress,
Job 7 - Sold my soul and worked for Corporate america for three years.
Job 8 - 1 month to go on the sahm gig - and finally getting back into the theatre and vocal jobs, even though the pay is non existant, My soul was just worth way to much.

1. Data entry Operator(and its boring as hell),
2. CNA at a nursing home working the graveyard shift(was pregnant and co-workers wouldn't let me work so I got off easily)
4. Dairy Queen cashier- free food ane ice cream(loved it)
5. Toys R US cashier during christmas season
6. Taco Bell cashier (for two years during high school)
7. Hospital volunteer for four hours a day
8. Church nursery worker every 3rdsunday
9. summer program at church for two years

Condensed version.

Teens - babysitting, housekeeping, shoe store, record store (I liked that one), Woolworth's ribbon and gift wrap counter (me? - what were they thinking?), and a very brief stint as a waitress.

I realized I needed more skills so I took business courses at San Francisco State and Golden Gate University while working and raising kids. No degree but it got me away from flipping burgers and making tuna sandwiches.

I've worked for several temp agencies doing many different things. I've been a bookkeeper, a statistical typist, anything that needed done in an office I could do but I never admitted to knowing shorthand. I worked in the office of a box factory for almost 8 years. I could do everything in the office and did. I can tell you more than you ever want to know about a corrugated container.

When I came back to San Francisco in the late 70's, I worked temp once again for a little while. My last temp job turned into 15 years at the oldest and largest private insurance brokerage in the country. Unfortunately it's no longer in existence. I started as general clerical, typing, bookkeeping, etc. graduated to claims, became the self taught department computer whiz when computers came in (long before Windows), and ended up as a broker. All of it was working in marine insurance (vessels at sea, their cargo, crew injuries, etc). I loved the first 13 years, hated the last two (I never wanted the brokerage part), and retired at 55.

Since then, you know. I have a brand new career with the great-grandchildren.

I've also held a lot of jobs- from Mrs. Field's Cookies to Hospital Intern (the high school kind- not the real doctor kind). Now, I'm a partner in a law firm and also a WAHM as I leave the office every day when school gets out and juggle kids and work on the go the rest of the day. I never get to sleep as I have to catch up on work every night when they go to sleep but its worth it to me to spend the time with my 3 kids. I'm the mom at (school) pick up in a suit, totally brain dead and wishing she could remember the other parents' names.

Taco Bell for 2 years while husband was in college, Starbucks for 5 weeks this past Nov-Dec(crappy training) Stay at home Mommy for 13 years! And thats it.

Oh, the jobs I've held. Mom pimped me out to babysit starting at 9 years old. NINE! Would you leave Mia w/ a 9 year old? Jeebus. I started a "real" job (after school & weekends) at 13 and remained gainfully employed until I quit my high power career job in 2002. Then I worked at a very upscale bridal salon which was one of the first times my job was really FUN. Now my job is SAHM which I LOVE. I'm working on the MILF part - my baby is only 4 1/2 mos. and I haven't reached MILF status yet. Maybe when my boobs aren't leaky and as big as my head I'll feel more MILF-y. ha.

~day camp counselor
~library student worker (college)
~theater usher
~retail assistant manager
~environmental educator
~movie projectionist
~lab technician
~vet receptionist
~paper pusher (current)

I'm sure I've forgotten something. But this has to be good enough.

My first job was at Winn Dixie *grocery store*. I was in HS, and I worked there for about 7 years. lol. :) I started as a sacker.. that lasted about 6 months before they promoted me to cashier where I was for 2 years. They promoted me to Front End Manager for a week before they decided that they didn't NEED a Front end Mgr because one of the ACTUAL managers had to be on the floor at all times. After that, I was put in the photo lab, which was my favoritest job EVER. I did band photography at the time, and I got to develop my own pictures very cheaply, and my customers were THE BEST, and it was awesome. :) Then WD left TX... so i was laid off and unemployed for a month.

My photo lab mgr's husband went to work for Albertsons *another grocery store*, and he needed someone in the customer service area to help w/ the photo lab stuff (they just got a machine, they wanted someone w/ experience. Enter, Me.) I didn't actually do much photo work.. lol.. and the machine sucked ass, so I wouldn't even develop my own worst enemies pictures there. I quit there to move onto greener pastures (loved my coworkers, hated most of teh customers [there were a few nice regulars that I liked, but not too many]. I actually went into the store a couple months after I left, ran into an old customer and she hugged me and begged me to come back. LOL :)

Now I work at a mtg co. as an assistant. :) I like it, I like the office environment, and everyone is awesome. :D

Wow, you have lots of comments already. You should have some good reading for the weekend.

In high school I worked for fast food places (sonic and Captain D's. I even dressed up as the captain on day for a local fair). In college I worked at a pizza joint. There is nothing to make you more popular in college than showing up for study groups with free pizza, unless you bring the beer. Then I was employed for a company called Creative Labs first as a tech support person (the solution was generally either to plug in your device, or reboot your computer)then other positions. After that I worked for a company that developed building design software. Now I'm the IT manager for a smallish company.

I had the usual boring high-school jobs, after which I chose the Geek Path.

1. Did computer support for Disneyland, and later became their Webmaster.
2. Web developer for Nasdaq.
3. Manager of Applications Development for a financial company who shall remain nameless.
4. Now I'm a government contractor doing applications development, and I sell Goth beauty products on the side. It's that last bit that usually throws people.

Program Associate for a DC nonprofit but working out of our Austin, TX office. Still can't explain what I do to my boyfriend, but it involves our network of centers and management. Was also a paralegal and, like you said, suckage.

You're totally using us to get ideas for your next career move, aren't you?

My first job was selling fudge at trade shows for McCormick Place in Chicago. It paid good money for a fifteen-year-old ($7.50) and I met celebrities from All My Children and Days of our Lives, so it was all good.

I've worked some fast food--the evild McDonald's, which I hate now, and at popcorn and pretzel places at Navy Pier. I also had a short stint with a dollar store but my parents made me quit after a customer grabbed me over the counter.

