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My nightstand, reprise

He took the five back. I guess, upon reflection, he decided he'd been overcharged.

I suppose the bright side is that he didn't take the ten instead.

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I was hoping you'd think Mia made off with it. No, I did. My bad. I needed coffee. Sorry.

Man? Not even a tip?


Oh, now we see how it's going to be: It starts with Chris blaming Mia for the missing money and moves on to blaming her for the empty milk carton, the empty gas tank in the car, the trash not getting taken out. You really need to nip this behavior in the bud ....

doh! That's gotta smart.

Doesn't he know there are no refunds or exchanges allowed?

at least he isn't actually taking it out of your waller. chris does that to me all the time, i'll get my wallet to pay and voila no money.

Maybe next time you'll work a little harder.

That's just not right!

Sure it wasn't Mia? The monkey loves money....
Have you read the Nanny Diaries yet? It's great. Really funny. :)

He's getting kind of stingy now, isn't he? No tip?

hahahaha! That is awesome! Good post :)

hehehe you guys crack me up...maybe he took the five to replace it with a $20 later. Realized he didn't leave near enough :)

Not that you're a whore, but that was darn funny.

Too funny. Maybe he didn't have time to stop at the ATM. My DH does that to me all the time. Charge him interest.

Remember. Anything found in the laundry is yours!

Well, you didn't get him a card... (I didn't get John a card either)

One of the perks of marriage that I like the best is being able to raid John's wallet for cash when I don't feel like going to the bank.

The Nanny Diaries! Excellent read.

Okay, please tell me how I can get my husband to leave me cold hard cash like this. Even if he does take some back for being over charged...CASH, I love it.

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