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Join the fun!

Did you know that today is International Be Rude to Beth Day? Ok, so technically today is nearly over, but it was such a good time I'm thinking we should extend it. Also, I didn't want you lovely people to miss out, so go ahead. Be rude! Surly! Suspicious and accusatory! Question my motives! Call me a stupid evil whore! Knock yourselves out, everyone else has.

You know, if I didn't have the cutest damned kid in the world, this would have been a very bad day.

Oh, something longer than four sentences tomorrow, I promise. Maybe.

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Ok Tootie Cootieshorts. ;-)

(Visit: I entered Beth Fish for your name.


What happened?

The internets are mean, mean places sometimes.


Sorry it was such a crappy day. I could never be rude to you, so here's some positives instead: you're funny, caring and you have a smokin' ass! Hope tomorrow's better.

I wish you would have told me this before I gave you that Perfect Post award. Now I feel like an asshole.

It was try-to-kill-Elaine-in-her-car-day today! Now I have some aggression, so if you need me to fix someone for you, I could totally make that happen. Just point me in the right direction, yo.

Um, I think you're swell and you smell terrific!

Ut oh. What happened? Do I need to beat somebody up for you? Cuz I totally would ;-) Pacifism be (I don't want to say damned, so insert some other word here heh)

The internet loves you and if it is evil to you this is proof of it. The internet only has the energy to be nasty to those it truly loves. No really, I'm still hoping for my site to become popular enough to attract some hatemail. Chin up as my mother would say, hope all will be better tomorrow.

Universe has declared your day over... My turn now :)

Why was someone rude to you? It wasn't me, was it?

At least you have your hotty pediatrician apt to look forward to.

Listen up, you size 6 harpy -

Just kidding. Some days are like that, whatwith the rude and people acting like they "ain't got no mama," as I like to say. Hope Friday is much better to you.

(cracks knuckles) i could kick some ass for you. i'm feeling the stress lately and it could help, but you have to promise to post bail for me. okay?

I'm sending wine. Now go get a hug from that adorable kid of yours.

Err...I don't like to say mean things to people soI won't start now.

But...but...can you fx your blog layout so that the stuff that belongs on the upper right is on the upper right instead of the bottom left?

It's been all wonky since you put those ads there.


I hope today is better for you, idiot.

That's about as rude as it gets. Sorry. Hope the Dr. appointment goes well and the two guys don't try to battle it out for your affections.

I'm so sorry I missed observing your special holiday. Would you like me to insult you now, or is the moment gone?

Have fun with the hottie pediatrician today.

I will not be mean or rude to you dear! You may be my only friend. I wrecked myself skiing yesterday and now no one is speaking to me. Seems I ruined a perfectly good ski day for everyone!

What happened? I hate days like that. Do you have a Trader Joe's nearby? You should go there. Everyone is nice - like, insanely nice - and they give you free food samples. And their flower selection is always great. There is just something about a sunny bunch of tulips, especially in the middle of winter.

spill! there must be a story here!

cute kids can go a long way.

hope your day is better today!!!

Wow a whole day. Sorry can't think of anything to insult you with. You're perfect.


You're a filthy, stinkin' whore!!

Wait... I'm getting the impression now that you were being facetious...

I think I made a mistake.

You are lovely and talented and fabulous- just ask your husband and daughter.

I think we all had bad days yesterday.

Hmmmm, I missed the official day anyway but there's no way I can be rude to you. UNLESS you call me at work, talk in an incredibly condescending voice to me about how small my brain is and how I can only really be good for stuffing checks into envelopes THEN I can be rude to you.

I'm just saying...

Hope Friday is better for you!!!

She is a VERY cute kid! But people should still be nice to you. Stupid people.

Since I missed the holiday, I'll just have to be sure to put it on my calendar for next year (DONE). Someone else is already sending wine, so I'll send out the bourbon. Will next day air suffice?

I've been trying to think of something evil to say and can't come up with a thing.

Have a great weekend and don'tlet the turkeys get you down. Meantime, I'm going to google your name and find out what Jen was talking about in that first comment.

have a cherry coke and reese cup. it makes it all better.

oh, and i have a fish. it's name is fluffy but i'll change it to beth. how's that? better?

For lack of anything better, how about a suggestion? I think you should really consider adding a date (and time?) to your post template.

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