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I just plopped Mia in front of the tv and put on an Elmo DVD, because I really need to not deal with her for 15 minutes. She has spent the last three hours doing every naughty thing her little brain can imagine. Fortunately at 18 months old that isn't much, but there has been hitting, throwing, touching things she knows she is not allowed to touch, and just general bad spirits and whining. Can a kid this young just be in a bad mood? I mean, usually a handful of teddy grahams and a big wet belly zerbert are sufficient to jolly her out of any snit she gets in, but not today. Today she hates everything except Elmo, Claudia's boots, and smacking Mama in the face as hard as she possibly can.

We are about to leave for storytime at the library, which I'm sure will be a rousing success as it will give Mia an entire new audience of people to annoy and abuse.

Oh, yeah, she's finally cutting her canines, which I suppose explains my morning. Have I told you how much I hate those fucking canines? Somebody send wine. No, wait, I already have wine. Somebody send 5:00.

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I think her behavior, annoying as it is, is pretty normal. Just be firm with the reminders of what's not acceptable. Then go have some wine.
How about 5:30 but complete with take-out for dinner?

I agree that it is pretty normal, if faint comfort. My pup wakes up in a ferocious mood sometimes and woe betide anyone who tries to jolly him out of it. It is mornings like those that i wish i could give HIM coffee. When i am in that mood, I usually turn to a big coffee. And he knows it. Because he eyes my morning tea with all of the injustices in the world etched on his little two year old face. Elmo is good too. There should be a time about mid morning when Starbucks has happy hour for children - kill the mood music, plug in the dvd, some mulled wine for the mommies and daddies and all the little monsters can gather round the TV with their full caf lattes in sippy cups. Just for an hour. or so. To let the world gather some peace before moving on.

Ugh. I hope her teeth come in quickly for you.

I think someone is cranky and testing their limits with you today :) don't worry, its 5:00 somewhere and soon it will be for you too...

HUGS of encouragement...

My little monster has been the same way lately and I can't even blame his attitude on teething. Other people tell me he's "testing" me and I think they are very right about that. He's testing whether he can break that last little hold I have on my patience or not. And, just for the record, he's winning.

Good point: How can someone so young be in a bad mood? Has to be the teeth.

I have 5 puppies all cutting their teeth, so I can relate. Sure hope Mia isn't gnawing on you the way the pups are gnawing on me!

I say good for you. Don't feel guilty... MOM'S need a break from time to time... it isn't like you duck taped her to a closet!

Just breathe!

I'll trade you a pukey baby for your grumpy baby!?

As you may have noticed, my daughter is generally in a bad mood. I say, yes, it is possible.

When Michael gets like that (I call them wrong side of the crib days), I change locations. Go to the mall, or even move to a different room. That normally snaps him out of it.
If she is really cutting her canines that is pretty painful. You can try tylenol or motrin, that always works.
Good luck! And there is nothing wrong w/ wine w/ lunch.

I feel your pain, I really do. We are in the same boat - have been for a couple of weeks now. The only difference is that we don't have any teething to blame it on. I believe we have entered the terrible 2's about 2 months ahead of schedule. Yippee.

I had a day like that with Daya on Sunday. It's the first time I can actually say she was a cranky nightmare. But then so was I, and kids DO pick up on our moods.

Then both bad moods just feed into each other and that's miserable for everyone.

It must be the weather, because Shepherd is acting like a total turd today. And yes, I totally called my son a turd, but he's pulling every single toy out of his toy box, throwing every bite of food offered to him on the ground... and simply being a pain. The worst part is he can't communicate what he wants (except to sign "bath" all the live long day, even though he's already had one this morning thanks to the code brown we had).

hope the day gets better and both little ones shape up. :)

Yikes - hope your day gets better!

I was going to suggest that maybe she is cutting her canines, because Trevor's are finally starting to poke through and your description of Mia described his behavior yesterday to a 'T'! It should get better once you get to the library, at least for your sake I hope!

Good luck to you, and I've got brandy here if your interested!


damn canines!

Oh honey, that sounds utterly unpleasant! I hope it gets better, and fast! And don't worry - it's five o'clock somewhere. (And I know have that song stuck in my head..."Pooour me something tall and strong, make it a hurricane before i go's only half past twelve, but I don't's five o'clock somewhere!")

Now you know, right, that terrible 2's really doesn't start at 2? And it's nothing compared to the 4's, but then it's all good again at 5? You know that? Right? this isn't very nice of me but hey, I wished somebody had warned me.

However, I'm sure this isn't what's happening. And...the canines could send anybody into a tizzy.;)

Bad hat Mia! (I say this with total affection and love, of course.) Hope the day gets better, and that 5:00 comes quickly! (Just don't tell Meredith Viera. Who is a bad hat, and I am not kidding about that.)

Kids have those days - those were the days that I found out that my "hippy mama" attitudes had to move slightly to one side, and "nazi mum" had to take control.

It may be to do with the teeth, but she is also at the stage where she is finding out where her boundaries are. Once she finds those boundaries she may be unhappy, but nowhere near as unhappy as trying and trying and trying to find the boundary and receiving none.

My daughter used to abuse me also, hitting my face - I had to hold her hand and say "no" really firmly.

And just remember - if the baby has a bad day, mum HAS to cope. But if mum has a bad day, nobody copes.

Move the clocks forward.

It is all part of my evil plot to make you send her to me.

Anya's cutting the molars and let me tell you what... a double shot of tequila was all that stood between her, me and certain death on Sunday.

Wow. There are SO many things wrong with that statement.

I know that feeling.
here's hoping you are currently comfortably numb :)

Around here, I strap her into her highchair and give her some snacks and Bob the Builder when I really need a break for 20 minutes. God bless Bob the Builder.

My 18 month old decided hitting me in the face the other day was a fun new hobby. Spent quite some time saying, "No HITTING. Hitting HURTS." Then my 4 year old said to me: "She's not hitting you, mom, she's giving you a high five on your face." Oh. See... I knew she meant it with love ; )

WOW! My 18 mo. old daughter is in the same boat... Is there something special about canine teeth that I had not yet heard about?

when i have days like that with aaron, my mother always says "Do you have days where you don't feel like being around anyone and everything annoys you? Don't you think Aaron has those days too?" It usually right around the time i hang up on her.

Yeah, sorry about that. They get like that sometimes. Ignoring is best. :)

And the wine. Duh, Beth. Haven't you heard the scuttlebutt all over blogland about MOMS NEVER DRINKING IN FRONT OF THEIR CHILDREN?

Sheesh. NBC says no wine on playdates. So I have tequila instead.
(If you really don't know, and I sound like I really am drunk, please see my Jan. 27th post... )

wow ... um, there really might be something to that whole astrology thing ... because MsMiss was the EXACT.SAME.WAY yesterday. Swatting hard at towers of blocks (I had to duck and cover), slamming her doll stroller into doors and walls, pushing things out of my hand, dropping down on the floor for mini tantrums every few minutes ... whatever stars were aligned yesterday for those two, I hope it doesn't happen again!

Those teeth can really give them fits. I hope her mood improved.

wtf is "zerbert"? I love that word! And, on a related note, my poor Tigger just got her canines extracted. Isn't it weird that felines have canines...?

Does she, like my son, say NO! as she does every naughty thing she knows she isn't supposed to be doing? And then make you laugh when you try to sit her in timeout on the steps? Cause, really, five o'clock can't come soon enough.

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