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Mia Monday #59: Check out my Crib, Yo Edition

She likes to stick her feet out.

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Even with the rounded and flushed cheeks she's looking less like a baby every day...and more like a beautiful little girl.

Too cute! And I love that pink CD player!

Definitely the world's most beautiful child!!

Is that third shot her "come hither" look?

I see she also likes to read in bed. Too cute.

How do you keep the books in the bookcase?

She doesn't unpack them? Or do you put them all nice and straight every single day?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Those stacking cups toys on the bookshelf are the single greatest toy in our house. Both kids love them (with a 3yr and a 10 mo old) We have 2 sets of round ones and one square. Best toy ever!

hey, if her stripes were black and white it would look like she was in jail!

I so love the convict pj's. And I just love that third photo, so beautiful.

Hey, how do you get her to play in there without screaming? Shepherd screams bloody murder if I put him in his for one second for any reason other than to nap... no fair!

How apropos - the Sesame Street theme this morning is FEET!

And, true, I don't have a child. I can still watch, can't I?

Her hair is gorgeous!

I can't believe she still fits into the adorable outfit...then again, maybe you know how to wash things like that without shrinking them.

she is too cute and such pretty hair when she wakes up! and pink cheeks you just want to pinch.

Her hair is getting long! Aww! Very cute!

Love the foot and that she keeps her socks on is very impressive.

Where did you get the portable pink stereo? I need to get one for my girls.

Forget the crib-- check out that HAIR!!!

LOVE the fourth one, that's tooooo cute! mia monday's are a favorite of mine!

How are you ever able to say "no" to her? That face!

We're all hoping this is evidence that she actually SLEPT last night! And she is adorably pink and toothsome, what a bed headed sweetie!

I've never once thought Mia was NOT beautiful, but in these pictures, she's like beautiful-er than ever! I was literally mesmerized by a few of these shots.

I LOVE her crib! I emailed Chris to ask where you guys got it because it's got such sleek lines, but he never wrote back. Slacker. :P It's probably one of those things that you can only get in your area and something I'd never find all the way in Texas. That'd be just my luck.


Oh, I love sweaty, toddler cheeks!

She's like a cute little jailbird in those stripey pajamas.

We have the same! exact! Ocean Wonders crib music box thingie! I love it,.. it puts Gabe to sleep in one to two plays:)

(:I know I'm silly,... I'm just having a Hey! I can be like Beth! moment:)

19 months old, and you still have her in the crib? I am SOOOOOOO jealous. By 16 months my daughter hated the crib so much she either flung herself out of it, or cried until she threw up.

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