In college I worked for some music stores, a shoe store, and got some internships writing for the town newspaper and the college's publications office. After graduation I was promoted to full-time director and stayed there for three years while I earned my master's degree. Today I'm a year and a half in to my job as commmunications director for a drug-testing lab. I'm in charge of writing for our newsletters, Web site, brochures, award applications, etc. I've gotten some great work samples from this place, but it's ususally pretty boring. One day I hope to have your job as a stay-at-home MILF and professional blogger.

Fun question!

reading the comments reminded of more jobs i had that i had forgotten, so here goes:

babysitter - hated it. decided not to have kids. but am a great aunt and a great great-aunt.

cashier at mcdonalds in hs. first "girl" to learn to make fries and fry burgers.

camp couselor. summers in hs and before college. in hs it was day camp in the city and before college at an overnight othodox jewish camp in norhtern wisconsin.

also in hs was a secretary (typewriter with tons of carbons) for a law firm my mom worked at. and assisted my aunt and uncle at their talent agency (don't remember what i did, but i remember i could only use a green inked pen.)

in college i was a cashier (love money i guess) at a fabric store where i got to make my own clothes for free if i let them hang in the store for a month.

after college i sold cigars mail order.
-worked for an interior design firm, in a/p and where we got one of the first avaiable computers - an apple. took the book home and self-taught myself everything about how to use it.
-started my own art and design business selling art and interior accessories.
-worked in a/p for a small restaurant group that specialized in northern italian cuisine and had live jazz bands/singers every night while i went back to college to finish my degree. was promoted to head bookkeeper right before they went bankrupt.
-worked for a greeting card company in sales department doing something or other that required a lot of copying. they too went bankrupt.

worked "freelance" running errands for the rich and lazy. organizing offices, reorganziing closets and kitchens. typing anything that anyone would pay me for.

and then finally my last and current job for an international restaurant group. i'm titled executive financial assistant but some days i'm just the "secretary" other days i'm the personal bookkeeper/loan officer/money manager to the founder/chairman.

i always find it funny that many of my jobs had me working with money/numbers/math - since i flunked math in college!

pretty diverse list i guess. but it's certainly been a fun life and i have certainly learned a lot about a lot of different industries and certainaly a lot about people (and money!!)

Jobs I have had:

summer babysitter - two years in high school
McDonald's cashier/drive thru window coordinator (ha ha!) and then moved up to swing manager. Got tired of stressing out over french fries.
Summer camp counselor at the Y.
After school counselor at the Y.
Library work study at college, totally boring.
Coffeehouse girl work study, completely awesome! Free access to caffeine!
Short term office assistant in a lawyer's office. YUCK.
Bookstore worker - not as much fun as you would think.
Paperwork flunky in a batshit crazy office. When they were having money problems, I started a part time job as a coffeeshop girl -
Eventually got fired from batshit crazy office. You know that story.
Began filling in at a local ministry and have been here ever since. I love it.
Also, I teach GED. I have two jobs, and that's one reason I'm so happy to have this baby - goodbye two jobs!

Job 1: cashier/printer at a Photo Studio in the mall. It's one of those 1 hour places that are all the rage with the teens. I was 16 at the time and I became very popular at school when I started working there but no one knew me by name. They just called me "the chick that works at the photo place."

Job 2: During the first half of my college years I flipped burgers at a fast food joint near the school. I then became known as "the In-N-Out chick." And I just have to clarify that "In N Out" refers to the burger joint and NOTHING ELSE.

Job 3: I interned as a web designer for a startup dotcom company. This was during the bubble so I got paid pretty well. But just before I graduated and they were to hire me full time (or so I thought) I was laid off and the company folded.

Job 4: Desperate from getting laid off from job 3, I got another web designer job for an online schooling company. They paid me very very very badly. The work I had to do was also tedious, unchallenging and boring. The only good thing about this job was that I did get my own office and I spent my work days napping.

Job 5: Currently I work as a web developer for an online ticketing company. They pay me fairly, we have big name clients and the work I do is pretty satisfying. The hours and work environment is pretty flexible also. I also do freelance web design/development on the side. It's not a bad situation but I'd like to transition into a full time, work from home situation because I miss my baby so much during the day.

And there you go. Story of my life.

i've had a bunch. i'll start from present and go back.
respiratory therapist for home health
respiratory therapist for hospital
admin secretary for land developer
admin sec. for GI Bill
hopital food service admin (cook at the hospital) for the army
bank teller
(I am pretty sure there were some more but I can't remember right now.)

Right now I work for a beer distributor.

But in the past I've worked for a warehouse, checking trucks in all day. I had a trucker bite me one time. Another one (old enough to be my grandfather) proposed.

Before that I worked at an old ladies shoes store. I hate feet.

At the same time I cleaned condos on the weekend, a really dirty and disgusting job. On my first day I found over 28 used condoms in my clean-ups. Bleh.

Before that I worked for a maternity outlet. The pregnant ladies hated me because I was so skinny. I was too broke to afford food, so I smoked cigarettes all day and ate jellied toast for dinner.

Before that was at a flea market selling knives. I was 14. It was the coolest job around.

Great idea!
I will be brief:
1. Kmart (no laughing, high school)
2. Camp counselor
3. Express (great discount, I pretty much paid to work there)
4. Liberty Mutual (temp summer job)
5. Allstate - this was the main part of my career, loved it though
6. York Claims (I think I am the only person in the world that enjoyed working in the insurance industry)
7 & most important: Stay home mom

Wouldn't change a thing about my job now, just that I wish I could call out sick every now and then!

Let's see...started babysitting at 11. Got a job cleaning after hours in a veterinary hospital at 14, which led to receptionist/vet assist. Worked at a feed/pet store my senior year of HS, then onto taking orders at a very popular So. Cal. burger joint, where I HATED having to call out pick-ups over the PA. Then I worked as a clerk in a drugstore until shortly after I got married. Worked nights and weekends for another vet until I got pregnant and then was a SAHM for 17 years (we raised pigs then, so there was plenty of dirty work involved besides I babysat off and on over the years as well. Then I got divorced and started college. While a full-time student, I was a biology lab assistant, a TA, a tutor, and did data analysis for a non-profit.
At the moment, I am working on my thesis (all my coursework is done and I am dying here)and substitute teaching.
What's next? Who knows!

