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Nobody cares but me

I just french braided my own hair! And it isn't horrible! Here, I'll show you!

This is a big moment for me. When I was a kid, I always wanted to wear my hair in a french braid, but I could never do it myself without looking like, well, like an eight year old had french braided her own hair. My mom, a lovely women with many talents, couldn't french braid either. I guess it didn't hurt that my hair was usually pretty short - I may have had somewhat unrealistic expectations.

I've been worrying a bit, no seriously, about doing Mia's hair. I've never been good at that girlie stuff like doing hair or makeup or selecting matching outfits, and I've been afraid that I would fall short, that Mia would grow up resenting the fact that her mom never french braided her hair.

And then, just moments ago, I was braiding my hair before going to bed (as I do, otherwise I spend the first few hours with wet hair in my face and half the next morning pulling out the tangles) and I decided to get all fancy and daring and try a french braid. And I did it, more or less. I mean, it is certainly most appropriate for sleeping in, but I feel like I have something to work with and that by the time Mia thinks to ask for one, I will be able to give her a french braid to be proud of. Or at least one she will not be ashamed to wear in public.

Motherhood makes you care about the strangest things. Or else I just really need to get out more.

(You know, it's actually pretty hard to take a picture of the back of your own head.)

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I get to be the first commenter!!! I haven't been around forever -- a story I'll have to tell in an email -- and now I get to be a first commenter. yay!

Anyway, I taught myself how to french braid on my own hair just like you did. I still am better at braiding on my own head. Your picture made me laugh and remember how hard I tried to figure it out. You'll be great at doing Mia's hair when she asks for fancyschmacy 'dos!

BTW, don't your arms feel like jelly after holding them over head the whole time you were braiding? :)

Great braid, Beth! And, what are you worried about, you already do great pig tails on Mia -- and I LOVE that red barrette!

As far as I can tell, learning to french braid my own hair was the one skill I developed at Junior High church camp.

I recently decided to be grateful that my daughter has an aunt who is really good a make up and hair and girl stuff because I haven't got the foggiest idea and likely won't learn. When Biscuit wants to learn about style, she's off to Aunt Michelle's!

Congrats! My mom used to french braid my hair, but she had this weird, backwards way of doing it so the braid stuck out from my head - it was like having a large, external backbone running down the back of my head. I used to call it the dinosaur crest. So I practiced and practiced until I could do it myself, the "RIGHT" way.

One of the best moments in my tenure as an aunt was teaching my niece to braid. Granted, it was when she was sixteen and coming out of the long night of her Goth Phase, but still I was able to take a pair of jeans and a scarf and demonstrate braiding. Only after she could braid the jeans with the scarf would I braid her hair, because you can teach a fish to braid - no - teach a man to braid and he can eat for a week? How does that go?

Good job! I've always wanted to learn how to french braid my own hair, but still haven't got around to it. Maybe I finally will...


I have been trying for almost 25 years and I STILL can't do it.

I can french braid someone elses hair, but not my own. Blah!

Ya did far better than I could do! Don't worry too much about getting too fancy on the hair-do's with Mia. My own mother couldn't, and still can't, do much with her own hair, but I was always pretty skilled with it... at least until I became a mother! haha And the fancy stuff is what hair stylists are for! They can handle first dances, proms, homecoming and the like... come to think of it, getting my hair and nails done was a big part of the fun! =]

Not only does the french braid look stunning, but the back of your head looks amazingly thin!

I can remember my mom always wanting to french braid my hair when I was little & absolutely hating it. Then by the time I got in high school I realized how much I liked it - only I have no "hair skillz" & couldn't do it myself (still can't). I need to learn so that if we ever have a girl I can continue the cycle of mom's vs. daughters.

I can remember my mom always wanting to french braid my hair when I was little & absolutely hating it. Then by the time I got in high school I realized how much I liked it - only I have no "hair skillz" & couldn't do it myself (still can't). I need to learn so that if we ever have a girl I can continue the cycle of mom's vs. daughters.

