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Better than the day we did it with forks

So, Chris says we have to put stuff on our heads today, and apparently it is the annual occurrence of me doing something my husband told me to do, so here. (I'm sure he would much rather I stop being such a bitch instead, but this is what he's getting.)

It looks pretty cute on Mia.

Um, have I ever even heard of a hairbrush? Apparently not.

Damn. I'm hot.

Had to post that one before Chris got to it. Controlling my own destiny sort of thing.

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Noooooooooowwww I know what SAHM's do all day!


It looks like you guys are having a blast. Did you see just how many Mia-shirts you could fit on your head at one time?

Damn, you look good.

First picture is priceless!

adorable - both of you!

All I can say is thank you! I needed the laughter today.

In my best Borat voice, "Verrrry nice."

Ah, but you have not seen Borat, have you? You should!

But where is the lovely picture of Mia that used to be in the left sidebar?

Wonderful!! And Mia is definitely into the spirit of the thing.

I miss left sidebar Mia too!
Those pictures are too cute, and I love how silly you are:-)

Mia's tummy is just the best thing ever invented. Also, I'm adding your hair to the list of things about you that I'm jealous of.

Stunning! As usual.

Am suppressing urges to make out with you.

Did you notice that Mia is glowing in the first pcture? Seriously. There's foggy light around her.

this is the best day ever.

You're hot!!!

Michael thinks us putting anything on our heads is hysterical, maybe it's a toddler thing.

Hott! I love the pics. I shall have to go home and take a pic when I go home to participate in your hubby's holiday.

I sent Chris a picture of me with a hat, but I am not nearly as lovely as you and Mia!

I can't say that the last is one of your more attractive faces, but it was damn funny!

The third, which I'm calling "This is what stay-at-home-moms do", is priceless. I applaud you for posting such a zany picture and, as a side note, hope you have an exorcist on speed dial for the ghost that seems to be following Mia around on the first pic.


I'm in a FOWL, sick-person mood, and this made me smile. Thank you!!! And, funny! I don't know what is "hairbrush" is either...?

good griefy that's cheek-pinchingly cute. Face cheeks I mean . . . you're hot and all, but gah, get outta the gutter. :)

I'd do you. But then, we already knew that.

funny thing, i actually had a conversation yesterday with my stepson while he was wearing a pair of whitey tighties on his head. oh the joys of an 11 year olds sense of humor (which usually revolves around bodily functions). if only i would have know it was "wear something on your head day" i would have taken a picture.

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