You worked at UUNet! I've heard some tales of debauchery back in the hey day there. I'm an HR Specialist at Booz Allen Hamilton. It's more fun than it sounds.

i'm a sessional English and education prof, mostly...teach bits here and there, for crap money.

have also been all kinds of teacher, from kindergarten to high school gym to sub (i cried too, but only in the privacy of my car) to ESL in Korea and Slovakia.

and all kinds of writer/editor, except the well-paid kind. hmm. a theme?

once was a nude artist's model, and an Anne of Green Gables "Diana" impersonator on location in PEI and in Japanese tv commercials (Anne's big in Japan). cleaned restaurant toilets one summer...that sucked.

other than that, mostly a very surly service worker. :)

I am an Intervention Teacher in an elementary school. Basically I work with kids who are struggling in school, but who don't have special needs or haven't been identified with special needs yet.

Before that, I taught 3rd grade for 8 years.

Before that, I worked in retail - Limited, Too, Structure, Steigers (a Massachusetts department store).

Before that, I worked at a summer camp for 4 summers.

Before that, I worked at a frozen yogurt shop where we had a regular family who came in and EACH ordered TWO sundaes, a milkshake, and a diet coke. Since then, I always think "the diet coke doesn't subtract the calories from the two sundaes and milkshake, dufus."

Sounds like your working career has been ups and downs. The most recent job sounds like the most fun.

Barrista (you know, coffee shop dude), bartender, box office manager, graphic designer, copywriter, and now, freelance/contract writer/designer, mostly for those AOL blogs (Blogging Baby, etc).

Kind of odd that anyone I work with can go read my personal blog where I write about my feelings...but hey. Better than never knowing anyone at the office more than "hello."

I am a professional Mime. ;)

Started out as a file clerk in a busy ophalmology clinic, then when i started college, i started working in the infant room of a daycare. After that I spent a few years as a file clerk/secretary/fix-it-girl for a private practice optometrist. Then I moved to watching heart monitors at the hospital (that was a fun one, lots of wiggly lines and monotony). I did that for three years. Currently I am an RN in an intensive care unit in one of our local hospitals. Vomit is one of the worst parts of my job, too.

I first started working as an spanish tutor in college. Then, moved to work for a big financial company as a broker, series 7 and all. However, I hated investing, saling and such. Moved to a low paying job (some people thought I was crazy) at a non-profit mental health clinic. Let's just say that I could write 1,000 books about the family stories I heard there. Then, I now work for another non-profit as a paralegal but sometimes I feel as though I was a case manager. Soon (march) moving to Florida for the biggest job ever, administrative manager of a 12 doc mentalh health/neourology private clinic in Coral Springs, Florida.

I am 26.

I sold shoes, worked in a stationary store (loved that) worked as a Nanny, worked in a Pet Store (no we did not sell cats and dogs, just everything else), worked in a grocery store, SAHM, and now I take am a Stay At Home Retiree with Hubby and I work taking care of him. Trust me, it's a full time gig!
I wasn't business material.
I'm shy.

Hmmmm, let's see.

In high school I was a babysitter, a substitute summer nanny and worked at McDonald's.

In college, I spent two summers as the regular nanny, two more summers in housekeeping (mostly at a B&B), a year as a student employee at the college doing some hours as a TA in a costuming class and some as an artists' model for the beginning costume designers. I also worked as a receptionist at a tennis club for a couple of years.

After giving up on being a starving artist, I put in one season doing customer service for Harry and David's, did some office temping, spent a miserable year managing a McDonald's, did some IT temping and then spent four years as an office manager.

Now I'm a SAHM. I like to think I'm a jewelry designer who also stays home to take care of her kid, but if we had to rely on my earnings from the site so far, I'd be right back to being a starving artist.

well, i've had 13 jobs. the first was with orange julius, the last was with a major graphics software company. now i'm unemployed by "choice" as i am moving up to canada to be with my hot canadian boyfriend, although that is taking longer to do than i originally planned. currently, i'm trying to figure out what i "do." Last week i lied to an snoopy american border guard and told him i was a freelance tehcnical writer.

honestly, it's a question people ask all the time, and i don't know what to say.

1) Day Camp Counselor at a town run camp ... started as Counselor-in-Training (read: unpaid scutworker) - worked up to Senior Counselor. Worked there for 6 summers - nearly all of which I was assigned the 5 and 6 year old boys group. This means I had an indirect role in shaping nearly half a generation of the males growing up in my hometown ... scary.

2) McDonalds: All four years of high school ... I mainly worked in the drive thru ... McDonalds still is a happy place for me. I take it as a personal let down when a McDonalds employee presents a bag that isn't folded properly. If I am in the store (as opposed to the drive thru) I will usually show them how to fold the bag. Most roll their eyes at me (as one would expect), but one looked at me with admiration (I fear for that child) ... her manager thanked me (hey dude, that's your job I'm doing).

3) Networking Consultant: Summer after HS my dad got me a job working for a guy that did the IT consulting for the law firm that he worked at. I got to commute into NYC by train ... and work on the security system for one of NYC's more famous buildings ... I hope they've redesigned it since then (especially since that was '94!).

4) EMT: During college worked part time for an ambulance company. Did both non-emergency transfers (bringing patients from the hospital back to the nursing home, etc) and emergencies. Certainly puts life in perspective. Life and death are important ... most other stuff isn't.

5) IT Guy: Worked at a grad school doing IT stuff ... started out as the middle guy of 3, ended up being the boss ... wore many hats ... boss, pm, sysadmin, tech support, etc. Liked the job, but the hat shuffling got in the way of actually getting stuff done.

6) Stay at home dad to MsMiss ... now 18 months old. She's still alive, so I must be doing something right.

Absolutely nothing interesting.
First job I was 14 and I cleaned houses.
Second job I was 14 and I was a secretary on the weekends for a real estate company. I was terrible.
Job the 3rd (still in high school) I worked at a grocery store, then moved to busser at a restaurant.
Upon graduation from high school I entered the world of retail where I worked for eleven years (not at the same place of course).
After graduation from college my "real" job was in social services for three years and also in retail.
Then I went to massage school.
Now I'm a stay at home mom.
Not an impressive resume I'm afraid.

