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In the past week, Mia has started to say uh-oh, tent, tie, belt, pat (as in the bunny), circle, up, noodle (she says noo-noo, how freaking cute is that?), baby and Mia. She's said some form of Mia for a while, but it is finally identifiably, undoubtedly her name, and she likes to sing it in the car.

She has started falling down on purpose so she can say uh-oh. She will command you to color a moon, stars, birdie, dog, and baby. If you ask her to, she will draw any of the above, or a gorilla, crocodile, mama, dada, mama's car, dada's car, or any other word she knows. Last night, she drew a sleeping duck. She insisted on both points, that it was a duck and that it was sleeping.

She's told me two stories. "Dada pa babwah bye-bye (emphatic gesture at the door to the attic)." Dada up ladder bye-bye, and yes he did go up the ladder and bye-bye into the attic, four days before she told me about it. Yesterday she told me "Dada share (sign) moo star (sign)." Dada share moon stars, he hung them in her room over a week ago.

Every day for the last three days, she's told me that she needs her diaper changed. ("Poo-poo," grimace, grab at diaper.)

You can give her three balls, ask her to return the one you gave her first, and she will do it. She can identify a square, circle, triangle, oval and rectangle, yellow, red, green and blue. She can count five or six things, tapping them one at a time and not duplicating until she reaches the end (and then inevitably starts over).

There's no longer any doubting or denying. My baby is gone, this is my big girl.

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I love that face! what attitude! I bet you'll see that look many times when she hits her teen years. ; )

Good for Mia. From someone a few months ahead of your situation, it looks like you're at the rolling downhill stage of language development. (In other words, you ain't seen nothin' yet, seriously.) She'll keep surprising (and sometimes embarrassing) you with what she says. This is such a fun time.

She looks so grown up!

But no matter what, she'll always be your baby...

Oh! The movie star pout!! I love!! (You're in trouble.)

My mom has to keep reminding me, "the goal IS, actually, that they grow up..." I'm still not convinced that's true. ;)

I think you are working her too much! LOL cute is all that? I'm telling you, she is a genius!
This is the fun time, Beth. She may not be a babu any more, but these toddler years are a real trip!

She looks so official there!

trade her in for a new one.
i'm kidding!
time for a new one...clearly.

She looks like a pre-schooler. (which is not to say you should be looking at pre-schools, which everyone I know is doing for the 23 month olds).

Wow. That went fast.

You are potty training her, right?

OMG....she is such a woman of power!

She does look like such a big girl.

Mia-tionary: noo-noo. I think I will adopt this one.

um..yes, ma'am.
although we've all known for quite some time...:) she's such a little girl!!!

Love the 'tude. It's like she's sayin', "And dat's how I roll, bitches."

Wow! She even has the big girl attitude face in that picture. I love it!

She DOES look official! MiaBean, professional crayon wrangler.

and it happens almost over night!

my son (33 months old) ran up to me the other day with a National Geographic Kids Animal Trading cards yelling,

"Look Mommy, it's a Nurse Shark!"

Next he will be reciting the periodic table.

(oh and mia= adorable!)

Nope, she's definitely not a baby any more.

I swear I'm not trying to jinx you, but I have a picture of Queen B at that age with a nearly identical expression. I hope for your sake it's easier, but brace for a diva-tastic year ahead!

Mia looks like such a big girl in that picture. It does go by so fast!

For some reason, I found the whole moon stars thing incredibly touching. I mean, talk about thinking your daddy hung the moon! If I ever have kids, I hope they're half as cool as Mia :)

Harvard called, they want to know where to send the scholarship.

So very grown up. Becoming quite the young lady.


yeh, it's not right that the baby bit goes so fast, after all those biddies warning you and you not believing them because you weren't getting any sleep and every night seemed to last weeks...and then, bang, just when you get rested they turn into little people! or maybe this is just me?! :)

anyhoo, Mia rocks with her crayon.

With a very big-girl look on her face too.

I bet big-girl mia is even more fun than baby mia was.

Whoa! Awesome!

I love the stories. Love them. This brings back so many great memories. What a fun age! WHAT a fun age!

She is one smart kiddo! And while it's sad that the baby is gone, the toddler is lots of fun, and also, not as much screaming, or so I've found. Of course, the GBK had a big issue the other day because her LID didn't match her CUP, and the world was going to END! But at least she could tell me this was the problem.

I love the expression on her face in this photo - like, yeah, you want me to draw a sleeping duck? No problem, I did that a million times yesterday.

She is so the CEO of your house. That look on her face is hilarious, it's like "Mommy you are so in trouble!!" I just love how scrumptious she is though, oozing with personality and chutzpah!

Yep, she's a genius! I know it can be a bit hard watching your baby grow up, but it must be amazing and such fun to watch.

It's amazing how quickly they're growing and learning now. But, it's so darn cute, too!!! I'm LOVING the baby talk! Hilarious!

She look so cute in that photo!
I think she also reminds me of a CEO or something, sitting at her's those pursed lips and the look in her eyes!

Oh my. That is one big girl, mama. :)

She looks like she's in Donald Trump's boardroom with that face!

God help you with the "uh ohs". Although my daughter doesn't have near Mia's vocaulary (she's only 10 months), her first word was "uh oh" at nearly 8 months (I was sad it wasn't mama) and she began throwing things and yelling "uh oh". This has gone on 20 times a day for the past few months. I think I'm going insane.

Mia saying "noo noo" is precious!

Holy guacamole! She really is a big girl!

MF discovered 'uh oh' this week as well. I'm hearing it a lot; I think he's dropping things on purpose, too, just so he can say it!

Love the pic! So serious!

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