Looks pretty good! I've never been too good at doing my hair, either, and my mum, who's always had short hair, isn't allowed anywhere near mine, because she HURTS.

It looks great. I used to love to french braid my sisters' hair. My first attempt on myself didn't look nearly as good as yours. I find it much easier to braid someone else's hair than my own though.

Very nice. I'm a braider from way back. In fact I'm growing my hair now, just so I can braid it next year!

Woo hoo! That looks pretty awesome for doing it yourself.

I'm so jealous... I could french braid anyone else's hair to kingdom come, but couldn't ever do my own. Plus, french braiding isn't exactly a skill needed to raise a little boy...

As a person who cannot french braid her own hair, I am duly impressed. Bravo I say, also because you snapped the photo yourself.

And are you looking even thinner?????

ROFL. You crack me up. I use to be able to french braid with the best of them. I will have to brush up on my skills before Sarah's hair is long enough. LOL

This is one of the skills that girls seem to possess that I could never figure out. How does one braid your own hair? You can't see what you are doing. Yet it comes out looking great. I couldn't do that good a job braiding someone else's hair and I could see what I'm doing.

To this day, I cannot french braid my own hair or anyone else's...and I have tried many times!
Very impressive job :-) But I am really in awe of the back of the head picture taking.

Very impressive! I always wanted my hair french braided but my mom couldn't do it either. Can you come down to Texas and do mine?

How funny you spoke about this now as just yesterday I had that same feeling about not being girly enough for my daughters. Madeleine (2 1/2) has long, fine hair which is near impossible to do anything with. Barrettes & clips just fall right out, or she pulls them out from curiousity.

I had my hair in a pony tail and she made a comment about that, so on a lark I decided to try one with her. It's hard doing that to someone elses head let alone your own daughter who is wiggling and owwing the whole time. The first ponytail came out pretty good, so I decided to go for it and put her hair in pigtails. They weren't real even and the line down the back of her head was crooked but she looked adorable. Check out the pics on my site. Too cute for words!

i'm usually surprisingly good at doing emily's hair...but my nanny is about 1000 times emily usually goes to her for all the fancy things...thank the lord..

I'm utterly impressed. I still can't french braid, even on someone else's head. When I was out of town one time, my husband had MY hairdresser do it for him. (On my daughter, not that would be another good story.) Only a many could con another woman not related to him into french braiding his daughters hair for him. I think my hairdresser would simply laugh at me. I mean what kind of woman am I that I never learned to french braid. What can I say? I've never had long hair.

I have been worrying about this issue alot too. I have no clue how to do hair...heck, I'm lucky if the part in my hair is even straight! I definitely don't know how to french braid, my hair or anyone elses. And I spend everyday in either jeans or sweatpants, so I lack the girly girl gene too. I'm hoping it will just come to me naturally. If not, I'll buy her this shirt I saw one time that said "My daddy does my hair." That should answer any questions before they are asked.

Your hair looks great by the way!!!

*totally jealous* I suck at French braiding but I love the look. My sister can French braid my hair and it will be nice and tight and stay that way. I do it, and it's all messy, poking out and loose. My hair is way long and ultra straight, which seems to make it more difficult.

Mia's hair will be so cute French braided! I can't wait to see those pictures!

By the way, if I braided my wet hair before bed, it would still be wet (and wrinkly) when I woke up the next morning and unbraided it.

Braiding your hair before bed keeps it from getting tangled? Maybe I move around too much, but when I braid my hair before bed, I end up with much harder tangles to get out.

I can only french braid my own hair, and I'm surprisingly better at it if I don't have a mirror to watch the process. I think maybe I try too hard for perfection when I have a mirror to see what I'm doing.

We're talking about hair again. I think I'm worse than you with hair, makeup, clothes, etc. The fashion gene missed me completely.

Just finished brushing Elcie's (awful) and today we go for a haircut.

