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Mia Monday #56: Obligatory Bathtub Edition

Too bad for all of you that I am trying to protect Mia's eventual modesty, because it means you are missing out on the cutest pictures. Sometimes it just sucks to be the internet, what can I say?

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So much cuteness, and yet, I can't stop looking at how clean your bathroom is.

So much cuteness, and yet oddly, I can't stop looking at how clean your bathroom is.

Seriously. How did you get your bathroom so sparkly clean??? I'm hecka jealous. Is it the mere presence of Mia's adorableness that does it? Because if so, I'm coming to take your daughter for a weekend.

Eeep! Naked baby cuteness! She looks so grown up in these pictures, I can't take it.

Everybody stole my comment.
Your bathtub cleanliness ROCKS.... Do you take reservations?

Love the smile in pic #3 ... and is this just a secret ploy to show off your fabulous new bathroom?

Adorable. I agree. She looks like a little girl and not a baby in these.

Admit it, you cleaned just to take pics. Right? Please?

What a cutie!

And I have the same floor in my bathroom! Just not as clean.

she is truly a beautiful little girl, and no longer a baby I'm afraid ;o)

Dude - your faucet SPARKLES!!!! Tres impressive!
Mia- tres adorable!
Also - is it wrong to ask your readers to go vote on my blog in my very scientific poll about the correct way to put toilet paper on the holder?

You let her use the whole tub? You're way nicer (and braver) than me. Sam is still in the baby tub. How could that little wet smiling face not brighten your day?

all the photos are darling of course. they always are. but #1 and #3 are my favorites. such a sweetpea!

I love number three!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go and clean my bathroom.

You're such a tease. And I hate being the Internets at times like this. Please send me the best pictures, won't you? (Not that these aren't precious, 'cause they freakin' are.) I promise not to share them, no matter how much the other Internets beg.

You make Mondays better! Or Mia does!

Utterly adorable pics. I never realized her hair was so red before. I thought it was more blond but it isn't...she is definately a redhead.

wow how do you make your bathroom so sparkly?

I don't even send nekkid pics of Daya to relatives...unless she's wearing soap bubbles. The internet? No way.

I do love that first picture...its so cute.

I think she gets more beautiful every week.

Did you clean because you knew were taking pictures that would be posted on the internet? Or are your faucets always so sparkle-y? More importantly, though, Mia is sooo cute. That little impish smile is precious. Too cute.

she could totally be your twin in picture #3. is that what you looked like as a baby??!

There were cuter pictures than THAT?!

I love that first pic!

OK, is it just me, or does the haircut make her look more grown up? I love bathtub pics...they're always soooo cute!

Yea for bathtime! She is just too adorable for words.

OMG. The cuteness is gonna make my head explode. She is a very beautiful child indeed. I know you already her this a trillion times. Cool blog btw.

you are the cleanest person ever. It makes me hate you little, except your smokin ass keeps me coming back for more more more!

Also? the kid? way too cute.

You know...she kind of looks like Clive Owen in that last picture. Is there something you're not telling us?

What do you mean? These photos are already above the legal limit of cuteness in most states!

Splish Splash, Mia's taking a bath!!!

yup, you gotta spill the beans on how you get your bathroom dont like actually clean it do you?

I LOVE the last photo with the wet hair! Too cute.

OY! And, is that toe-nail polish?
Seriously? I can't handle all this cuteness. It's really too much sometimes, you know!? ;)

Come on. Admit it. You cleaned just for us, right? :-)

Oh, and Mia is gorgeous!

Wow, your tub is spotless!

She just can't stop getting any cuter...can she?

seriously, she is too cute.

and bath time is the best. it's the only time when you can completely contain the child for 15 minutes straight.

She's so cute!

But I'm totally in awe of the sparkliness of your tile!

I just finished shoveling out the girls' bathroom after their daily onslaught. Ouch.

I love the bath pics but you're absolutely right to not go any further on the net. I have a few that I love but I'd never publish.

I so needed this. She's terribly adorable. Thanks!

She looks Just. Like. You! in that third picture. Precious!

Also did that call for how to clean the bathroom work for you, or are you just showing off? If you found a miracle cleaner for the bathroom please share.

She's so freaking adorable! Does she have a ducky robe she wears when she gets out? That'd be neat...

I love the little over-the-shoulder grin. Too cute!

How much do you want for her? Seriously. Name your price. She is absolutely the cutest thing I've eve seen.

Oh, the last one is PRICELESS.

Funny, I did a bathtub post today, too. You totally need to go check it out.

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