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Hustle and Snow

Just in case you were wondering, scraping four inches of ice off of your walkway is not made any easier by strapping a 23 pound toddler to your back while you do it. But, it is done, and Mia is watching her beloved Elmo while I fortify myself with Cheez-Its and try to control my leaden arms well enough to type.

And where, you may be wondering, is my husband, who ought to be busting out the manly machos and shoveling the walk himself? He's working. In the basement. By talking on the phone. Which yes, I understand he does have to do and I do not fault the division of labor at all, but it's days like these that I would much rather be doing his kind of work than my kind of work. Also, I left the sidewalk for him to do, and we have a hell of a lot more sidewalk than walkway. Neener neener.

(In addition to working, I suspect he is driving himself slowly insane trying to figure out whether or not I really bought him a Hustler for Valentine's Day. Not telling, that would ruin the surprise.)

Also, um, I think I might vomit, because that was way more exercise than I have gotten in a long time and it has left me a little woozy. Maybe I just need more Cheez-Its? Or possibly Elmo is making me sick, he tends to do that.

And finally, at the risk of taking this joke entirely too far, I present My Nightstand: Revolutions (which is, you know, like the third Matrix movie, since this is the third time I'm posting it, funny, right?).

He gave me a dollar back. Do you think that's my tip?

Oh, if you are doing the Small Change thing with me, today is the day.

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it's a down payment for tonight.

Yep, shoveling snow is tough. The Ergo is nice, but nothing makes it fun.

Many thousands of tiny ice particles fell on me as I walked to the subway to go to work.

And I've had a headache all morning.

I wonder if it's related.

Sorry about your shovelling ice, Chris owes you one.

That's obviously the change from the coffee he bought with the five-spot. Obviously.

Haha, Nikki beat me too it. If you're lucky maybe there's another one where that came from.

Well, I guess bills are better than coins. Happy Valentine's Day!

Now he's gonna have to leave something there for your Valentine's present, since it's a running joke!

Maybe it is interest for the five he borrowed.

Tell him the dollar isn't even close to covering the interest on the five.

If the dollar is the tip, shame on him.

Also, since I am a single gal, I dug out my front steps, my vehicle and that is it. If I fall on my ass due my laziness then I will suffer the consequences. I am still waiting for the HOA peeps to clear out the perimeter sidewalk for which they are responsible.

Woozy over here also, I find alcohol imbibed while sitting in front of the blazing fire place is quite healing.

Wow... nightstand money and a Hustler, eh? And I thought romance was dead....


i can not get over the fact that you shovel. i'm WAY impressed.

the husband shovels occasionally. mostly we take the "it's going to melt eventually...let's pray that no one falls and sues us" approach.

You must be a Bad Mamma Jamma if you're shoveling with the offspring on your back.

Um. Happy Valentine's Day?

Sloppy kisses!

Heh..."neener" -- funny! not say the word "vomit"! (The monkey can't keep anything down -- for the past two days...I'm living in it!!!)

I think you should install a tip jar on the bedstand. Make the single you seed money, as it were.

Man, I don't even sorta miss winter. I wore flip flops today.

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