Your braid looks great. I can't even get a ponytail to stay in. Ot it comes out lopsided.

Looks great! And it perfectly complements your slimmer self! you are just melting away on this diet of yours.

I learned to french braid by doing my own hair, because my mom has (as she herself puts it) two left hands when it comes to hairstyling. It was years before I managed to do a halfway decent french braid on anyone other than myself. I can see already that Princess will want many girly styles, but I'm prepared.

Is it wrong that I've spent the last five minutes staring at the picture trying to trace the path of each bunch of hair trying to figure out how this mysterious french braid actually works? (please don't be afraid - this was only done for scientific purposes and MsMiss' future hair needs).

Hey, that's pretty good! I taught myself as a teenager, but I really can only do my own. I guess if this new baby actually turns out to be one of the girlish variety, then I'll really have to work on french braiding in front of me, not behind me lol!

Because I didn't know how to do my daughter's hair, and she had long hair, my mom gave her a book for Christmas one year... it was from that Klutz series... it had all kinds of cool braids, twists and pony tails. We used it for a while, then she didn't want long hair, so we cut her hair, and now? It's long again, and she either wears it straight down, or in a plain ponytail.

(I'm sure if you google the book, you can find it somewhere. I think it was called Braids and Bows or something like that... if you're interested, of course.)

Well done! Very pretty! And you look thinner, too!

Hey, great job! You know, I could always give myself a french braid but was never able to do it on someone else. I always thought that was weird. I felt like I never had enough hands when I tried it on other people.

I always wanted the french braids that I saw on my cousins,.. on the snotty girls from our church,... but my mom didn't quite have the "know how" and everything I tried looked like a jumbled mess. At this moment I'm jealous of how cute your hair looks,...

and you did a great job taking a picture of the back of your head:O)

Looks fabulous! I taught myself in college, it was the first time I had hair long enough. I still can't do anyone else's, I guess I can't see what I'm doing to get it right. Might have to do mine up to teach class tonight. Hanging in my face is driving me nuts today. Thanks for the idea.

You did an excellent job!!

My Mom NEVER did my hair. EVER. So I learned how to do my own at a very young age. And get this, my Mom FORCED me to have super duper long hair. So yeah, I've been french braiding my hair since I was like 2 years old.

So don't worry about having to do Mia's hair. If you can't do it, she'll figure it out on her own.

That's a skill you might want to keep to yourself, lest you find yourself being "the mom" who has to get up at 4 am in order to french braid 20 girls' hair before each and every cheerleading competition! Same goes for horse shows (I just know Mia's gonna LOVE horsies since you don' and gymnastics!

When I was younger, I could only do my own hair. Luckily for my daughters, I finally learned how to do theirs too. Yours looks great! Also, nice job taking a picture of the back of your head. That is one talent I do not have. The pictures always come out all crooked until I finally just make someone else do it.

I learned to french braid by watching in a mirror while my baby-sitter braided my hair. I picked it up pretty quickly, but whenever I tried to french braid my own hair it would always end up with the When I french braid other people's hair it turns out right. I'm thinking it had something to do with that mirror.

It looks good. My mother (who had very straight hair) thought the only thing to do with a little girl's hair was to give her a perm. I have curly hair to begin with, and she made me cry more than once.

I never had french braids as a child either; hair was too short. I would fail miserably if I had a little girl when it came to hair styles, too, I'm afraid.

Your braid looks awesome, though.

I have never been able to master the French braid. Why oh why have I missed out on such a crucial skillset?

Impressed with your photography!
Braid looks awesome.
I have to say is the bunny's hair does worry me. I worry that I won't be able to make it look all cute and sweet the way it should look.
I have known to give a few friends hair disasters...hopefully I have changed!

Looking sharp, Beth. I say you milk that braid for TWO days - rub a little mousse or gel into your wet hair before braiding at night. Keep the braid in all the next day (as you did). Then, the following morning, unbraid and enjoy some loose, toussled waves.

That night? Wash your nappy head already!

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