My comment made it sound as if I took 11 years to get through college because I was working in retail. I meant to clarify that I worked my way through college in retail and then the what-I-went-to-college-for job and had a second job in retail. Just wanted to clear that up.

Oh, this is cool!

I've had lots of jobs, and I can't get them in order (lost brain cells along the way), but most of them I think are:

furniture store sweeper / bathroom cleaner

chicken fry cook (I look good in flame retardant stuff, plus the paper hat)



bartender (about ten places, total)


office manager

I once worked for Dave and Buster's. Yes, there is a Dave and a Buster. Nice guys. I worked for them.

Funeral home attendant / hearse driver / guy that picked up togo orders for the rest of the guys

lawn mower

Right now I work security at a nuclear facility, which is why I'm online so much. It's great except for the pesky alarms.

Oops, gotta go.

WOW~ Hot topic here!Lets see. In college I worked as a lifeguard(best job ever! Great bod, kick ass tan), a clerk in the District Attorneys office(fun, I was 19- got asked out by a 32 year old ADA who drove a porsche. Totally freaked me out!) and a secretary for a Summer rec program for MR adults and children.

After college I worked in retail (womens accessories, organizing bras by size is NOT FUN), Outpatient Mental Health Therapist, Homebased Mental Health Therapist, Mobile Therapist, Assistant Manager for a foster care agency and when I got laid off from that job I took a part time sales job at a bookstore and they promoted me to Assistant manager after two weeks. Then I quit. I hate retail.
So then I was a stay at home mom for two years, re-entered the workforce as a Claims Processor for a health insurance company and worked my way up to Organizational Development Consultant for the same company and when the shit hit the fan and lay-offs started I left for my current job, Career Counselor at a University. Which I love very much.

Wow - you have so many comments! Great topic!

As for me, I've been a copywriter for the past 3 1/2 years. Even on days when I feel like ramming my head against the wall to get the creative juices flowing, it's still the best job I've ever had. (Of course, I don't have kids.)

In the past I've been a press person for a politician, an editorial assistant at a publishing house, worked a TON of retail throughout highschool/college/post-college when money has been tight, and done a LOT of babysitting.

I'm on company #5 since graduating college almost (gulp) 19 years ago. So, yeah, kind of boring.

Argh, I can barely remember them all (and you've got A HUNDRED COMMENTS. Who cares about me?)

- Dairy farm cow-milker/corn picker and all-around farm hand
- Hostess at Steak & Ale
- Friendly's waitress
- High-end waitress in fancypants restaurant
- Political publicist by day, cocktail waitress by night (Cub political press secretaries don't make much.)
- High-tech PR manager (Most. Painful. Job. Ever.)
- Corporate/financial comms manager for a large software company
- Newspaper reporter/columnist/editor/freelance writer/freelance proofer-editor (This is what I do now, and I do a lot of all of that. In the next year, I want to go full-time freelance with editing and writing jobs. My freelance writing, by the way, is wholly unglamorous and involves RFPs and sales letters for various clients. The newspaper gig is an assload of fun, though.)

meabean? what happened to duck? I love typing's so almost bad.
ok..first job dairy queen ice cream girl.
ohh yeah.
2nd job..kresge's clerk (canadian k-mart)
3rd job...chinese restaurant waitress (last 2 months...tried to kill myself with fortune cookie, still have the scars)
4th Legal secretary. loved it/hated it. they were criminal lawyers and i got to go to court with them, loved it! one was a family lawyer and i had to photocopy and bind her court transcripts (hated it)
5th job.. IT/helpdesk for a security company. Loved it, loved climbing all over the place following cable, fixing computers & printers and telling people they were stupid for losing their passwords again and NO DO NOT PULL OUT THE VIDEO CARD WHILE THE mACHINE IS RUNNING!!
6th job, MOM
7th job part time retail just-want-the-discount-a-moment-to-myself to HERE ARE THE KEYS AND GUESS WHAT? YOU ARE NOW THE ASSISTANT MANAGER FOR A THE INTERIM in 90 days

hello beth how are you?

It seemed long for a comment so I posted the whole list here.

But the short version is that, in addition to the mom gig, I currently work as a development officer (read: fundraiser) at a university with which you are familiar. So if your parents happen to be billionaires, please email me ;) Kidding, really!!

Best random job I've had is a toss up between dirt grinder and fraternity house cook.

Thanks for letting us all remember the many crap jobs we've had over the years--it was fun.

Oh my God, you really want to know, don't you?

I got my first job at the age of 16. I worked in an independent pharmacy, and my boss was a tyrant. I quit just before I left on a trip to the Soviet Union (I am totally not bullshitting you here. I went to the Soviet Union when I was 16. Call the FBI if you want proof).

Then in college, because I started college when I was 17, I had your average work-study jobs. Pass.

Oh my God, am I really writing all this down?

Look, I'm 36 and a half (because it counts), and all I have to say is that I nearly went crazy teaching English in France for ten years. I don't care if I have tenure, I don't want to teach over there anymore.

Good thing I'm here, huh?

So, uh, now I'm an under-employed freelance writer. Slash slacker. I have had twenty different jobs in my life, if memory serves. A number of those were accumulated, meaning I worked two, three jobs at once, but that was when my children were babies. I'm not bitter about that at all.

Any other questions? :)

My first job was a retail manager for Fashion Bug I worked there until July actually. I now work at Levi Strauss & Co. and LOVE it. I'm a Flexpac operator which means that I put the jeans that go to your local stores in a box and ship them to your local stores. Yes I know I'm boring.

1st- 14 years old and was a dishwasher at an Italian restaurant
2nd- busboy at sizzler
3rd- car drier at a car wash
4th- money collector for a newspaper
Insert college here.
5th, and current- wildlife biologist working with a federal agency to protect threatened and endangered species. I think this is the greatest job in the world and hope I retire here (20 years or so).

Currently I work, but I'm not in, the Navy. I buy things for the "Air" side of the Navy (as opposed to the "Ship" side). Like a nice aerial target or unmanned air vechile?

