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My nightstand

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Gosh, you are certainly quite a good deal! :)

I wish my nightstand had that much empty real estate on it!!

And the $15? So many bad bad things popped into my head when I saw that...

Only $15? You can charge WAY more than that! :)

Wow! We should start trading books. I read like you do, I have 5 on my night stand right now.

Is the cash for last night?

(so kidding)

Only $15? You can charge WAY more than that! :)

Whoops - sorry for the double post.

It is seriously that warm outside where you are? I AM ON MY WAY.

Oh, or maybe you have the sensor in the baby's room.

$15? Either you or Chris need to enter a new profession!;)

All of our evil minds working together.

If you slept with me, I'd pay WAY more.

(Unless he's paying you in books. In which case, good deal!)

Darlin', it's all been said.

I'm so pathetic I didn't even think about the payment mentioned in the comments.

I'm very glad that I'm not the only one that has yet to read THE NANNY DIARIES.

Wow you get a whole $15???

You're cheating, we want to see IN the nightstand, not ON the nightstand ;)

Was it good for you?

Like I could resist saying that...

And you wonder why you have more traffic on this site! :-)

i beat you. this morning my husband left me a $20 :)
but it IS canadian it's probably worth the same...

ok so i totally didn't have the nasty minds that half of these people do. Instead, I thought hey, I love that book the Nanny Diaries and wow, she has $15 more than I do!

can i borrow that $15?

Is your nightstand really that neat, or did you tidy it up for the picture?

all the comments i wanted to make, but everyone else beat me to it! hope you got your 15 dollars worth!

Have you been shakin' your money maker again?

What is the title of the yellow, grean and orange book with the little remote, light thingie on top of it? It looks like a book I've read, but I can't remember the title!!

Oh, and here is the required HAHA:
Whoa! Only $15?? :)

Hey...can I borrow $15? I kid, I kid! What I really wanted to say is that I have that same Raymond Carver book in my bedroom bookshelf. It's wonderful!

Loved The Nanny Diaries!!!

You have one of my favorite books -- Everyday Blessings by the Kabat-Zinns!

Chris lies! In his diagram of where the three of you sleep he drew lamps on your nightstands. I demand recompense!

I just bought The Nanny Diaries this weekend! Also, can I borrow some money?

Hee, I'm working my way through a crazy book-stack as well. I have to keep renewing the library ones because I can't stand to give up on any of them yet.

Enjoy The Nanny Diaries -- it's great!

Add a water bottle, subtract $14.97, shuffle the books and change a couple titles and you've got my nightstand!

OMG - there are so many jokes about that $15 on the nightstand!!!!!! I'll refrain.


I will not refrain. I know that that $15 was actually STOLEN from your husband's wallet before he went to work, unsuspecting of the lack of cash he now has.

You're all the same. You want our bodies and our 5s and 10s.

Heck, my husband leaves me his entire paycheck! Woohoo! :) Okay, for me to take to the bank, but still...

And your nightstand is very tidy indeed. But where's Mia in all of this?

Only $15!!

I didn't know Chris could be bought so cheap.

You certainly read a higher quality of fiction than I do.

Now I am embarrassed.

Ahh- The Nanny Diaries! You will love Grayer. So much that you will wish you could be a nanny, just so you could hang out with this cool little human.

Or maybe that's just me. :)

Love Raymond Carver. You can skip the Nanny Diaries - it's pretty awful in my opinion. And hey your nightstand is dusted and clean! Nice job!

I'm reading the Nanny Diaries right now as well. Total delicious fluff for the brain that can't hold everything!

And Carver? I was sooooo into Carver in College. He's so freaking tragic and gritty and stunningly beautiful all at the same time.

My itty bitty book light knock-off is making me CRAZY. The hinge is all loose and so as I'm reading the neck slowly slides down until it's only illuminating one word. GAH!

And lastly, what'cha gonna spend that cash on? HUH? HUH?

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