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Bad ass and bad-ass, actually

Hmmm. Now that I don't have you people feeding me lines anymore, I don't quite know what to say for myself. Maybe I'll make a format change and do all questions, all the time.

Hotty McBanktellersons didn't give me a lollipop today. I am depressed that he so clearly doesn't love me anymore.

I was singing along to the radio this morning, (Indigo Girls) (Oh shut up, like you never) and Mia shushed me. Now, I admit that my voice sounds best when backed by a very loud recording of someone else singing the song, but I can carry a tune in my rather nondescript alto way, and my toddler shushed me. That stings.

Mia is in a bad ass mood, and I am working on about 45 minutes of sleep so really it's like a crappy fucking mood-fest around here today. You should all come over. Bring liquor.

Last night, in the interlude between getting out of her dinner-splattered clothes and getting into her pajamas, Mia started pointing at her dresser and pitching a fit. Chris finally figured out that she wanted a wipe, so I gave her one, and she proceeded to use it as one generally uses baby wipes. Then, she did the same for Chris. And just so I didn't feel left out, she did the same for me. (We were both wearing pants, just in case you were concerned.) I mention this just so that you know that while we might be a rather odd and kooky family, thanks to Mia we all have very clean bottoms. It's nice to finally have something going for us.

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I'm in a bad ass mood today. I have such a horrendous headache that I'm nauseous. I'll bring two bottles ;-)

Perhaps, the wipe action is a sign that she is thisclose to being ready to use the potty.

Well glad the butts are all clean around your way. I'd gladly come over with liqour if I was closer. I need a few drinks after dealing with colic for the past 6 wks.

She shushed you? Wow. Maybe her ears were just before bleeding simply from the Indigo Girls.

Once when my son was younger, and we were riding in the car, I was singing along with some rock song I can no longer remember, and he asked me who was singing it. I told him the name of the group, and he said "well how 'bout let them sing it then." Ouch. Little bastard. He's lucky I let him grow up.

I am sure that Hotty McBankperson didn't give you a lollipop today b/c he doesn't want to be overly aggressive in his display of undying love for you... don't fret...
Bad mood here today too, must be something in the Cosmic world!! Bring 3 bottles, one for each of us...

Michael shushed me when I sing as well. He says No Mommy, I sing. What is that about?

I'll be over shortly with a bottle of vodka and some wine. Count me in on this bad ass mood wagon.

Maybe she was saying you two were asswipes ... or not ...


noah comes right out and tells me he doesn't like my singing. geesh it was good enough for his brother. it's a crap-tacular day here as well. not enough booze in the world to improve it, though it is sleep inducing. hmmmm

Hotty McBankperson is a guy.

Sometimes guys get a little stupid when they see a Lady they like. So I'm sure it was brain-stupid-cloudiness that caused him to forget the lollipop.

Am v. sorry that you only got 45 minutes of sleep.

I'd borrow Mato give you a break, if we were closer. Daya would love to play wth her.

I fear the day Sully tells me to shush it. I LOVE singing and if I know the song, I'll sing. Hell, I sing nonsense all day (and unlike you, when I am not singing backup for some band, I absolutely can't carry a tune...).. So I know its coming some day. He does, however, plug his ears in the car and then call for us to look at him.

Glad you all have clean butts. It's a lot better than the alternative.Hope you catch a nap!

wow, i need more sleep too. If you're fluent in typo maybe you got that last bit, but it should read I'd borrow Mia to give you a break...etc.

The I key doesnt work well on this keyboard, neither does the spacebar. I need a new laptop.

And I love the Indigo Girls.

It's been forever since I've had a good Indigo Girls sing-along, I might have to do that on the commute-from-hell tonight. Thanks!

Mojitos, definite crappy fucking mood-fest killer. One or two of those and you'll be using baby wipes on anybody that can't move away fast enough...

Ally used to tell me to shush all the time. I loved it. Sometimes, when she was particularly annoying and persistant about it, I'd sing just to piss her off. I hate teething. I'd take my little petty revenge out by singing when she didn't want me to. Loudly. Now, if she's about to sing and doesn't want me to join her, she makes sure to tell me that before she starts her song "Mommy, you don't sing with me. Be quiet!"

Anya uses wipes as a security blanket sometimes. It's very odd. She'll be screaming her head off while I'm changing her diaper, reach over and pull out a wet wipe and stick her thumb in her mouth while rubbing it. It always calms her down. Yuck. But when they dry, they are actually quite soft.

wow, that's harsh, being shushed by your toddler. However, not as harsh as being shushed by your cat. I kid you not. I was singing along to the radio one evening, and my cat came up to me, hopped up on the couch, and put a paw to my mouth, as if to say, "please, stop that now."

And it's not like I sounded like bad. I was trained in opera. I can sing...

I am so laughing that you got shushed by a toddler!! That is very cute. Also cute is the whole wipe thing.

Sorry you are sleep deprived. :( I wish I could drop off a bottle or two or three of some good Napa Valley wine for you.

Getting shushed by a toddler is just practice for when she's 13...except then there will be even more whining. "Mother! Pleeeeeeease stop!"

the other day as we were driving Aaron yelled loudly from the backseat,

"You the man Mommy!"

Not last time I checked sweetheart.

The puppies are chewing (also teething) everything right now. Walls, doors, everything and I tried to get Hubby to help me set up a play pen and he won't so I too am in a bad ass mood. I say, let's party!

Okay, this is very important. Were you singing while in ear shot of Hotty McBanktellerson?

What is your poison, I will bring and or send it.

What is the world without clean bottoms. Yale also called, they are willing to send a scholarship. (BTW, I asked them to directly wire the funds to you but Hotty McBanktellerson put a kibosh on that. Just hum next time)

I think it was nice of Mia to be concerned about your cleanliness.

Maybe you guys smell.

She shushed you? How is she even old enough to know how to do that??

Dude, no one should be shushed during the Indigo Girls! That's ultimate singing along to the radio music - she will discover this in probably 10-11 years. :)

(Btw, hi, I haven't commented in forever, but I have been loving the adventures of you and Mia!)

heh family's harsh like that with the singing. I may sing in front of hundreds of people on a regular basis and be currently recording my own album, but my little sisters still hate it when i sing along to the stereo. Go figure.

This is the same child that is awed by the Biscuit stories, so perhaps the shushing should be viewed in that taste perspective :-)

Those crazy kids...

I remember the first time my daughter shushed me! It was such a shock at the time but now it's a daily thing. Mom is just so annoying and immature. GAW!

Shushed by a toddler, eh? Just wait until she's a preteen and your general existence embarrasses her.

Lady too (with the wipes)!!!! Hilarious, no?

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