Back in the day, my first job was working as a busboy at a hotel restaurant outside Annapolis. From there I worked at a McDonald's. In fear of dating myself, that was back in the day when working at McD's was considered a plum job for a teenager. It was also the time before McD's had any indoor seating (strictly a drive-in) and women were not allowed to work there. We also made our own french fries. I can still remember weighing all of 125 lbs and having to drag up 100 lbs bags of potatoes from the basement to peel and slice into french fries. From there I was a lifeguard, an intern working for the MD Dept of Transporation as a raod inspector. Asphalt was my speciality. Nothing like overseeing the laying asphalt during the summer when its 100 degrees out. Maybe that's why one of the senior inspectors I worked with split a bottle of Cold Duck with me at 8:00 in the morning and would take cases of beer in trade for letting the crews work past the time they were suppose to finish for the day and work into the evening rush hour. After graduating college, I worked as a cook (I use the term loosely) at a pizza and Italien restaurant place and then as one of the screeners at BWI airport. My shift was from 11:00 at night until 7:00 in the morning. At the time, BWI had no flights that took off during those hours so it was mostly reading. From there I moved up to baggage handler with Pan Am. They had two flights a day at BWI. But oh the stewardesses all had English accents. I finally got a "real" job working for the Navy. First in Charleston, SC buying ship repair from the locals. It was during this time I met my future wife in a class the Navy sent us to in Crystal City. She got me to transfer up to Virginia and I've been here ever since.

Wow, um, there's been so many.

My first job was a cashier in the local grocery store. I've worked in a cherry packing plant, at a factory that makes jar lids, as a cafeteria manager, at a hotel (multiple positions - housekeeping, laundry, desk, and night audit), pouring beer at the local festival grounds, as a substitute teacher, and as a real teacher. And I think I've missed a few.

The worst of the lot? Definitely hotel housekeeping.

Since university I've worked in the glorious library and information world, something I never set out to do. My last job was as a public librarian and I really don't want to do that again unless I have to. I currently work for a Scottish charity researching, writing and organising information for our target group (sorry, not being more specific than that on the internets). I also analyse survey data which I enjoy more than those three words sound.

I have had some great jobs:

Worked at Disneyland on Main Street. Worked in all the shops, helped during parades, and got all the perks in the world :) Yep we got into the park free!!!

I currently work as a mail/database administrator. It is actually challenging and I LOVE it. I basically keep my companies email servers up and running :)

Not so great jobs:

Kids Mart-that job sucked. Love kids but kids shopping is a whole other thing all together.

Telemarketing for a Vet Supply company.

I own - a stationery design company and - a personalized wall art company. Lots of work but good, clean fun.

My first paying job (other than babysitting) was at Wendy's the summer after I graduated high school. I was smart enough to make change without the register telling me how much change to give, so I got to work the drive through window instead of the fry station. Back then (only 15 years ago) the registers could only handle one transaction at a time.

A brief stint at KidsMart saved me from Wendy's. Still had to wear a uniform and didn't get free Frosty's, but I worked with some cool women and the store was rarely busy. (just noticed that Felicia worked at KidsMart too - small world)

Student worker in the Dean's office for the College of Science. I was a student in the College of Liberal Arts, but knew a woman from church who was the Assistant to the Dean and she hooked me up. Copying, filing, flirting with my fellow co-workers and the first job during which I slacked on the internet (circa 1994-5).

My junior year of college I also started working at Casual Corner over the holidays to make more money. Soon after that, donna (of spuddybuddy fame) and I were roomies. I'm sure that my working there led her to take the HR job with their parent company in another state years later. Ha! I wore the nicest clothes to this job than any other including my post-college jobs.

After college, I spent a year in Japan teaching English through the JET Program(me). I was in a small town and most of the other native English speakers I hung out with were not from the US. It was a wonderful year.

Made the decision not to renew my contract for a second year for two main reasons: (1) I was in lurve with a guy that ended up being gay (he wasn't "out" then and was just trying to decide if he wanted to out himself) and (2) My grandmother was good with guilt. How could I possibly be so far away from the family? Especially when she's going to pass away soon? I've been back for 9 and a half years and she's still going surprisingly strong for an 83 year old.

Moved back to TX in 1997 and missed out on this whole tech bubble thing. Somehow missed everything that was going on with Dell right in my back yard and went to work for Manpower in Austin. Stayed there for almost a year and a half and learned a lot about the game of temp staffing.

Through some of my former Manpower co-horts, got a job at a software company as an entry level benefits person. Stayed there 4 years or so and did all sorts of other HR stuff including getting a certification.

Got tired of doing layoffs and took a job as an HR Rep at company in Austin well known for being on Fortune's 100 Best Places to Work list for many years (nope, not Whole Foods). Learned the hard lesson that the people you work with and for matter more than the company sometimes and went back to the software company a year and a half later, this time as an HR Manager.

Was promoted to Sr. Manager and now have people working for me in 4 different states. When we're not watching budgets so closely, my job involves more travel. I just started working primarily from home a few months ago and am really enjoying working in my PJs a couple days a week.

Out of college, I landed a receptionist job at Hollywood Stock Exchange, I was good at the job and quite loved they kept me as a paid intern when I went back to graduate school. LOVED the dot com life and my candy apple red hair. (Besides, I got me a husband out of that joint too!)

When the company got bought by giant financial firm, they found out I wasn't supposed to be working there. You see, international students aren't supposed to be working. The original dot com management didn't care but the new owner did, so I got booted.

I then landed doing research/making marketing materials for a political PR firm that is ran by absolutely evil and rotten people. 2 years of putting up with "We will treat you like crap because we pay you more than you deserve", I quit and started the current job.

Now, the title says "Communications Manager" but essentially I'm the web/graphic designer, A/V technitian, photographer, writer, event coordinator, office party thrower extraordinaire at a non profit in Downtown LA.

