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Mia Monday #57: Stripey Pajamas Edition

If Mia had her way, she would wear her bear jammies every night.

Late addition, how I found her after her nap.

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Ok, I know I probably freak you out, but your daughter is just so stinking cute it makes me sick. I just want to squish her up and eat her.

So cute.

I'm intrigued that you put a t-shirt under her pj's. What is the reason for that?

I never put an undershirt on Michael, but I have been told that is abnoromal.

My kids sleep with books too. Our copy of "Goodnight Moon" is so trashed that I have considered throwing it away. But I just can't bring myself to do that.

I totally always put on a onesie under her pj's! I think it is like baby insulation so she doesn't get chilly!

Heh it looks like she and elmo had a crrrazy night. She's so freakin gorgeous, and beautiful and adorable and makes me all squishy inside!

God, those bright pink post-nap cheeks!!

Do you get tired of hearing me gush every week..."She is the most adorable, beautiful, sweet girl ever!"?

I just love those expressions little ones have when you wake them up from a nap. It's like they are saying "WTF?... oh... it's you. Okay!"

She's definitely adorable. Definitely.

Those cheeks!

I had little jammies like that for my boys. I lurved them. I think I have kept them in a storage tub in my attic.

She is getting to be such the little lady. I love Mia Mondays.

Ok, two cutest things. The socks on her sleeping buddies and her little toes sticking out of the crib slats.

What are you trying to do to us..this much sweetness can't be good for my teeth!

You know I get so excited about footie pajamas - that and onesies - my favorite baby outfits ever, ever, ever! Dresses? Who cares? Mia is adorable times a million here.

I've never heard about or seen a onesie or undershirt under pajamas, either - but it doesn't get THAT cold here so maybe that's why. I remember being little with my own red Pooh Bear footie jammies and not liking the way the zipper felt against my skin - but the built in feet won out over the zipper!

We use a onesie under the pj's too - as an extra layer ... without the extra layer, there is definite increase in night time awakenings.

And the socks on the bear - MsMiss demands that as well.

After all the chaos here with my boys, it's so nice to some here and see a precious girl being girly!

Aw! How cute and cozy!

Oh, my goodness! Those pink, pink cheeks! She seems so pleased with her book, too. :o)

It just amazes me how red her cheeks get when she sleeps. Precious, absolutely precious!

man she looks pissed at you in that first post nap picture.
What did you do to her, Mommy?

I'm amazed that her socks are still on...that's the first thing that goes during Camille's naps!

Has she tried to take them off yet? I ended up putting them on Rebecca backwards; otherwise I ended up with naked, shivering kid.

She figured out the onesie (by then a twosie?) too.

Mia looks a lot like the monkey when she wakes up! :) You know, with the exact same Elmo doll (OYLO!), and Good Night Moon (Mylah!). :) Too cute!!!

Mia keeps getting prettier and prettier every day

Glad to see that all toddlers love goodnight moon.
Jammies are the best. If my wife wouldn't make me change our daughter out of them, that is all she would ever wear.


If I had jammies like those, I'd never want to take them off, either. Well-- if I were as cute in them as Mia is, that is.

My daughter is getting into wearing her sleepers for her naptime and she WON'T take them off for the rest of the day!!!!

I dont know how you can stand to be around such cuteness without eating her up. Those jammies are killing me and the nap time pics with the flushed cheeks, precious!

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