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(Subtitle: Pictures again in lieu of an actual post, but really if you saw these canines you would understand. Wait, you can see them, here. See?)

Mia loves to draw. Give her a pencil or a crayon and a scrap of paper and she can happily entertain herself for upwards of 15 seconds. This morning, she has started telling me what she is drawing. For example, here's Mia's interpretation of a plane:

And here we have a bird and stars:

I expect to see her work in the Louvre within the year.

Oh hey, you guys remember E.T. right?

Notice something a little out of place in the back there?

We played this game for hours yesterday.

And finally, meet the Little People:

And while you are here, meet the Little People Camel Toes:

Um, what?

Comments (36)

Mia sure does take an abstract approach to her artwork. Love the photos of her and the stuffed animals. And who doesn't like a good camel toe pic?

And? That is one BIG ASS frog.
be afraid

Love Mia's artwork.
Laughed my ass off at the cameltoes.

It's so wrong for me to laugh so hard at the camel toes! But I did.

BTW, I think Mia is plagarizing AJ's artwork. (And that's a DINOSAUR, not a plane.) We may have to sue.

ROFLOL! It's a great way to start my day! Thanks, Mia!!!
PS: Beth, you know, soon Mia will want her very own blog to post her artwork!

the little people are total 80's porn stars.

I love that she is now telling you what she is drawing.
I must now rush to examine our Little People, as I seem to have overlooked their cameltoes.

Michael loves the little people. We have the farm and the zoo and he can play w/ his animals for hours. Problem is, he wants me to play too, and there are only so many interesting things that can happen with a cow and a pig that are okay for a 23 month old.

Harry really doesn't have much interest in coloring. A couple of scribbles and he's done. But for some reason, he thinks he can play the crayons like a flute. Must be the music in his head.

Ewwwwwwww. Also, hee!

um, do you need to get out more? ;)

Wow... she is very talented. I could so totally tell the difference between that plane and the bird.

I love the picture of her peeking out of the stuffies... too cute!

O. My. Gawd! Those pervs at Fisher Price... corrupting our little innocent babies like that... well, I guess with those funny feet they had to make them interesting some how...

OMG I'm laughing my ass off!! Now when I get home I'm going to have to pull out all of Gabby's Little People and see if they all have camel toe, or if you just got lucky!!

Um. wow. the cameltoe, let alone crotches, on the FP Little People seems so unnecessary. I remember when Fisher Price people were all simply ungendered spheres with heads...

I'm imagining the giggles that come with burying Mia under stuffed animals and it is making my bad day a little better. :)

yes, they do have camel toes. hehehe.

Looks like Pooh-bear is trying to have a little smackrel of Miabean ...

aaacck! The mutated forheads and cameltoes of the little people will haunt me for days!
Gotta scroll back up to Mia looking pleased to be buried, perhaps that the antidote . . .

I'd try to argue that the camel toes are an attempt to be anatomically correct and, therefore, to instill a sense that Genitals Are Ok in children. But the camel toes are so androgynous that such an argument must fail.

Love Mia's interpretation of a plane and a bird and sky! She is genius, I tell you. Also, love the stuffed animal game. I'll have to remember that one. :)

I will not comment on the atrocity of the camel toe.

The cameltoes on the little people are too funny.

Mia-ET is adorable.

hehe disappearing Mia. And I'm totally good with the picture posts. As long as you don't go all Dooce on us and never post any actual content again. :p

I will never look at a Little People the same way again. Guess my niece isn't getting any of THOSE for her birthday! I don't want to be known as the Porn Aunt or anything.

I love Mia hiding underneath all the toys. And her drawings are great.

Little People Porn Stars - the next hit for Christmas 2008.

And? Ain't that Little People horse just a wee bit disturbing, too?

I am seriously laughing at work at the camel toes. That is hilarious. It's almost as good as when my best friend and her husband showed me the caterpillar thing that has all the feet on it that sounds out the alphabet.. when you pushed on a grouping of feet, it sounded like it said "fuck". It was hilarious. They had bought it for their son for Christmas and the family was sitting around when he leaned on the cluster of feet and it swore. They were speechless. I still push on the feet when I see one in a toy store. I'm mean.

And it's Mia's survival instinct that is making her so freaking adorable under the pile of stuffed animals (although, when I first looked at the photos, I would have sworn that Pooh was attempting to eat her head) because if she wasn't so damn cute, she would surely have been eaten by mommy. ;)

Ok, how did you get her to hold her pencil properly already???? Did it take a lot of effort or did she just do that naturally?

My hubby took a stuffed animal picture the other day. He called it his version of "Where's Waldo?" :-)

You can see it here:

HAHAHA! Love the camel toes comment!!!

I totally laughed at the drawings. I picked E up from daycare yesterday, and all the kids were showing me their drawings, but they hadn't told me what they'd drawn, so I all I could say was...

"Those are great! Very...avant garde!"

I am so preverted the first thing I thought when you asked what was out of place was that it appeared pooh bear was humping all the others but then I realized it was Mia you were talking about. My mind is so in the gutter these days.

Oh my God, the camel toes. Thank you for making me spew my coffee everywhere.

Well, okay, so I didn't do that, but I did laugh out loud.

LOL! Little people camel toes.

But isn't the little people stuff great? Tim got a Little People school bus for his birthday and he LOVES it.

Ahhhhhhh!!!!! That's too funny. ALL of IT! Ali and I got together last night and tested out your theory on my little people. You're so freaking right!!! ;)

I love the picture of her peeking out from under the pile of animals.

Those do look like some painful camel toes on the Little People. I have to say: I read today's post first, so I'd been very confused when you said Little People wear petticoats and work around farm equipment, because I was thinking you meant actual human little people... My brain, she is not processing so quickly these days.

you know you might be looking a little too closely at the little people wheeen ...

I thought I spied some Mia hair in the top set of pictures. And - EWWWW to the camel toe toys.

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