Wow. What a good question! Right now, I'm a college student pursuing a degree in psychology. When I was in high school, I worked at a grocery store for 3 months. After high school, I worked at a doctor's office for four years before I quit to go back to school last June. Now I'm working at a burger joint in town while going to school, but I don't think that's gonna work out because my school schedule is insane this semester. So, in a tiny nutshell, that's what I do :)

I'm lucky enough to be a musician for a living. I play lots of musicals at DC/Baltimore area theatres and teach music lessons as well. I started teaching lessons and playing gigs when I was 17 and even though I've done other things (photography, medical billing for my father-in-law, Chick-Fil-A sandwich jockey for band camp money) I've had this job ever since. It means I have to scurry a little to pay the bills sometimes, but most of the time I love it.

Pre legal age to work: Babysitter

First Official tax-paying job: cashier at grocery store

College & a little after: bank teller worked up to customer service rep, then branch manager and bank officer

Mutual fund accountant

Ass't portfolio mgr

custody accountant

performance analyst

finance person for non-profit

back to "corporate" - financial analyst at Dewey Cheatham & Howe

Mommy extraordinaire

At spot #118, I feel very insignificant. But, I'm going to contribute anyways. I was not allowed to work during the school year (in high school), so my little summer jobs included: Humane Society, K&B Toy store, and Wildlife Rehab Center. Once in college, I did: Elementary School tutor, Girl Scout camp counselor (I will NEVER do any job dealing with kids again), lab assistant (vet school), and Taco Bell (OH, how I HATED that). Finally I ended up as a lab assistant in the lab where I ended up getting my grad degree, and am currently biding my time (until I find a REAL Job).

I work in the home office of a *small* network marketing company. I do everything (except process orders - I've done plenty of that, but there are now 2 other employees that handle that and I do the administrative stuff).
I write legal communication, create all the marketing materials, maintain the website, create all forms and documents, process payroll, cut commission checks, resolve problems/questions regarding commissions, train new employees and wrote/maintain the distributor guidebook.
Also, I am the knower of all the obscure rules and software processes, creator of administrative processes, point of contact for software developers and accountants, software administrator, report generator, travel booker, event co-organizer and general know-it-all of the office.
That's my job for about 20 hours per week...the rest of the time I spend at home with my Button as a minion in her domain.
I love both my jobs and wouldn't want to give either of them up.

What a great post, I kind of like reading about what people I don't know have done. It's fun.
High school: Kmart, deli clerk
College: doctors office receptionist all 4 summers. and mental health worker in psych hospital during the school year
First REAL job: social worker for formerly homeless mentally ill clients in NYC
Second REAL job: worked in PR firm for brief time, got laid off
Third REAL job: worked in advertising for home decorating magazine for major corporation in NYC, loved it, did that until after I had my baby
NOW: staying home and babysitting at times for someone for extra money

I love being the near to last person to comment especially when there are over 100 comments!

First job was working retail in a bookstore and here I met my husband, I was 17.

Second was another retail job at Express. I worked at Tysons and racked in a ton of money b/c people who shopped there were so stinkin rick.

Third job was my practicum as a Head Counselor at a camp for inner city kids from DC. I absolutely loved that job.

Fourth job was my internship in DC for a drug rehab program for women. When that ended I gave up on my goal and went for the money:

Fifth job was for US Airways. I was actually a temp to hire and was 1 week away from securing that job when 9/11 hit and I lost it.

Sixth job was back into retail where I started w/ job #1 out of desperation to make money.

Then I got married and left DC (sadly to this day) but did land a job where I could use my education. I worked as a adoption assistant at and Adoption Agency (duh!).

Now I have my favorite job ever: Domestic Goddess. I love, after 13 years of working outside of the home, being able to set my OWN hours and eat lunch whenever I choose. I don't have to be showered and dressed by 7:30 if I choose not to.

1) Babysitting
2) Tastee-Freez ice cream stand (drive thru) - I loved this job in high school. We had so much fun!
3) Local pharmacy - filled rx & did grunt work - very boring!!
4) Internship @ small local newspaper
5) Coat check @ student union - made LOTS in tips & could do homework
6) Daycare - one year olds - great birth control
7) Boys & Girls Club recreational assistant
8) Summer intern at children's psychiatric center - very, very interesting, somewhat disturbing though & sad
9) Summer camp counselor for kids with a wide range of disabilities & serious illnesses - very rewarding, probably one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. Also the hardest in so many ways.
10) Receptionist in office on summer on campus
11) Counselor in dorm (lasted a whole semester) - it was hard to leave because it paid room/board & tutition
12) Youth care worker in residential treatment center for boys
GRADUTES COLLEGE - Now expecting to get paid more for these things....
13) Community outreach coordinator - liked it
14) School program coordinator

Agh....and I'm only 29....

*Love your site!

Dude! I totally worked in a retail lockbox too!!!

Job 1: Camp aide at a Quaker summer camp.
Job 2: Ice cream scooper at Haagen Daz.
Job 3: David's Cookies (2nd robbery at gunpoint).
Job 4: Waitress/Cashier at a coffee/donut shop (sleazy diner, really).
Job 5: Receptionist at Dr.'s office
Job 6: (college) Waitress at fancy restaurant
Job 7: (simultaneous)Various jobs at movie theatre
Job 8: (simultaneous)DJ at 2 college radio stations.
Job 9: (after restaurant closed)Wholey's fish market
Job 10: (after ick factor took over)Retail Lock Box opening
Job 11: (back in B'klyn)Movie Theater Manager (various theaters)
Job 12: Bookstore Manager (various bookstores, including Murder Ink - 3rd robbery at gunpoint).
Job 13 - who's counting: Computer programmer for various companies incl. gov't contractors.
Presently: Full-time psychology student and sooooo happy.

Great post... I'm playing big time on this one....

Starting with the fact that from the age of 11 my parents owned a hotel and I worked every weekend and day during vacations with them making beds and waitressing....

1) Saturday afternoons shop assistant in a shoe store - its where I got my obsession from.
2) Straight out of school cleaning in a bank until I got my exam results.
3) Stores clerk in the Naval Dockyard. BEST.JOB.EVER. sailors and marines and men who had never worked with a woman before. I loved it... work at 7am... breakfast 9... tea break 11... lunch 12.30.... afternoon snack at 3 and home at 4... breaks interuppted by sleeping and the smallest amount of work ever... 6 years later my now ex-husband objected to my promotions and camaraderie with the guys so insisted I leave...
5) Assistant Manageress of a Bakery... WORST.JOB.EVER due to being surrounded by cakes and pastries
6) Returned to hotel business after my Mother passed away and my Father needed help... Father then retired to Cyprus...
Father died suddenly and so took two years time out.
7) Working from home making component parts...
8) Returned to college to study business administration
9) Receptionist at college
10) Receptionist in Law Firm
11) Legal Secretary in same Law Firm
12) PA to Partner

Somehow I have worked for this Law Firm for 7 years... most days I love it... but I only remember the days I hate it...

