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Mia Monday #58: Why We Don't Buy Toys Edition

Because they just aren't as much fun.

ETA: It's a booklight, you freaks.

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Sweat Heart, indeed!!


Her hair is adorable like that!

Cute, cute, cute! But I can't really make out if there is any cash on the night stand or not. :)

She is just so lovely. The first two pics are beyond words. :)

When I had my first I swear we spent sooooo much on plastic toys only for her to pick them up and throw them across the room and teeter off to find an empty box to destroy. I swear I have bought not one singlt toy for my second. They are just pointless and they dont play with them! I only buy crayons, paint, puzzles, etc. Oh and Dora DVD's lately thats all she wants to do anyways. MY child is so going to be ADHD with all the TV!

Her hair is so, so pretty. Can't wait until Elizabeth's gains a little length and weight so I can do the same style on her.

Wow, her face has changed so much. She's gone from this little, pinchable ball of dough to a pretty little girl.

They're both great. I love what I have and miss what I had almost everytime I look at my girl.

Look at that tool girl! Wow she is growing up before our very eyes. Beth, are you sure that this is the cherub you wrote about, having a temper tantrum? It can't be! She is way too sweet!

And a giant big box. Big boxes make the best toy. Ever!

I mean, I still get into them now. They're fun!

#2 is my favorite.
too cute!

I am not the type of person who has ever wanted kids, but i have to say Mia makes my uterus hurt! too cute :)

Is it a taser? Is it a telescoping remote control? Is it a massage thing? Is it a sex toy? Inquiring minds need to know!

Well she's cute as pie, as usual, but what IS that thing is the real question...

Love, love, LOVE picture number 2. And yes, what is that thing in 3 & 4?

When did she get so big!?! What is that pointy thing that she is very intent on?

so curious-- what a smarty!

Her hair is getting so long! Oh, the cuteness!

She sure is growing up!

and can I just say all those people who would even think that you would let your toddler play with a sex toy should be ashamed... that's something that she'll have to learn about when she's older... rofl!

She's so gorgeous! (Redundant, I know, but I'm sure you never tire or hearing it hehe.)

Oh Mia, you make me love Mondays!

She is so flipping sweet heartish. I can't believe they grow up to be people so fast. I just became a mommy a week today, and looking at how fast mia's grown, i just can't believe my little newbie's gonna grow that fast too. Makes me all teary eyed, but that could be this whole emotional hormonal thing I'm doing these days.............. much luv

Awwwww! So gorgeous and adorable. Sweet!!! :) I love Mia Mondays!

She looks more little girl than toddler in #2. Adorable!

I was reeeaally wondering what that thing was till I saw it was a booklight. Had me worried there. LOL

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