First job was picking up pinecones in my grandparents' backyard in exchange for candy and ice cream. Second job was babysitting, and although I was good with the kids I was bored silly.
First real job, if you can call it that was at Hardee's as a cashier/lackey for the more senior Hardeeans. I remember doing alot of cleaning, including the bathrooms. Made me aspire for something better.
Next I worked at a drycleaner tagging in people's dirty laundry and working as a cashier. I loved that I didn't have to wear a scratchy polyester uniform and that I didn't go home smelling like fried food, but the shop was always hot and my hands were always soiled with people-dirt. It was a step up from Hardee's.
A girlfriend of mine waited tables in a strip club and convinced me I should work as a waitress-she made great tips and got to sleep until noon. I hated the seediness of it but I made mad money so I stuck with it for...are you sitting down? Six years. I longed for a job where I could wear a suit to work.
So I scored a job as a stockbroker. Took the tests, got my licenses, and dialed for dollars. I sucked at it because I have a soul, so I transitioned over to the client service side as a sales assistant. Stuck with that one for five years. Then I got married, lived the happy homemaker life, and hosted swanky parties. All went to hell in a handbasket, was divorced, and now on my own again.
Back to being an assistant, for an ad agency, and freelance writing part time. The writing is the best part and I'm hoping to be able to write for the agency soon, much to my father's chagrin: "I don't think writers make any money, honey". My goal is to buy him a brand new car one day with "writing money".

I did bitch work for a lady who did title work. I was a "beauty adviser" at Walgreen's. I called people and tried to sell them vacuums. I worked at Forever 21 for a day. I've worked at two daycares. I've been a waitress which was awesome money but shitty all around. I was a CNA on night shift and I actually liked it but I couldn't handle staying up with the spawn until my boyfriend got home. Now I stay home and try to sell purses. Fun.

Part-time babysitter. Part-time petsitter. Part-time teenager.

I am a media manager for a resort part time and a stay at home mom full time and a half. I have had, hold one I am counting...well, let's see, cashier at Randall's, Camp Counselor, Pharmacy assistant, gymnastics coach, cocktail waitress, shot (liquer) manager and sales, hostess, customer service rep in computer hardware industry, temp, secretary, office manager, marketing manager, media manager, sahm/wife/maid/chef. You asked.

Okay, here I go, bringin' up the rear!

--Osco clerk, stocking shelves and working the floor. My mom loved the discount!
--Bookseller at an indie bookstore in college. Met my hubby there. Worked there for 2 1/2 years until we got married.
--Hallmark clerk. Pure hell and totally boring, but sweet discount.
--Head of Adoptions at a no-kill animal shelter, but I also did all the other grunt work (cleaning cages, taking for walks, scooping litter boxes, doing laundry, etc.)
--Bookseller at Borders. Really liked it, just wished it payed a hell of a lot more. Oh and? People are mean sometimes.
--Vet tech for 1 1/2 years. Helped in surgeries, did X-Rays, filled meds, put in IV's, helped with euthanasias, gave enemas, etc. Fun stuff! If I wasn't covered in some type of smelly fluid by the time I left I didn't have a productive day!
--(Present) Pet sitter on the side, volunteer and board memeber of Young At Heart Pet Rescue and a leasing agent at our apartment complex (758 units!). I lease apartments to pay the bills, but I'd really love to be able to do the rescue full time. And I hope I won't HAVE to work once we have kids, but would if I wanted to.


1. waitress at a truck stop.

2. concession stand at movie theater. then box office. then i actually got to build/run/tear down the movies.

3. pharmacy cashier at big retailer. then an rx technician.

4. department manager of OTC pharmacy as same big retailer.

5. salaried member of management at same big retailer. official title? Asset Protection Coordinator. Basically, I scour for inside theft and also bust external (read: customers) thieves. Amongst a ton of paperwork and other issues that can save the store money.

Great topic! SAHM

First part time job (while at school) was a cashier in supermarket,then teller at a bank.While at varsity I worked as aftercare supervisor for a pre-school and once qualified (bachelor of primary education) worked full time for one year as a grade 1 teacher before becoming a full time mum once first baby was born.Six years (and two kids) later I am still a stay at home mum.

good griefy, 144 comments!
i managed a CVS and now work for an organization that puts on art fairs.....
also mother of one or two if you want to count my husband.

I guess I should have added in my post that I'm part of the clan Campbell. Sorry about all that massacre stuff. I learned at the celtic festival in Leesburg that the Campbells are not one of the more beloved clans of Scotland. On the other hand, as the volunteers at the Campbell tent told me, we (the Campbells) ended up with more castles then anyone else. Plus we have a great tartan (Black Watch) and how cool is it to say the head of the clan is the Duke of Argyll?

Wow, SOMEone is popular. It's amazing how many people come out of the woodwork when you ask them to talk about themselves. :)

1. I mowed lawns from age 12 - 18. At my peak I had 22 lawns, a trailer, two mowers, trimmer, etc. I also had the worst poison ivy you've seen on a human.

2. McDonalds, 1 awesome year. No kidding.

3. Bus boy at a BBQ place, 3 months.

4. Shop boy at a mower shop, summer job. At 18, I was running a forklift carrying $10,000 tractors very high in the air. Yikes.

5. Car parts delivery. Summer, no a/c, stick shift. Awesome.

6. Computer lab helper guy on campus, 2 years. I raised some people's grades, that's for sure.

7. Bookstore clerk, 3 years. You know what? You can learn a lot in a bookstore in and outside of books.

8. Major telecom industry, Software Engineer for 7 years. Wrote code, then started administering web sites. Ended as an admin on those sites that see millions of hits a day.

9. Logistics company for the trucking industry. Still web sites, just different industry. Traffic is much lower, but the revenue generated isn't. I've been here a year now.

UUNET, huh? Yeah, I knew about them. ;)

I've worked for an Arby's (WOO), a movie theater, a video store, a Lazerquick, a Kinko's, a boring insurance company, a stupid streaming media tech company, ANOTHER stupid streaming media tech company, and currently I'm in marketing at a Mac software company, in addition to some freelancing, and oh yeah, the whole mommy gig.

I am a movie reviewer. Before this I worked as a personal assistant to an actress, before that on two films.

I am writing my first book, and trying to produce my first movie.

I am a nanny. I don't know how many jobs I've had because I often had four or five at a time during college, and I keep remembering ones I previously forgot. So let's say I've had about twenty and call it a day.

Wow! You've had a lot of jobs....
I'm the same as you right now: stay-at-home-mom and quote unquote freelance writer. And, I sell art for kids' rooms.... Best jobs ever. I used to work with Ali at Scholastic Canada. I was bored as all hell -- except for hanging out with Ali, of which I did more and more as maternity leave approached.... :)

I've had three jobs.
Two within my profession - I'm an architect.
My first, was as a cleaning lady, which is how I put myself through college.

Well, I'm a little late with my comment but I'm sure you have been just sitting around hoping you had more of these to read because 150 responses just isn't enough.

1. I worked at my small town's grocery store for 6 years through high school and part of college. Talk about a lifetime.

2. I babysat throughout middle and high school.

3. I interned in the advertising department of a newspaper the summer in between high school and college.

4. This is probably the weirdest thing I ever did, but there were a few weekends when I worked for a college professor's husband who owned a blind cleaning business. Basically, he'd round up a bunch of college kids whenever he had a big job come up, and even though the work sucked, it was pretty quick and easy money.

5. For a year, I was a graphic designer for my community college.

6. Then when I transferred, I became a graphic designer for my new university.

7. I interned at the advertising agency that I now work for. I interned as an art director, then out of college became an art director there. And now I'm a graphic designer at the same place.

8. And freelance just a little bit.

I used to babysit a lot, starting from a rather young age. My sister left for college when I was 9 years old and I took over some of her babysitting "clients" (yes, 9 years old is way too young to be watching people's children - I still wonder what these people were thinking).
My first job, at age 16, was as a kitchen slave at a Girl Scout camp. I made 600 bucks that summer and worked for 8-10 weeks total. It was awful at first (I lived in a tent at the camp), but in the end I was loving it. The following 2 summers I worked at a local strawberry farm - picking berries mostly, but also planting them and spreading straw which was truly backbreaking work. But at least I got a tan.
In college I worked in the kitchens of two restaurants, at a library, and as an office assistant on campus. Not all at the same time, of course!
Since then I've worked in two different libraries, at the local zoo (no, I didn't work with the animals - I made $7/hour at the admissions gate) at a warehouse where I packed orders for shipping (this was a terrible job and I hated it), at Macy's and now at another library. Yes, four libraries. And I'm in school again, so I expect to change jobs after I finally graduate!

First job besides babysitting was working at Polar Bear Ashburn's ice cream store. I never managed to make a shake in the paper cups, I always had to use the metal ones.

I spent one summer working for a lawyer doing filing, copying, etc.

I worked for a jewelry store. I had a cash drawer and I got to collect on accounts. I once re-possessed a diamond ring.

Then I worked for an appliance company. Started out as a receptionist and moved to A/P & A/R.

Worked for Xerox for 14 1/2 years. I spent seven years working on an 800 line handling billing problems, supply returns, etc. Then I became a technician. Yes, I was one of those people that fixed your copier after you decided to copy your ass and broke the platen glass. Nothing like cleaning all that glass out of the copier and removing the jammed copy of someone's ass. ;-)

I was a SAHM for six years and now I work from home part-time as an administrative assistant. It's a sweet deal.

God, I don't know if I remember them all

1-Babysitting as a young teen

2-D'Angelos (at the same time as 3,4, and 5)

3-Cashier at Market Basket (where I wasted hours flirting with bagger boys--hey, it was high school!)

4-JC Penney's (fired)

5-Overnight Cashier at a Lil Peach (quit when I was held up at gunpoint)

6-Work Study job at the Circulation Desk of my college library (rocked! but I had to quit to
make more money)

7-Gift shop at a hotel

8-reservations desk at a different hotel

9-operator at a different hotel

10-History "Interpreter" at a Historic Site in Boston (complete with British Accent)

11-Ticket seller for trolley tour (when the site closed for winter)

12-front desk supervisor at another hotel (when I realized I hated working outside-quit b/c my senior year of college was going to be busy)

13-admin assistant (work study) in my dean's office

14-New York and company (was fired in two weeks because I couldn't handle working retail at Xmas)

15-Manager at a Brookstone (because I didn't learn my lesson, and melted down at Xmas, causing me to quit)

16-Night Auditor for another hotel (sucky hours, awesome co-workers)

17-Front Desk Agent for another hotel in the same chain as #16

18-Broadway Ticket Agent for a small web based company (LOVED that job--if they'd paid more I would have stayed there. I guess it's good that they didn't and I got my masters degree instead)

19-Classroom Aide

20-Student Teacher (which may not count as I was not paid...rather paid my college for the priveldge of being a slave)

21-Classroom Teacher 6th grade for 2 years, currently a 5th grade teacher for the past 5 months or so. Will be staying in this job until I'm promoted to mommy.

I think there may have been a few tutoring or very short term gigs that I've forgotten but jaysus-21 jobs in 12 years...eep! (and really, 19 jobs in 7 years)

1.Papergirl (5-8th grade)
2. Babysitter
3. Tied bows on stuffed animals for an export company
4. mounted dead butterflies on cardboard for a lady that made outrageously overpriced displays out of them.
5.Library bookshelver
6. Housekeeper at a 4-star hotel in a national park
7. Been though a fair share of temp agencies as an administrative assistant
8. Overseas English teacher
9. Currently a substitute teacher while I'm working on a masters in ESL/bilingual education

Hmm. That was fun. Brought back lots of interesting memories.

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